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Jan 13th 2012, 05:01 PM

What does the text say? - In the 2nd year that Darius was king the Lord spoke through Haggai to the leaders and people who had returned to Judah. He said that the reason they had been getting poor crops was because the people had not finished rebuilding the Temple, after 16 years, but had concentrated on beautifying their own homes – so they went back to working on the Temple. A month later the Lord said, through Haggai, He was with them to strengthen them and they had nothing to fear. The Lord said He would fill the new Temple with treasures and greater glory than the former building had. Then He said everything the people had done for Him was defiled by their Sin but from that day when they did His Will, He would Bless them and He would honour Zerubbabel.

Application? – Is my time and money spent beautifying my home or fulfilling the task the Lord has given me? The Lord will give me the strength of body and mind to do what He requires of me. Is my work for the Lord connected to physical or spiritual beauty? Could what I do for the Lord be defiled by my Sin?

Quote:- (David Pawson)” God had delayed the rain because the people were building a consecrated Temple but were un-consecrated as they were doing it. Dirty people building a clean Temple made the new Temple dirty in God’s sight. They thought they were Godly because they were building the Temple, but they were actually contaminating the Temple in God’s sight because they were not putting their lives right. . . They put it right and the rain began next day. The Word from the Lord was ‘From this day I will Bless you’, because they acted on the message.”

Jan 15th 2012, 05:16 PM
Zechariah 1-4

What does the text say? – In November, in the 2nd year of Darius’ reign, The Lord spoke through Zechariah to His people saying He had been very angry with their ancestors, now if they turned away form their evil and returned to Him, He would return to them. 3 months later Zechariah had a Vision of 4 horsemen who had been patrolling the earth, and said it was at peace. The Lord’s love for Jerusalem and Mount Zion is strong; He had been angry with His people but now the Temple would be rebuilt and Jerusalem and the towns of Judah would be prosperous again, and those who had humbled them would be destroyed because their intentions were evil. Then Zechariah saw a man with a measuring line on his way to measure Jerusalem, because one day Jerusalem would overflow with people and animals, protected by the Lord. The Lord’s people are very precious to Him so He will crush those who harm them. Many Gentiles will join the Lord’s people. Then Zechariah saw the High Priest standing before the Angel of the Lord and Satan was there accusing Joshua, but the Lord rejected Satan’s accusations, saying Joshua was like a burnt stick pulled from the fire, his dirty clothes were removed and he was given fine new clothes. Joshua was told that if he obeyed the Lord faithfully he would still be the priest; He told him and the other priests they were symbols of things to come. He would bring His Servant, the Branch, and would remove the Sins of the land in a single day. Zechariah saw a lamp-stand of solid gold with a bowl of oil on top, fed by pipes from an olive tree on both sides. Around the bowl were 7 lamps each having 7 wicks, whose meaning was that the Temple would be re-built because the Lord’s Spirit would encourage the people. Zerubbabel had laid the foundation stone and he would complete it. Do not despise small beginnings that delight the Lord (the 7 lamps represent the eyes of the Lord seeing what happened around the world).

Application? – the Lord’s love for the Jews is still strong, and in His time He will crush those who harm them. The Lord’s Spirit is still building His Temple with those faithful to Him. Satan still accuses those Jesus Christ has rescued from his power – but their repentance and faith in Jesus Christ protects them. Am I willing to do ‘little’ things for the Lord, or do I only act towards ‘big’ projects?

Quote:- (David Pawson)”Not by might, nor by power but by my Spirit says the Lord. In context this means not by military might, nor by political power. . . but only by the Spirit. . .”

Jan 16th 2012, 04:23 PM
Zechariah 5 – 7

What does the text say? – Zechariah saw a flying scroll 30 feet long and 15 feet wide, with curses written on it for all those who tell lies, swear or steal, flying over the land removing sin by destroying the houses of sinners. Then Zechariah saw ‘wickedness’ being carried to Babylonia in a basket, to put it in a temple prepared for it. He saw 4 chariots, each one pulled by either red, black, white or dappled horses going North, South, East or West. The one going North vented the anger of the Spirit. He saw Joshua crowned (a symbolic merging of Priest and King in the coming Messiah who will build the true Temple of the Lord) if he obeyed the Lord God. The Lord asked if, when the people fasted they were demonstrating their sorrow for Sin, or if it was just a religious requirement? If that was all it was they should have obeyed Him instead. Because His people wouldn’t listen when He spoke, He wouldn’t listen when they prayed. The Fast God wants is not living without food, but without Sin.

Application? – Do I swear or take anything that doesn’t belong to me? Do I ‘turn a blind eye’ to Sin? Do I do anything just because everyone else does, or only do what will please the Lord? Do I heed what the Lord says? Do I fast in a way that pleases the Lord, or to try to ‘twist His arm’?

Jan 17th 2012, 04:15 PM
Zechariah 8 – 10

What does the text say? – The Lord told Zechariah that His Love for mount Zion is passionate and strong. He will return to Jerusalem to live, then it will be the Holy Mountain, the city of Truth. God’s people will be brought from the East and the West. The Lord is sowing seeds of Peace and prosperity. The earth will produce it’s crops and the heavens will release the dew. Judah and Israel will no longer be cursed but a source of Blessings, therefore don’t fear because although God punished His people, now He will Bless them, so always tell the truth and bring justice and peace. People will come to Jerusalem to seek the Lord and His Blessings the land will be defended against enemies and the surviving Philistines(Palestinians) will worship the Lord and become like a family in Judah. Rejoice for your King is coming on a donkey, He will bring Peace to the nations and His Kingdom will cover the earth. The Lord will set His people free, using Judah and Israel together to defeat their enemies. Idols encourage delusions, fortune-tellers predict lies, and interpreters of dreams pronounce falsehood, so the people are like lost sheep attacked on every side, so the Lord will attack their leaders. The Lord will make His people strong and glorious as they fight in His Army. The people of Israel will become like mighty warriors. The few left will be redeemed and grow as numerous as they were before, and return to Israel, made strong by the authority the Lord gives them.

