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Jan 21st 2012, 05:07 PM
Revelation of John

Quote:- (Rev. David Pawson in ‘Unlocking the Bible’) “It was never intended to be a university textbook for theological staff or students. It is often they who have made it appear so complex that simple folk have been intimidated. Eg.(Reuss in 1884)’We boldly affirm that the study of this book would present absolutely no possibility of error if the inconceivable, often ridiculous, prejudice of theologians in all ages had not so trammelled it and made it bristle with difficulties, that most readers shrink from it in alarm. Apart from those preconceptions, the Revelation would be the most simple, most transparent book that prophet ever penned.’ It cannot be too strongly emphasized that Revelation was written for very ordinary people. It was addressed to members of 7 churches at a time when ‘not many were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth’ (1 Corinthians 1:12). The book of Revelation yields it’s treasures to those who read it with a simple faith, and open mind and a tender heart. . .
It needs to be remembered that the whole of Revelation is directed to believers, not unbelievers. Throughout it is addressed to ‘the saints’ and ‘his servants’. The reference here is to cowardly and faithless believers. This is confirmed by the word ‘but’, directly contrasting those deserving such a fate with the believers who ‘overcome’. In other words, Revelation sets 2 destinies before Christians. They will either be raised with Christ . . or they will . . end up in Hell. (eg. 2 Timothy 2:11–12).

Jan 22nd 2012, 07:01 PM
Revelation 1

What does the text say? – Jesus Christ the first-born from the dead, and ruler over the kings of the earth, has loved us and freed us from our Sins with His Blood, and made us a kingdom of priests to His God and Father, Who was, is, and is to come; is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him and mourn for Him. The Lord showed John, who was imprisoned on Patmos because of his work for Him, what would take place in the future, as He worshipped the Lord on the ’lord’s day’. John heard loud voice telling him to write down what he was about to hear and send it to the 7 churches in Asia – Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea. He saw Jesus Christ standing in the midst of 7 gold lampstands, His hair was white as snow and His eyes were like flames of fire, and His Voice thundered like a rough sea on the shore. He held 7 stars in His hand and a sharp, 2 edged sword came out of His mouth. He told John not to be afraid as He is now Alive for ever and ever, and has the keys of Death and the grave. The 7 lampstands are the 7 churches, and the 7 stars the messengers to those churches.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”It was that advent of Domitian in the last decade of the 1st century that inaugurated the fiercest attacks on Christians which would continue intermittently for 200 years. He demanded universal worship of himself, on pain of death. Once a year incense had to be thrown on an altar fire before his bust with and acclamation ;’Caesar is lord’. The appointed day on which this had to be done was designated ‘the lord’s day’. This was the very day on which Revelation began to be written. Modern readers can be forgiven for thinking it was a Sunday, but Sunday was called ‘the first day of the week’ in the early Church. Two elements in the Greek text indicate the annual imperial festival; one is the definite article (on ‘the’ lord’s day’ not ‘a’ lord’s day). The other is the fact that ‘lord’ is in the form of an adjective, not a noun . . . Tough times lay ahead for those who refused to say anything but ‘Jesus is Lord’. The word ‘witness’ (in Greek: martur) would take on a new, deadly, meaning. “

Jan 23rd 2012, 04:53 PM
Revelation 2

What does the text say? – the message to the Church in Ephesus from Jesus Christ is that He knows of their perseverance and endurance and that they do not stop working for Him, also that they can’t bear those who do evil, and they test those who say they are apostles, but aren’t – yet they have left their first love for Him, and He tells them to remember the initial Joy of their Salvation and how pleasing Him took over their entire life; He tells them to repent or He will remove their lamp-stand. In their favour is that they hate moral laxity. Those who overcome will be able to eat from the tree of Life.
The message to the Church in Smyrna is that Jesus Christ knows all they do, their difficulties and the blasphemy of those opposing them. They must not fear anything they are about to suffer for they will be severely tested, but if faithful when faced with death they will receive the crown of Life, and not be hurt by the 2nd death.
The message to the Church in Pergamos from Jesus Christ is that He knows they live where Satan’s throne is, yet remain loyal to Him, refusing to deny Him even when Antipas was killed. But some of their number believe as Balaam did that ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ and eat things sacrificed to idols, indulge in sexual immorality; and some in other moral laxity – repent or Jesus Christ will fight against them with His Powerful Word. Those who overcome temptation will receive hidden Manna and a white stone with their new name written on it.
John was told to write to Thyatira that the Son of God appreciates their love, service, faith and patience, and all they do – nevertheless they allow a prophetess to encourage false doctrine, immorality and idol worship. She has had time to repent but now she will suffer and also those who follow her lead, unless they repent; those who remain faithful to the end will be given power over the nations and the morning star.

