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Jul 13th 2011, 07:18 PM
2 Kronieke 7:14 ....en my volk, oor wie my Naam uitgeroep is, hulle verootmoedig en bid en my aangesig soek en hulle bekeer van hul verkeerde weŽ, dan sal …k uit die hemel hoor en hulle sonde vergewe en hulle land genees.


I, Renee, am writing this e-mail purely out of obedience to what the Lord told me to do.

For a while now I have been following the news with growing concern, in particular the opinions expressed by Mr. Julius Malema.

My natural reaction was to get angry and upset (like many people do). Then, one morning, I spoke to the Lord about him and guess what? The Lord told me to pray for him...

I did pray for him a few times, but then stopped. But the Lord keeps coming back to me with the message: "Pray for him! Even if you do not agree with him, and even if he oozes with hatred, he is a powerful leader with a huge following. What if his life was turned around?"

Well, I can't argue with that!

Therefore I am now circulating this prayer, with the hope that others will join me in praying for Mr. Julius Malema.

Please join me in this prayer:

Dear Father, God Almighty
We come to you in this moment and proclaim that you are the King of Kings, God Almighty, for whom NOTHING is impossible. Lord, you work in the most mysterious ways - you change circumstances around that man never thought would be possible - and in ways that man never would have thought of.

Lord, today we want to intercede for our beautiful country, South Africa, its leadership and specifically for Mr. Julius Malema. Lord, we see a man who is so angry and full of hatred. A man who expresses opinions in the most aggressive ways, trying to humiliate people and to re-enforce racial hatred and hate speech. A man who seems unstoppable and who causes many to fear the future...

But Lord, we know that YOU are in control. We choose to trust in You and not to give the spirit of fear any hold on our lives. You have a purpose for this country and You have a plan.

We also acknowledge that You love ALL people - including Mr. Julius Malema. You also have a purpose and a plan for his life - even though he is not at the moment living YOUR plan for his life. Lord, we know that such intense hatred is more often than not the result of a lot of pain and hurt and therefore we speak healing into his soul. Lord, we pray that he will get rid of his intense anger.

We pray for his spirit Lord, that he will have an encounter with YOU and that he will be supernaturally, divinely converted - just like Saul was transformed into Paul on the road of Damascus. Lord, turn him around so that he will be a witness for You! So that he will be able to use his influence on his followers in a constructive way. Lord, this may seem impossible to us, but to You NOTHING is impossible.

Lord, we also bind the works of Satan in the life of Mr. Julius Malema. We can see Satan's destructive plan for this country and how he uses people to make it materialize. We now bind the powers of Satan, the influences of Sangomas and forefather spirits in the almighty name of Jesus Christ. In the Spirit we command Mr. Malema to be quiet until such time that You have healed his heart and converted his spirit and that he will speak with love and compassion. In the Spirit we isolate Mr. Malema from his followers who
make him seem so powerful and who cheer him on and protect him, so that there will be no more destructive hate speech. We bind all the evil powers that have a hold over the leadership of the ANC Youth League, as well as the rest of the country's leaders.. in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Lord, Your Word says that if we ask for something that is in Your will, You will hear our prayer. We proclaim that it is in Your will that Mr. Julius Malema, his followers, and the whole leadership of this country be converted to Your Kingdom and that South Africa will be healed and will proclaim YOU as Lord and King

Thank you for reading this, and praying this with me. If the Lord puts it in your heart, please pass it on to others to join us in praying for Mr.Julius Malema.
Renťe van Heerden

Die Filadelfieer
Jul 14th 2011, 05:47 AM
Mooi ! Dankie vir die plasing Ta-An, dit ruk mens sommer weer terug na die werklikheid van wie en wat 'n kind van die Here behoort te wees.

Jul 14th 2011, 07:51 AM

'n Mens moet besef dat God in beheer is. Nie mense of regerings wat oor ons aangestel is nie. Ons hoef hulle dus nie te vrees of bang te wees nie. Die vraag is nou wat doen jy indien die regering of leiers wat oor jou aangestel is nie die Here dien nie. Ons kan net tot die Here bid en vra dat Hy hulle sal verander of dat Hy ons van hulle sal verlos. Dit is in Sy mag.

Hier is dus my gebed aan die Here.

Ons Vader wat woon in die Hemel, geheilig U naam. Laat U koningkryk kom, soos in die hemel net so ook op die aarde.

Vader, ons vra vandag dat U ons land Suid-Afrika sal seŽn, dat U al haar mense sal seŽn en dat U haar U vrede skenk.

Vader, ons vra dat u spesifiek met die leiers van die land, die president meneer Zuma, die kabinet en al die persone wat U aangestel het om die land te regeer. Here wil U gee dat hulle U sal ken, dat hulle in U liefde sal optree en dat hulle regverdig en billik sal handel. Here wil U gee dat hulle nie hul harte sal verhard nie en dat hulle U wil sal doen, in Christus naam bid ons dit.

Vader, ons bid dit ook spesifiek vir meneer Julius Malema. Wil U gee dat hy hom bekeer en dat hy U ontmoet. Versag sy hart en skenk hom U vrede.

Vader, ons vergewe hulle ook hulle skuld wat hulle teenoor ons gepleeg het, net soos U ons skuld vergewe.

Vader, ons vra smekend dat U ons land sal heel en vrede gee. Ons, u kinders, vra dat U met ons sal wees en ons beskerm.

Vader, dit vra ons in die kosbare naam van U Seun, Jesus Christus.


Jul 14th 2011, 05:11 PM
Moi so, Dankie Kalahari
:pray: Amen