Application? – Jesus Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. His death on the cross made Peace available to everyone who trusts Him to be the King of kings and the Lord of lords; His Kingdom of Peace covers the whole earth. He sets His people free from the power of Sin. Am I encouraged in delusions by an idol in my life (perhaps alcohol or other drugs)? Do I believe fortune-tellers (eg. horoscopes)?

Jan 18th 2012, 04:50 PM
Zechariah 11-14 –

What does the text say? – The land was laid waste. Zechariah was told to go and care for sheep destined for slaughter, for no one has compassion for them – in the same way the Lord will not have compassion for the inhabitants of the land. Zechariah did as the Lord told him; then he named 2 sticks Grace and Unity, then he got rid of the 3 shepherds, he told the sheep he didn’t care for them, he broke Grace breaking his covenant with those who employed him – and they paid him 30 pieces of silver, which he threw in the house of the potter. Then Zechariah broke Unity, demonstrating the broken unity between Judah and Israel. The Lord told Zechariah again to be a worthless shepherd to illustrate that He would raise up leaders who would become rich at the expense of the poor people – and would suffer as a result. The Lord said when nations fight against Israel He would make Jerusalem a very heavy stone that they will try to eliminate, but only succeed in hurting themselves – and it will become obvious the Jew’s strength comes from the Lord as He will destroy their enemies. At that time the Lord will pour out a spirit of prayer and grace, and His people will mourn when they realise their Messiah came and was killed to redeem them. At that time a fountain will start to cleanse all impurity, on that day idols and false prophets will be removed. God will encourage antagonism towards the Man who is His companion. The Shepherd will be killed and the sheep scattered; 2/3 of them will die but 1/3 will be left and, like silver and gold, be refined and tested. The Lord God will gather all the nations against Jerusalem. Then the Lord will fight against those nations; on that day He will stand on the Mount of Olives which will be split in two, making a valley from east to west. At that time Living water will flow both east and west from Jerusalem and the Lord will be King over all the earth, and all those who fought against Jerusalem will suffer greatly. Eventually the enemies of Jerusalem who survive will go to Jerusalem at the Feast of Tabernacles each year to worship the Lord. Any nations that refuse to go to worship the Lord will be punished by drought.

Quote:- (David Pawson)Some “see the prophecies as fulfilled in the Church - they see them fulfilled ‘spiritually’ – so the Church is the new Israel, victorious now and participating in the victories predicted for Israel. The problem with this view is that while the Blessings are applied to the Church, the curses are not. So there is a failure in logic. Either both Blessings and Curses apply to the Church, or neither do. . . . My opinion is that the prophecies not yet fulfilled will literally come true. It may not be clear exactly how it all fits together, but we do know enough to be clear about the basics, and we can be sure God has a purpose for the whole world and it is going to happen. Jesus is coming back to reign . . . In that sense the book of Zechariah does not end on a note of sadness with the failure of the Jews to respond, as some suppose, but with a note of hope that one day God will do all He has Promised.

Jan 19th 2012, 02:49 PM
Malachi 1 – 2

What does the text say? – The Lord reminded His people that He loved the descendants of Jacob more than those of Esau, and that a son honours his father and a servant respects his master, but the priests neither honoured Him nor respected Him as He deserved, and they allowed the people to show contempt for Him by offering inferior sacrifices, whereas He deserved the best they had. The Lord said the purpose of His Covenant with the Levites was to bring Life and Peace in exchange for their reverence, and they had been reverent, they didn’t lie or cheat, they worked with Him and turned many from their Sins; but the priests had left God’s Way, and caused many to stumble into Sin, and corrupted the Covenant of Levi, so the people had contempt for them. The men of Judah have married foreign women who worship idols, and have then taken Him offerings, so defiling His sanctuary; another Sin that is committed is to divorce their faithful wives, but the Lord wants His people to be faithful to their spouse for the Lord hates divorce. The Lord is wearied by those who malign His Name.

Application? – Do I honour and respect God in the way He wants? Do I offer Him the best I have? Do I ever lie or cheat in any way? Has the way I live caused others to turn away from the Lord? Have I allowed myself to be influenced by someone who does not worship the Lord? Have I divorced a faithful marriage partner? Do I malign the Lord’s Name?

Jan 20th 2012, 05:34 PM
Malachi 3 - 4

What does the text say? – the Lord said he would send His messenger to prepare the way for Him and He will suddenly come to His Temple, but who can endure His Judgement? For He will purify the leaders of His people, so the sacrifices made to Him will be acceptable again. The Lord will testify against all sorcerers, adulterers, perjurers and those who are unjust. The Lord never changes – which is the reason the Jewish nation will never be destroyed, but He wants them to return to Him by giving Him all He is entitled to, then He will Bless them. Then those who feared the Lord and were concerned about the honour of His Name talked together, and He heard them, and their names were written in a book. One day the difference between those who serve God and those who don’t will be clearly seen. The day of Judgement is coming when those who don’t honour God in spirit and truth will burn like stubble in a field, but those who honour Him the Lord will Heal. The Lord will send Elijah before that Day, and his preaching will turn the fathers and children to each other.

Application? – Is all I offer the Lord acceptable to Him? Do I need to change my lifestyle to become acceptable to the Lord? Am I concerned about the honour of the Lord’s Name – or do I turn a deaf ear when His Name is dishonoured? Am I prepared for the Lord to Judge everything I do and say?