Application? – Have I left my first love for Jesus Christ, and my determination to please Him in everything? Am I determined to be faithful to Jesus Christ – no matter what pain I’m threatened with? Am I sexually lax, or indulge in any other immorality? Have I allowed anyone to encourage me to believe in any form of false doctrine or idol worship?

Jan 24th 2012, 05:06 PM
Revelation 3

What does the text say? – Write to the angel/leader of the church in Sardis, that the One who has the 7 spirits and 7 stars of God says He knows all you do and that you have a reputation for being a ‘live’ church – but you are dead; so wake up! Strengthen what remains, for your actions are far from perfect. Remember what you believed at first and repent, or I will come unexpectedly. Yet there are some who are not contaminated with evil – all who overcome will not have their names removed from the Book of Life.
To the angel/leader of the church in Philadelphia write this message from the One who has the keys of David, who opens doors for you that no one can shut, and shuts doors no one can open, because although you only have a little strength you have kept My Word and not denied My Name; because you have kept My Command to persevere I will keep you from the severe testing that will come on all the world. I will protect you from the synagogue of Satan. Those who overcome will be part of the Temple of God and have a new name.
Write to the angel/leader of the church in Laodicea from the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the Creation of God – I know all you do and that you are neither cold not hot, only lukewarm, so I will vomit you out of My mouth. You think you have no need of anything because you are rich, but you are wretched, poor, blind and naked. I advise you to buy purified gold from Me so your nakedness will not shame you. I correct and discipline all those I love, so repent. I stand at the door knocking, wanting to be let into your life. Only those who overcome the allure of the world will sit with Me.

Application? – What do I need to repent of? Do I go through the actions of worship to please me, or in heartfelt worship of God? Am I ‘on fire for God’ in such a way that folk come to see me burn? Is worshipping Him just something I do, like going to any other club, or is it heartfelt?

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)” The 7 churches may have been chosen as representing a fair cross section of Churches of that generation; typical, perhaps in varying degrees, of churches of all generations, in varying stages of Truth and apostasy . . . each church largely the product of it’s leadership . . . many congregations being a pitiful mixture of Church and World, of True and False.”

Quote:- (David Pawson) “Once again we must realise the joys of Heaven and earth are not for all believers, but only for those who overcome the pressures of temptation and persecution (21:7-8 makes this abundantly clear) It is those who remain obedient and faithful ‘to the end’(2:26) who will be Saved (compare Matthew 10:22; 24:13; Mark 13:13; Luke 21:19).”

(Quote:- David Jeremiah) " Several years ago, NASA gave each of the fifty United States a special gift--a small rock from the moon. Now it turns out many states have lost them. Arkansas has looked for years for the valuable lunar rock, which came from the Apollo 17 mission. It was finally discovered in a small plastic box among the papers of former governor Bill Clinton. The rocks are priceless; but unless they're found, they are worthless.
The Bible teaches that our faith is like a pearl of great price. We must always cherish and value our relationship with Christ and be faithful with all that is entrusted to us. When we find this pearl, it costs all we have. We give Him our souls, our possessions, our faith, our future, our goals, our habits, our dreams. But in the process, we become infinitely and eternally richer.
Don't be careless with your pearl of great price. Don't misplace your faith. God rewards the faithful with a bounty of blessings."

Jan 25th 2012, 04:40 PM
Revelation 4+5

What does the text say? – John saw a door open into Heaven and he was told to go and see what will happen in future. Immediately he was in the Spirit seeing a Throne occupied by One looking like precious stones, surrounded by a green rainbow. Around that throne were 24 other thrones occupied by 24 elders wearing gold crowns. 7 lamps burned, which were the 7 Spirits of God. In front of the throne was a sea of glass/crystal. In the midst of the throne, and around it, were 4 living creatures, one like a lion, one like a calf, one with a man’s face and one like an eagle – each of them had 6 wings and eyes all around and within; they kept giving glory, honour and thanks to Almighty God on His Throne, meanwhile the 24 elders fell down and cast their crowns before Him, and proclaimed Him worthy to receive Glory, Honour, and Power for He Created all things and they existed by His Word. The One on the Throne held a scroll with 7 seals, but no one was worthy to open it, except the Lion of Judah; in the midst of the Throne stood a Lamb with 7 horns and 7 eyes, looking as though He had been killed, who took the scroll. Then the 24 elders and 4 living creatures, each having a harp and gold bowl of prayers of God’s people, were singing a new song worshipping the One who has been killed and His Blood has redeemed people from every tribe and nation, and enabled them to become a Kingdom of priests who will reign on earth for God. Thousands of millions of singers sang the praises of the Lamb of God.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”24 Elders comprise the ‘council’ of Heaven(Jer. 23:18). Almost certainly they represent the two Covenant peoples of God, Israel and the Church (notice the 24 names on the New Jerusalem’s gates and foundations 21:12-14). They have crowns and thrones but only delegated authority. The significance of the scroll becomes apparent in the light of events. On it must be written the programme which will bring to an end the age of earthly history in which we live. Breaking it’s seals begins the countdown . . .that is why John wept in frustration and grief when no one was found worthy to set this in motion. Who is it? Someone who is both Lion and Lamb . . .

