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Mar 29th 2011, 04:12 PM
1 Thessalonians (2)

Quote:- (Rev.David Pawson) “Thessalonica was a key city in the region; it was on the Ignation Way, the main Roman road from Rome to Asia, and it’s port was the terminus of some important North – South trade routes . . . . an important financial city. . . . Paul saw that it could be of strategic importance for the spreading of the Gospel. Paul arrived there about 49AD.

1 Thessalonians 1What does the text say? – Paul writes to the Christians in Thessalonica, saying he asks God to give them Grace and Peace, and saying he always thanks Him for them as he thinks of their faithful work, loving deeds and enduring hope because of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul says God loves them and chose them to belong to Him, for when he shared the Good News with them it was not only in Word but also in Power through His Holy Spirit, so they had received his message joyfully, in spite of the suffering that followed. As a result they were an example to others in Greece – throughout Macedonia and Achaia and beyond, of those who turned from idols to serve the Living and true God, and to look forward to Jesus coming again – for He has Saved them from the coming Judgement and the wrath of God.

Application?:- Do I thank God for the witness of Christians in other places, for their faith in Him and their passionate work for Him? Does God’s Power produce results when I speak of Jesus Christ, because of my faith in Him? I must expect to suffer because I speak to Glorify Christ. Am I always a good example, in thought and deed, of what a Christian should be? Do I accept risks and quell inner hesitation for the Gospel, consciously relying on God’s Strength?

Mar 30th 2011, 03:44 PM
1 Thessalonians 2

What does the text say? – Paul says his motive is to please God, knowing He examines our hearts. Paul had been treated very spitefully in Philippi, not because he had done anything wrong, but because he shared the Gospel, even so he went to Thesssalonica and shared the Good News with them. Paul says he told them the Truth and didn’t water down the Gospel to please them and get their money – though as Christ’s Apostle he had the right to have been supported, but he laboured to pay his own way and not be a burden to them as he preached the Good News. Paul had pleaded with them and encouraged them to live to please God. Paul acknowledged their persecution by the Jews because of their faith in Christ, just as believers in other places are persecuted, and as the Lord Jesus and the prophets were persecuted too. Paul had wanted to visit them but Satan prevented him, yet what gave him hope and joy was the thought of his pride when he stands before the Lord Jesus when He returns in glory to earth.

Application?:- Why am I surprised if I am mocked in any way? Am I always gentle and loving to those I seek to lead to Jesus Christ, and encourage to live in ways that please Him? Do I work hard to support myself, or do I expect others to contribute to my standard of living?

Mar 31st 2011, 03:53 PM
[B]1 Thessalonians 3[/B

]What does the text say? – When the desire to know how the Thessalonian church was faring became unbearable Paul had sent Timothy, his assossiate in proclaiming the Gospel, to Thessalonica and stayed in Athens on his own. Timothy went to strengthen the church and encourage them so they would not waver in their faith because of the trials they were going through, for Christians must expect such afflictions. As Timothy had returned to Paul bringing good news of their faith and love, and their desire to see him, and news of their strong faith, he has been encouraged, and he thanks God for them. Paul says he prays constantly to be allowed to visit them to fill any gaps in their faith, and that their love for one another grows and overflows, and also that their hearts would be strong, blameless and holy before God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Application?:- Do I get discouraged almost to the point of giving up sharing the Gospel? Do I need encouragement? Do I encourage others? Do I pray that other Christians would be encouraged in their work with the Lord?

Quote:- (David Pawson) “He (Paul) had been forced out of Philippi, then Thessalonica, then Berea. In Athens he had been laughed at and saw just a handful of converts. When he arrived in Corinth he was in a depressed state. We read in his 1st letter to the Corinthian church ‘I came in weakness and fear , and with much trembling.’ It was almost as though he had lost his nerve, and it’s easy to see why . . . .there are not many people who could endure such a sequel of hard experiences.”

Apr 1st 2011, 05:55 PM
1 Thessalonians 4

What does the text say? – Paul urged his readers to continue to live to please God in Jesus’ Name; to be holy and to stay away from all sexual sin and not indulge in lustful passion like the pagans who do not know God and His Ways. They must not harm or cheat another Christian for the Lord avenges all such Sin, for God calls His people to live holy lives, so anyone who does not live by these rules does not disobey a person but God Himself. Paul acknowledges their demonstration of love for all believers throughout Macedonia, and urges them to love them even more and to make their goal to live a quiet life, minding their own business and earning an honest living, thereby earning the respect of those who are not Christians. Those believers who have died before Christ returns to earth will come back with Him. The Lord Jesus will come from heaven with a shout from and arch-angel and the trumpet of God, then those Christians alive on earth will rise to meet the Lord in the air, to be with Him forever.
Application?:- Am I determined to live to please God in every way? Do I allow my thoughts to stray into un-holiness? Do I make every effort to keep my mind pure by not reading, or seeing, erotic things? Do I demonstrate love for all other Christians, or only for those I like? Am I allowing lustful passions to destroy me? Am I looking forward to Jesus return to earth?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”It seems that those who had means, were distributing some ) to the poorer brethren of the Macedonian churches, this was an opportunity for those who were inclined to be lazy, and they were making the most of it . . . To be willing to live off their neighbours was contrary to every principle of brotherly love. Able bodied beggars they were glad for others o practice brotherly love, while they themselves exhibited the essence of self-love

Apr 2nd 2011, 04:26 PM
1 Thessalonians 5.

What does the text say? – Concerning how, and when, the Lord would return Paul said his readers knew that He would come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night. When everyone is feeling perfectly secure then disaster comes as suddenly as a pregnant woman’s labour pains begin, and there will be no escape. So that you won’t be surprised when that day comes stay alert and be protected by the breastplate of faith and love, and helmet of confidence in your Salvation. Christ died for us so that, whether we are dead or alive, when He returns we can live with Him forever. Honour those who are your spiritual leaders, show them respect because of their work, and live peacefully with each other.

Application?:- Do I always ensure that I have no unreoented Sin distancing me from the Lord?Do I always wear the armour that God offers to protect me from the temptations of the Evil one? Or do I think God will overlook a few ‘little’ Sins? Do I honour those who work for Christ? Do I warn those whose lives are displeasing to the Lord? Do I comfort the faint-hearted? Do I strengthen the weak? Am I always patient? Do I treat others as I would like to be treated? Do I rejoice whatever my circumstances? Do I ‘chat’ to the Lord, thanking Him and telling Him about my concerns, throughout each day? Do I quench the Holy Spirit? Do I test all things, and only accept what is according to God’s character? Do I abstain from every sort of Evil/ God has separated me for His purposes – do O keep separate or have I rejoined ‘the world’ ?