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Apr 21st 2013, 04:33 PM
John's Gospel was written to those who were already Christ's disciples (had already repented and submitted to Him)

John 1

What did I learn of God? - The Word (Jesus Christ) has always been part of the Godhead. Everything was Created through Him. All Life comes from Him. Darkness cannot extinguish His Light (Evil cannot annihilate His Excellence). He sent John the Baptist to be the forerunner of Christ, Who came to His own world, and land, but His own people did not acknowledge Him or accept His Gift of the right to be Born Again as His children. He, as Jesus Christ, came to earth as a unique Man, demonstrating God's Grace and Truth and to become God's Sacrifice, to pay the penalty for mankind's Sin. As He was baptized His Holy Spirit descended on Him 'like a dove' (perhaps as a flash of light?) He Baptized His disciples with His Holy Spirit. Nothing escapes His notice. God's angels do His bidding.

What did I learn of myself? - I am only a child of God because I believe in/trust Jesus Christ; He has Baptised me and all those who are willing, with His Holy Spirit. Have I brought all my family to Jesus? . (whether or not they accepted His Gift of Salvation). I don't need to argue about the Bible but to witness to what Christ has done for me. Could Jesus speak of me as He did of Nathaniel?

What did I praise God for? - His great Love, resulting in His willingness to sacrifice Himself to pay the penalty for my Sin.

What did I pray for? - Thanksgiving to Almighty God.

What does this say in one sentence? - The Eternal Word, Who impregnated a virgin to become His own earthly Son to become the sacrifice to negate the power of Sin - and His first disciples.

Quote:-(Ray Comfort)” our aim should be to ensure that sinners are born of the Spirit. Too many of our ‘decisions’ are not of the Spirit but the work of our sincere and manipulative practices. . .

(John Newton)” wrong understanding of the harmony between Law and Grace would produce error on the left and right hand”

Apr 24th 2013, 05:02 PM
John 2

What did I learn of God? -He acts on the concerns of those He has a relationship with. He manifests His Glory in amazingly 'simple' ways, ie. making something good (pure water) into something needed (wine). He is angry when 'worshipping God' is an excuse for making money. He knows we may not always fully understand everything He says at the time He says it. He does not commit Himself to those who just believe in Him because of His miraculous Powers - but only to those whose heart belongs to Him.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I always do whatever God tells me? or do I use human 'wisdom/intelligence' and stop a miracle happening? Do I go to church to worship God or for social or financial reasons? Do I worship God for who He is or only because I expect Him to perform a miracle for my benefit?

What did I praise God for? - That He is a 'discerner of hearts'.

What did I pray for? - To accept my life's limitations - grateful for God's intervention but not demanding it in exchange for my devotion.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus Christ turned water into wine, cleansed the Temple, and knows how deep each person's commitment to Him really is.

Quote:-(Abraham Lincoln)” we may deceive all the people sometimes; we may deceive some of the people all the time; but not all the people all the time, and not God at any time.”

Apr 25th 2013, 04:48 PM
John 3

What did I learn of God? - Jesus Christ was recognised by the Pharisees as a 'teacher from God’. He said 'unless one is Born of water and the Spirit they cannot see the Kingdom of God'. What Jesus Christ told of God's Kingdom is true as He came from Heaven. Christ would be crucified so that whoever believes/trusts in Him might (not will automatically for Satan believes/knows Christ is God) have Eternal Life. He did not come to condemn the world but that the world, through Him, might be Saved. The Son has all of God's Authority and Power. God's Wrath is on those who refuse to believe(act on) His offer of Redemption.

What did I learn of myself? - If I was not born of water (normal human birth?) and the Spirit (Jesus' Baptism of Fire - Pentecost) I would have no opportunity to enter the Kingdom of God. Christ's Life must grow in me as my will is subjugated to His.

What did I praise God for? - Enabling mankind to be Born again.