Jan 26th 2012, 05:03 PM
Revelation 6+7

What does the text say? – When the Lamb broke the 1st seal one of the 4 living creatures told John to come and look; he saw a white horse whose rider, wearing a crown, was told to conquer. When the Lamb opened the 2nd seal John saw a red horse whose rider was sent to take peace from the earth. When the Lamb opened the 3rd seal John saw a black horse whose rider had a pair of scales and was sent to ration wheat and barley, but told not touch the wine or oil. Then the 4th seal was opened John saw a green horse whose rider was Death, he was followed by Hades, he had power over ¼ of the earth, to kill by famine, war and wild beasts. When the Lamb opened the 5th seal John saw those who had been killed because they were faithful to the Word of God under the altar given white robes to wear, and were told they would be there until the full number of them had been martyred. When the Lamb opened the 6th seal there was a great earthquake, the sun, moon and stars changed and all the mountains and islands moved – people hid, trying to escape from the wrath of God. Then 4 angels stopped the wind from blowing while 144,000 of God’s servants were sealed on their foreheads – 12,000 from each tribe of Israel. Afterwards John saw a multitude no man could count standing before the Throne dressed in white, who had been killed in the great tribulation, they will never suffer again as the Lamb in the centre of the Throne will care for them and lead them, and God will wipe every tear from their eyes.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”Nothing reveals more clearly the divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ as the offering of unqualified praise and worship to both Him and God together. . . The symbolism is comparatively easy to decode – 1-White horse = military aggression; 2-Red horse = bloodshed; 3-Black horse = famine; 4-Green horse = disease, epidemics etc.; 5-Persecution and Prayer; 6- Tremor and Terror; 7-Silence in heaven, listening to prayers which are then answered in a final catastrophe: severe earthquake.”

Jan 27th 2012, 05:01 PM
Revelation 8

What does the text say? – When the Lamb opened the 7th seal there was silence in heaven for about ½ an hour. John saw the 7 angels who stand before God given 7 trumpets. Another angel stood at the altar with a gold censer to offer incense with the prayers of the saints that were on the altar. The angel filled his censer with fire and threw it to the earth, causing thunders, lightenings and earthquakes. When the 1st angel blew his trumpet hail and fire mixed with blood fell. When the 2nd angel blew a great mountain of fire was thrown into the sea, destroying 1/3 of it together with everything in or on it. When the 3rd angel blew a star called Bitterness fell, making 1/3 of the waters bitter, killing many people. When the 4th angel blew his trumpet 1/3 of the sun, moon and stars became dark and 1/3 of the night and 1/3 of the day became dark too. Then an eagle flew throughout heaven proclaiming woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because of the trumpets of the 3 remaining angels.

Jan 28th 2012, 05:39 PM
Revelation 9

What does the text say? - When the 5th angel blew his trumpet a star fell from heaven to earth. The bottomless pit was opened and smoke poured out darkening the sun, and locusts came from the pit to earth with power to sting like a scorpion for 5 months, not to harm any green thing but only to torment those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads, and make them want die. The locust’s king was the angel of the bottomless pit. When the 6th angel blew his trumpet the 4 angels imprisoned at the river Euphrates were released to kill 1/3 of mankind with fire, smoke and brimstone. But the rest of mankind were not killed by these plagues amd didn’t repent of their idol worship, immorality, drug-taking or murders.

Application? – Does hardship and/or pain encourage me to repent and turn to the Lord, or turn even further away from Him?

Jan 29th 2012, 04:58 PM
Revelation 10

What does the text say? – John saw a another mighty angel coming from heaven surrounded by a cloud with a rainbow over him, who put one foot on the land and the other on the sea, he had a book in his hand and when he spoke it was like the roar of a lion and the 7 thunders answering him – just as John was going to write a Voice told him not to write what they said. The angel swore in the Name of Almighty God that there will be no more delay, when the 7th angel blows his trumpet God’s mysterious plan will be fulfilled just as He told the prophets long ago. A voice told John to take the book from the angel, so John asked the angel for it. The angel told John to eat the book which would taste sweet but turn his stomach sour – which is what happened. Then John was told he must prophecy again.

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley) “In chapter 5 it was a sealed book, here it is an open book . . . coming as it does just before the 7th trumpet may have been a symbolic hint that there would be an era of the ‘open book’ just preceding the end of the world? If so it exactly fits in with the course of history. . . the Church of the middle ages took the Bible from the people. But the protestant reformation, under the leadership of Martin Luther, restored the Bible to the people. . . and modern history has been an era of the open book in a sense never before known. Every Blessing known to civilisation is a direct product of the open Bible: civil and religious liberty, popular education, social reform, liberty of conscience and freedom of speech.”

