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Mar 18th 2013, 05:55 PM

from the foreword in my Bible:-
"... most of the book. . . describes Israel's experiences as they wander in the wilderness. the lesson is clear. While it may be necessary to pass through wilderness experiences, one does not have to live there. For Israel an 11day journey became a 40year agony. . . "Numbers' has also been called "In the Wilderness" "Book of Journeyings" "Book of Murmerings" and "4th Book of Moses".

Numbers 1

What did I learn of God? - He spoke to Moses. He tells His people what to do. He is specific. He gives specific people specific jobs. Did He want to know how many men over 20 years comprised His people, or did He want them to know how large an army they had, to be encouraged?

What did I learn of myself? - God knows my name and who my ancestors were. He gives me specific Work to do for Him. I represent my whole physical, and spiritual, family - am I a worthy representative? Do I try to encroach on a job specifically given by God to someone else? Do I do precisely what God says? Can He count on me to fight for Him and represent Him as He would want me to?

What did I praise God for? - He knows each individual by name, and their ancestry.

What did I pray for? - To remember that I represent my family, and other Christians, in all I do.

What is this saying in one sentence? - God told Moses to have the male Israelites over 20years counted - by specific people.

Aug 16th 2013, 06:08 PM
I'm sorry. This somehow got overlooked for a long time. I have now opened this study.