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Dec 2nd 2011, 08:17 AM
The 6th seal revealings end before Rev. 7 starts. Rev. 7 is stated as an after type of chapter. There is a new vision, and thus a new sequence of events beginning in Rev. 7:1. Later, there is another new vision, starting in verse 9.

The 6th seal revealings have ended.
chapter 7
v 1
And after......

v 9
And after this.....

^Chapter 7, so far, is containing two visions.
John does not know where this multitude that can't be numbered came from, as he had not by this time witnessed the rapture/as in Rev. 14's reaping of the earth.

What did John see after the 6th seal was over? He saw visions. John had been shown via the seals -what happens in the location where the four beasts went. That was seals 1-4. Come and see
So John was watching events where the Lamb was, then where he went to see the riders show up. John kept going back and forth. He got to Rev. 7 and begins a vision that did not come from the sealed book. The watching of things for the seals of 1-6 had ended. Rev. 7:1 does not begin with just plain "And", but has "And after...", just as Rev. 18 and Rev. 19 each begin new visions by including the word "after".

What did the new vision at the start of Rev. 7 let John see?
four angels
What did they do?
They stand on the earth and hold the winds.
The winds/that scatter Israel can't begin as long as these four hang on to those winds. Israel therefore has to return to her land before this prophecy can come to pass. We know that Israel started her nation, so she is at least somewhat regathered into her land.
As time progresses to the next verse in Rev. 7, what does John see?

"another angel ascending from the east"

/another angel ascending

So here is an off thing for John to write, because where is the first angel that came from the east? John is not just seeing the first angel go ascending. We know that none of the 7:1 angels ascended, since they must stand on the four corners of the earth and hold the winds. John could not refer to this angel as "another ascending" unless there were others ahead of this angel. John did not know if later he might see this event happen again, and thus would have made this verse as to being "an" angel ascending from the east. Because John said "another", we are to picture that others came from the east ahead of him, and they too are to be considered as part of this prophecy.

Rev. 7 four angels, stand, hold the winds
multiple angels come from the east

Here is where John has made a puzzle for us to figure out. Why? I believe the seven thunders told John several things, and one of them was to seal -scramble his writings that were not set around his day. The events for the end times have been made into a puzzle that has to bring into it the missing pieces. John has scrambled-hid some of the main keys to understanding the middle part of Revelation.

One missing piece?
Why did other angels get seen to ascend from the east?

We can understand all of this.
What does this last angel from the east do?
He talks.
John heard him address the four hold the winds angels.
Okay, so what did he change as to those four angels? This speaking angel has added that the four angels can hurt the earth and the sea.
Well, how come he didn't say that they hold the winds?
Bcause there are those other came out of the east angels.
Those angels must have had the ability/plagues to harm the earth and the sea. As they headed to Israel -coming from the east, they took their plagues of hurt the earth and the sea stuff, and gave them to the standing on the earth set of four angels. So now what does the last angel out of the east do? He seems to add his plague of hurting the trees to what the four angel set can do.

Rev. 7:2
...to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea.
/Six angels from the east handed off their plagues to the four angel set.
...Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we...
/The 7th angel has given away his hurt the trees plague.
These gave their plagues away-came from the east angels are called the "we" angels by that last angel of their set.

So for sure, there are four holding plagues angels and a set of we angel in this vision of Rev. 7.

Dec 2nd 2011, 08:20 AM
What plague did the last coming from the east angel in Rev. 7 hand off to the four angel set?


A plague to harm the trees.

How do we know? Because when he first showed up, he told how the four angel set had been given the ability to hurt the earth and the sea. This speaking angel then seems to give them the ability to also hurt the trees.

What does the first trumpet harm?

Rev. 8:7

...third part of the trees....

/Okay, the plagues were left in the hands of the four angels/delivered/supplied in Rev. 7.
The plagues to harm the earth, sea, and trees.

The seven trumpets sound in heaven, and the plagues for them are caused by the on the earth four angels.

What kind of plagues did they have?
earth, sea, trees

So the first trumpet used up their given to them trees plague.

When do they use up their harm the earth plagues?
Rev. 8:13
...Woe, woe, woe.....earth....three angels yet to sound!

So the sea plagues are over by now. The trumpets 5, 6 and 7 will bring the earth plagues, that were given to the four angel set.

This means that trumpet 7 cannot be a hurt the sea time. It can only harm the earth inhabitants. The final woe - the third woe has to hurt the earth area, not the sea. It is the third woe earthquake, when the two witnesses rise at the same hour as it. They rise at the hour of the 7th trumpet plague.