Jan 30th 2012, 02:48 PM
Revelation 11

What does the text say? – John was given a measuring stick and told to measure the Temple of God and the worshipers, but not the outer courtyard because the Gentiles will trample it for 42 months, during which God’s 2 witnesses will prophecy – these are the 2 olive trees and lamp-stands that stand before the Lord – if anyone tries to harm them fire comes from their mouths devouring their enemies; they are also able to prevent rain falling while they prophecy, to turn the rivers to blood and to cause every sort of plague. When they have completed their testimony the Beast will come up from the bottomless pit and kill them. their corpses will remain unburied for 3 ½ days while everyone in the world gloats and celebrates. Then there was a great earthquake destroying 1/10th of the city and 7,000 people. The 2nd Woe is past but the 3rd Woe is coming. Then the 7th angel blew a trumpet and the 24 Elders fell down and worshipped God and His Christ, because He now rules the world forever. Then the Temple, with the Ark of the Covenant in it, was opened in heaven, there was lightening, thunder, earthquake and hail.

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”the Temple is measured but the Court and Holy City are left to be trodden underfoot by the nations 42 months. This appears to draw a distinction between the true inner Church and the external visible professing church: the one to be preserved and protected of God, the other to be corrupted, desecrated, and exploited by the world. It seems to predict large-scale apostasy in the church: . . the two olive trees and two candlesticks is an obvious reference to Zechariah 4:1-14, where it is explained that the candlestick represents the House of God, and the olive trees the Spirit of God . . . and may be the true Church and the Word of God, faithfully bearing testimony . . .”

Jan 31st 2012, 05:11 PM
Revelation 12

What does the text say? – John saw a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a garland of 12 stars on her head, giving birth. A dragon waited to devour her child but the boy, who was to rule with a rod of iron, was snatched up to God and His Throne. The woman fled to the wilderness where God had prepared a safe refuge for her for 1260 days. There was war in heaven between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels. The dragon/Satan/the devil lost the battle and he and his angels were forced out of heaven. Then John heard a Voice saying that the Kingdom of Christ had come at last because the Accuser had been defeated by the Blood of the Lamb and by the testimony of those who were willing to die serving Him; but woe to those on earth for the devil’s full power will now be unleashed there. The dragon persecuted the woman who gave birth to the child, but she was protected from him, for a time, times, and ½ a time. The dragon declared war against all who keep God’s Commandments and keep their testimony for Jesus Christ.

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”The woman about to give birth seems, up to verse 5, to represent Israel; and from verse 6 onwards to represent the Church. The Hebrew nation, nurtured of God, through long centuries, for the purpose of bringing Christ into the world, is here personified as a queen in heavenly glory, giving birth to the child of the ages. . . . Michael and his angels may, even know, be fighting our battles . . . in a more real sense than we know . . .the outcome may depend . . on the armies of the invisible world. . . . The woman sought refuge from the dragon, this seems to symbolise the True Church being driven underground by persecution.”

Quote:- (David Pawson)” The interpretation (re. the woman) which best fits all the data sees the woman as a personification representing the Church in the end times, preserved outside urban areas during the worst troubles. Her man-child is a personification representing the martyred believers, at this time safe in heaven, outside Satan’s reach. The ‘rest of her offspring’ are those who survive the holocaust, yet obey God’s Commandments yet hold to the testimony of Jesus. There are still some tensions with the text in this view, but far fewer than any other explanation.”

Feb 1st 2012, 05:02 PM
Revelation 13

What does the text say? – John stood on the shore and saw a beast come up out of the sea. It had 7 heads and 10 horns each with a crown, and on each head names that blaspheme God. The beast looked like a leopard, had feet like a bear, and a lion’s mouth. The dragon gave the beast his throne , power and authority. One of the beast’s heads seemed to have had a fatal blow which had healed. The whole world gave allegiance to the beast and worshipped the dragon and the beast - which was given authority to do whatever he wanted for 42 months, to wage war against God’s holy people, to blaspheme God and all those in heaven; and all those whose names are not in the Book of Life will worship him. So God’s holy people must patiently endure persecution and remain faithful to Him. Then another beast came out of the earth with horns like a lamb, and the voice of a dragon doing astounding miracles on behalf of the 1st beast. There was an image of the 1st beast and the 2nd gave it breath, it then commanded everyone to have the mark of the beast, which is 666, on either their forehead or right hand.

Note:- the numerical value of the Greek word ‘tradition’ is 666.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”The 1st and foremost (beast) is a political figure, a world dictator . . . He is the antichrist (note that ‘anti’ in Greek means ‘instead of’ rather than ‘against’, indicating a counterfeit rather than a competitor. . . the beast is a human individual who accepts the satanic offer Jesus refused. . . his characteristics are the same as other fierce beasts. . .he seems to arise from a confederation of political rulers, gaining the attention of the world, from his recovery from a fatal wound. . . his position is bolstered by . . . a religious colleague with supernatural powers . . . his appearance will be ‘like a lamb’ . . this would seem to indicate mildness rather than Christ-likeness, since it is contrasted by it’s dragon-like speech. His master stroke will be his domination of world markets. . . Jews and Christians will be excluded from all commerce, also even from purchasing the bare necessities of life.”

Feb 2nd 2012, 05:34 PM
Revelation 14

What does the text say? – John saw a Lamb standing on Mt. Zion with 144,000 with God’s Name on their foreheads, and heard a new song, known only to the 144,000 totally honest virgins who were redeemed. Then John saw another angel flying in heaven with the eternal Gospel to proclaim to everyone on earth, saying loudly ‘Fear God and give Glory to Him for the hour of His Judgement has come, and worship Him who created all things. Another angel followed saying ‘Babylon has fallen’. A 3rd angel followed saying ‘If anyone worships the beast and his image or receives his mark, they will also receive the full strength of God’s wrath, and be tormented with fire and brimstone in the Presence of the Lamb and the angels; and the smoke of their torment will last forever. This means God’s holy people must endure persecution patiently, obeying His Commands and maintaining their faith in Jesus. Then John was told to write down ‘Blessed are those who die in the Lord for they will rest and their good deeds will follow them’. Then John saw one like the Son of Man on a cloud who was told to reap the earth, and an angel reaped the grapes of the earth; blood came out of the wine-press of God’s wrath flowing for 180 miles as deep as a horse’s bridle.

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”they (the 144,000) were ‘virgins’ – true to Christ, in contrast to the ‘harlotry’ of the false Church. We are not to understand they were literal celibates . . but rather as a shadow of the union of Christ and His Bride.”

Quote:- (David Pawson)”The third (angel) warns believers of the terrible consequences of giving in to the pressures of the final totalitarian system. The language is that of hell: unceasing torment (the same word describing the experience of the devil, the antichrist and the false prophet in the lake of fire; 20:10) in other words they will share the fate of those to whom they have surrendered. The fact that ‘saints’ could find themselves in this dreadful destiny is underlined by a call to ‘patient endurance’ immediately after the warning (verse 12, which repeats 13:10) Both contexts recognise that some will pay for their loyalty with their lives.”

Feb 3rd 2012, 04:10 PM
Revelation 15+16

What does the text say? – John saw 7 angels with the 7 last plagues, and also those who have the victory over the beast, standing on what looked like a sea of glass, playing harps and singing praises to God. Then John saw the 7 angels with the 7 plagues coming out of the Temple; then one of the 4 living beings gave each of them a gold bowl filled with the wrath of Almighty God, the Temple was filled with the smoke of God’s Glory and Power and no one was able to enter the Temple until the 7 plagues were completed. The 1st bowl gave those who had the mark of the Beast malignant sores. The 2nd bowl made the sea turn to blood and every living thing in it died. The 3rd bowl made all rivers and springs run with blood. The 4th bowl was poured on the sun, giving it power to scorch mankind with fire. The 5th bowl made the kingdom of the Beast darkness and pain, but still no one repented. The 6th bowl dried up the Euphrates and 3 evil spirits came from the dragon to do miracles, to gather the rulers of the world for battle against the Lord at Armageddon(Meggiddo). The Lord said He is coming as unexpectedly as a thief, so be clean and ready. The 7th bowl caused thunder, lightening and earthquakes worse than any mankind has seen – the cities of the nations fell, the mountains were levelled, every island disappeared, and hailstones weighing 75 pounds fell.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”An attempt has been made to fit the seals, trumpets and bowls into history. . . the fact is, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fit all the predicted events into a coherent pattern. . (but) The purpose is not to enable us to be accurate soothsayers, able to forecast the future, but to be faithful servants of the Lord, ready to face the worst that can happen to us.

Feb 4th 2012, 05:08 PM
Revelation 17

What does the text say? – One of the 7 angels took John to see the woman sitting on a scarlet beast with 7 heads and 10 horns. The woman wore purple and scarlet adorned with gold, pearls, and precious stones, and in her hand was a gold cup full of obscenities and impurities of her immorality, on her forehead was written ‘Babylon the great, mother of all prostitutes and obscenities in the world’; she was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people who were witnesses for Jesus. The angel said the beast the woman sat on was once alive but was dead, yet will soon come from the bottomless pit and go to everlasting destruction – amazing those whose names are in the Book of Life. The 7 heads of the beast represent the 7 hills where the woman rules, they also represent 7 kings – 5 have already fallen, 1 is, and the 7th is yet to come but his rule will be brief. The 10 horns are 10 kings who will make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them for He is King of kings and Lord of lords, and those with Him are called, chosen and faithful. The prostitute, ruling people of every nation, is hated by the scarlet beast, who will eat her flesh and burn her remains – for she is Babylon.

Quote:- (David Pawson)” . . there is no hint in Revelation that ‘Babylon’ is in any way a religious centre. The emphasis is on business and pleasure as the primary occupation of it’s inhabitants. . .But it will be corrupt and corrupting, characterised by materialism without morality, pleasure without purity, wealth without wisdom, lust without love. . . economics will rule politics, the power of money will override other authority. Since by the year AD 2000 the bulk of the world’s business was in the hands of 300 colossal corporations, this scenario is not difficult to imagine. . . What is the relation between God’s people and this last ‘Babylon’? 1st there will be many martyrs in the city. . there is no place for holy people in a city devoted to immorality – the community does not want a conscience. “

Feb 5th 2012, 04:35 PM
Revelation 18

What does the text say? - John saw another angel come from heaven and the earth was illuminated by his Glory. He called out loudly that Babylon had fallen and become the place only for demons and a prison for very foul spirit, and a cage for every kind of unclean bird, for all nations are contaminated by the city’s immorality and luxury. Another voice from heaven advised all God’s people to leave the city to ensure they don’t share in her plagues and the destruction of God’s Judgement, for every luxury and evil deed will be matched by torment and sorrow as the plagues overtake her in one day, and she will be completely burned by fire, also all trade will cease, causing those who dealt in every kind of merchandise to mourn for their lost profits. God’s people will rejoice at this Judgement of God against evil. Then a mighty angel threw a huge boulder into the sea, saying that in like manner God will throw Babylon down and it will not be a centre of trade again because of the evil done there and the blood of God’s people everywhere.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”Very few realise that the famous ‘Hallelujah’ chorus in Handel’s Messiah oratorio is a celebration of the collapse of the world economy, the closure of stock exchanges, the bankruptcy of banks and the disruption of trade and commerce! Only God’s people will be singing ‘Hallelujah’ (which means Praise the Lord) on that day!”

Feb 6th 2012, 04:53 PM
Revelation 19

What does the text say? – Then John heard a great multitude in Heaven saying “Hallelujah! Salvation and Glory and Honour and Power belong to the Lord our God, His Judgements are true and just, He has punished the great prostitute who corrupted the earth with her immorality, He has avenged the murder of His servants”, then they said the smoke from the city would rise forever. Then the 4 living beings and 24 Elders fell down and worshipped God on His Throne. Then a Voice came from the Throne sounding like many thunders, saying the Lord God omnipotent reigns and the marriage of the Lamb has come and His wife is wearing the righteous acts of God’s holy people. The angel quoted God saying “Blessed are those called to the marriage supper of the Lamb”. John was told to worship only God, not the angel. The essence of prophecy is to give a clear witness for Jesus. Then John saw a white horse whose rider was called ‘Faithful and True’ and His name is the Word of God; an army followed Him, out of His mouth goes a two edged sword and He will rule the nations for He is King of kings and Lord of lords. All the kings of the earth and the Beast were gathered to make war against Him. Then the Beast and false prophet were captured and were thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone, and all the rest were killed by the sword from His mouth.

Feb 7th 2012, 04:48 PM
Revelation 20

What does the text say? – Then John saw an angel coming from heaven with the keys to the bottomless pit and a chain, he seized the Dragon/the devil/Satan bound him for 1,000 years and threw him into the bottomless pit, which he shut and locked; after 1,000 years the dragon must be released for a little while. John saw thrones, and on them those who had been given authority to judge, and also the souls of those who had been martyred for their witness to Jesus and the Word of God when they refused to accept the mark of the Beast or worship his image; they lived and reigned with Christ for 1,000 years. After that the rest of the dead lived again as well, the 2nd death has no power over them. When Satan was released from prison he gathered a great army then surrounded God’s holy people and Jerusalem, but fire came from heaven and consumed them. Then the devil was thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone where the false prophet and the Beast are. Then John saw a great white throne, and He from whom heaven and earth fled, and all the dead standing before Him who sat on the throne. The books were opened, and also the Book of Life, and everyone was Judged according to what was written in the books. Then Death and the grave were thrown into the Lake of Fire with those whose name was not in the Book of Life. The lake of fire is the 2nd death.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”The Lord does not reveal the future to satisfy our curiosity or give us superior knowledge but so we may prepare ourselves for our part in it. . . . There is in this passage a very clear distinction between the ‘1st resurrection’ and the resurrection of ‘the rest’ of the human race. The two events are separated by the entire ‘millennium’. And the two resurrections have two entirely different objectives. One is to reign with Christ, the other is to be Judged.”

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Revelation 21

What does the text say? – The old heaven and earth was gone, then John saw a beautiful new Heaven and a new Earth come down from God. A voice proclaimed that God’s Home was now with His people, and that there will be no more sorrow, crying, pain, or death for He who sat on the Throne had made all things new; He is Alpha and Omega and will give the water of Life to everyone who is thirsty. Those who overcome will be God’s son and inherit all things, but the coward, murderers, immoral, idol worshippers, liars and sorcerers will go to the lake of fire and brimstone – which is the 2nd Death. John was taken in the Spirit to the new Jerusalem that has 12 gates, each named for a tribe of the children of Israel, 3 on each side. The foundations of the city are named after the 12 Apostles of the Lamb. The city is 1,400 miles long, 1,400 miles wide, and 1,400 miles high with walls 216 feet thick made of jasper, sapphire, agate, emerald, onyx, carnelian, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth and amethyst; the 12 gates were pearls and the streets were of pure gold, the Lamb is the city’s Light and the Glory of God illuminates it. Nothing evil will ever enter the city, only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Quote:- (David Pawson)”(the Books) will not be a selection of the commendable occasions . . but a complete record of the deeds and words of a whole lifetime, from birth to death. We may be justified by faith, but we shall be Judged by works. If this was all the evidence to be considered it would damn us all to the 2nd Death. Thank God . . there is the Lamb’s Book of Life. Those who are ‘in Christ’ are listed there, those who have lived and died ‘in Him’, those who have been joined to and have remained in this ‘true vine’ (John 15:1-8). They have thus borne the fruit that attests their continuing union with Him. The fruitfulness is proof of their faithfulness. Their names have been put into this Book when they came to be ‘in Christ’, when they repented and believed ‘from the ‘creation of the world’ (which) simply means ‘through the whole of human history’ . . . and their names have not been ‘erased’ . . . because they have overcome”.

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Revelation 22

What does the text say? – John was shown a crystal clear river, pure water of Life, flowing from the throne of God and the Lamb. On both sides of the river grew the Tree of Life which bore 12 crops of Fruit each year, and it’s leaves were for the Healing of the nations. The Throne of God and the Lamb will be there, so there will be no curse, no night nor sun for the Lord God gives Light to His People, who have His Name on their foreheads. He is coming, and said ‘Blessed are those who act on the prophecies of this book. John fell down and worshipped the angel, but he said ‘do not do that, only worship God’, and told John to share the prophecies he’d seen, as they will surely take place. The Lord will come and reward everyone according to their good or bad deeds, for He is the Beginning and the End, the First and Last. Blessed are those who wear clean raiment to enable them to have the right to the Tree of Life and enter the city – those outside will be the sorcerers, sexually immoral, idol worshippers and those who love, and practice, a lie. The Spirit and the Bride say ‘come, and those who thirst come and take freely of the Water of Life’. If anyone adds to, or takes from, this book may God take away from them the good things promised to them, for the Lord Jesus will surely come quickly.

Application? – Have I accepted the Salvation Jesus offers? Have I repented (turned away from) everything that displeases the Lord God? Do I wear my Lord Jesus’ ‘robe of righteousness’ and so have the right to access the Tree of Life? If I knew Jesus would come again today is there anything I would do before He got here? If so, would I be wise to do them straight away?

Quote:- (David Pawson)”On the positive side is the Promise to satisfy the thirst of those seeking ‘the water of Life’, but this must lead on too an ‘overcoming life’, in order to inherit a place in the new earth and enjoy the family relationship with God in it. On the negative side is the warning that those who do not overcome, but are cowardly, faithless, immoral and deceitful will never be part of all this. . . It needs to be pointed out that the warning is given to wayward believers, as in the whole book. Most of Jesus’ earlier warnings about Hell were addressed, not to sinners, but to His own disciples.
The materials used in it’s (the New Heaven) constreuction . . . is one of the most remarkable proofs of the divine inspiration of this book. Now that we can produce ‘purer’ light (polarized and laser), a hitherto unknown quality of precious stones has been revealed; when thin sections are exposed to cross-polarized light they fall into two distinct categories. ‘Isotropic’ stones lose all their colour, for they depend on random rays for their brilliance (eg. diamonds, rubies, and garnets). ‘Anisotropic’ stones produce all the colours of the rainbow in dazzling patterns, whatever their original colour. ALL the stones in the New Jerusalem belong to the latter category! No one could possibly have known this when Revelation was written – except God Himself! . . . the reader (Rev. 21:8; 27; 22:15) must never be allowed to forget that the glories of the future will not come to them automatically because they have believed in Jesus and belong to a church, but to those who ‘press on towards the goal to win the prize for which Christ has called us heavenwards in Christ Jesus’ (Phil. 3:14) and who ‘make every effort . . to be holy, ‘for without holiness no one will see the Lord’(Heb. 12:14) . . . all the saints cry ‘Come’ both to the renegade world and it’s returning Lord, Jesus Christ.”

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Quote:- (David Pawson)”It is the same Jesus who will return . . . yet the Jesus of Revelation is very different from the Man of Galilee. His first appearance to John was so awesome – snow-white hair, blazing eyes, sharp tongue, shining face and burnished feet - that this disciple who had been closest to Him (John 21:20) fell in a dead faint. There are brief glimpses of the angry Jesus in the Gospels (Mark 3:5; 10:14; 11:15) His sustained wrath in Revelation strikes terror in the hearts of all kinds of people, who would rather be crushed by falling rocks than look into His eyes. Many believe Jesus preached and practiced pacifism despite His assertion to the contrary. ‘Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth, but a sword’ (Matt. 10:34; Luke 12:51). . . Jesus rides down from heaven on a horse of war rather than a donkey of peace. Jesus is clearly depicted here as a mass killer . . . Has Jesus changed? . . . It is not His personality or character that have changed but His Mission. His first was to ‘seek and save what was lost’ (Luke 19:10). ‘He did not come into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world’(John 3:17). He came to give human beings the chance to be separated from their Sins before all Sin has to be destroyed. His second visit is for the opposite purpose – to Destroy rather than to Save, to punish Sin rather than to pardon it, ‘to Judge the living and the dead’ as the Apostles Creed and Nicene Creed puts it. . . At that time ‘the Son of Man will send out His angels and they will weed out of His Kingdom everything that causes Sin, and those who do evil’ (Matt. 10:41) . . . if it is totally fair it must be applied to believers as well as unbelievers (as Paul clearly teaches in Romans 2:1-11, concluding that ‘God does not show favouritism’). Once again we need to remember that the book of Revelation is written exclusively to ‘born again’ believers . . . it is all too easy for those who have experienced the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ to forget that He will still be their Judge (2 Cor. 5:10). Those who have known Him as Friend and Brother are apt to overlook His more challenging attributes. He is the Ruler of God’s Creation . . He was involved in it’s Creation, is responsible for it’s continuation, and will bring it to it’s consummation.(John 1:3; Colossians 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:1-2).

Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”the Bible is all one story. The last part of the last book of the Bible reads like the close of the story begun in the first part of the first book in the Bible.
Gen.1:1 – ‘In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ Rev. 21:1- ‘I saw a new heaven and a new earth’.

Gen 1:10 – ‘the gathering together of waters He called sea’, Rev. 21:1 – ‘and the sea is no more’.

Gen. 1:5 – ‘The darkness He called night’. Rev.21:25 – ‘there shall be no night there.’

Gen. 1:16 – ‘God made the two great lights (Sun and moon). Rev.21:23 – ‘The city has no need of the sun or the moon’.

Gen. 2:17 – ‘In the day you eat thereof you shall surely die’. Rev. 21:4 – death shall be no more’.

Gen. 3:16 – ‘I will greatly multiply your pain’. Rev. 21:4 – ‘neither shall there be pain any more’.

Gen. 3:17 – ‘Cursed is the ground for your sake.’ Rev. 22:3 – there shall be no more curse’.

Gen. 3:1,4 – Satan appears as the Deceiver of mankind. Rev. 20:10 – Satan disappears forever.

Gen.3:22-24 – They were driven from the Tree of Life. Rev. 22:2 – the Tree of Life reappears.

Gen. 3:24 – They were driven from God’s Presence. Rev. 22:4 – ‘they shall see His Face’.

Gen. 2:10 – Man’s primeval home was by a river. Rev. 22:1 – Man’s eternal home will be beside a river.

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Quote:- (Henry H. Halley)”The woman about to give birth seems, up to verse 5, to represent Israel; and from verse 6 onwards to represent the Church. The Hebrew nation, nurtured of God, through long centuries, for the purpose of bringing Christ into the world, is here personified as a queen in heavenly glory, giving birth to the child of the ages. . . . Michael and his angels may, even know, be fighting our battles . . . in a more real sense than we know . . .the outcome may depend . . on the armies of the invisible world. . . . The woman sought refuge from the dragon, this seems to symbolise the True Church being driven underground by persecution.”

Quote:- (David Pawson)” The interpretation (re. the woman) which best fits all the data sees the woman as a personification representing the Church in the end times, preserved outside urban areas during the worst troubles. Her man-child is a personification representing the martyred believers, at this time safe in heaven, outside Satan’s reach. The ‘rest of her offspring’ are those who survive the holocaust, yet obey God’s Commandments yet hold to the testimony of Jesus. There are still some tensions with the text in this view, but far fewer than any other explanation.”

So, the woman who represented Israel suddenly became the church? I don't see why that would be an interpretation; if the symbol doesn't change, why would the meaning change?