What did I pray for? - That all people - including me - may have a full understanding of Christ's meaning of being 'Born of water and the Spirit'.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus told Nicodemus the importance of being Born Again, also John the Baptist testified that Jesus is the Christ and those who believe in Him may have Eternal Life and those who do not will endure God's Wrath.

Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) re. verse 18.
"Imagine you and a friend are walking along a track. A train is coming along that track, you are warned it is coming. You jump off and live. He doesn't move and is killed. In one sense he was killed because he didn't get off the track, but in another sense he was killed because he was on the track in the first place. John wasn't saying God punishes people for not believing - he says people who deserve punishment can avoid it only by faith in Christ. Sin puts people on the track along which God's Judgment is coming. Active belief in Jesus gets them off the track and out of the way. If they are condemned it won't be for not believing, but for not acting on, the Truth."

Quote:-(Gary T. Ansdell)” these verses . . . are about what’s Jesus knew . . . He knew what was in the heart of Nicodemus; he was a Law breaker, and he needed to be Born Again”.
Quote:-(Ray Comfort)” the difference between believing in Jesus and being Born Again is like believing in a parachute and is putting one on. The difference will be seen when you jump.

Apr 26th 2013, 04:08 PM
John 4

What did I learn of God? - He goes to hostile places to Save those who are lost. He gives Living water, resulting in Eternal Life, to those who ask for it. He knows all about each of us. God is Spirit, and is only really worshipped in 'spirit and truth'. Jesus Christ is the Saviour the Jews waited for. He knows when and where His Harvest can be gathered. The reward He gives for sowing His Word is the same as for reaping souls for His Kingdom. He performs miracles in response to the faith of the one asking.

What did I learn of myself? - Jesus offers me His Living Water which springs up into Everlasting Life – have I accepted His offer? Do I constantly drink that Water? God knows every small detail of my thoughts and actions. I must ignore theological red-herrings when discussing Salvation with potential converts and stick to the point. I owe my Salvation to the Jews. I must Worship God in 'spirit and truth' - wholeheartedly. What makes my life worthwhile is to do God's Will and to sow seeds of His word that others will harvest and to reap for His Kingdom where others have sown. Christ answers prayers offered in 'knowing' faith.

What did I praise God for? - His intimate knowledge of me. His Living Water. His Word. Enabling me to sow and reap with Him.

What did I pray for? - That I will always be in the right place to sow and reap for my Lord. To always pray with expectant faith.

What does this say in one sentence? - A Samaritan meets her Messiah and leads others to Him; Jesus answers expectant faith and seeks those willing to work with Him.

Quote:-(Matthew Henry)” I would think is a greater happiness to gain one soul for Christ than mountains of silver and gold to myself “

Apr 27th 2013, 04:18 PM
John 5

What did I learn of God? - He does not Heal unless the sick person really desires that Healing . He does not necessarily Heal everyone (there were many at Bethesda He did not Heal). He does not abide by man-made rules. God is still working His Purpose out. Father God and God the Son are equal and deserve equal honour. Jesus only did what His Father was doing. He raises the dead to life (spiritually and physically). The Father Judges no one, it is/will be Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, who will Judge those dead in Sin; those who have acted on His Words have Eternal Life and will not be Judged. Christ is the equal of God the Father (: 17-18) the Son, not identical to the Father but unified with Him (:18) in total harmony with the Father in all His Works(:19) loved by the Father with full knowledge of His Plans and Purposes(:20) empowered by the Father and able to give Life as the Father has and does.(:21) has Authority to Judge(:22) equal in honour with the Father(:23) determines human destiny depending on the faith that transfers from the reality of Death to that of Life(:24) able to raise the dead(:25) One who, like the Father is uncreated, having Life in Himself(:26) as Son of Man, God in flesh(:27)

What did I learn of myself? - Healing is not a 'right' but a privilege. Sin may be the cause, or contribute to, ill-health. Do I really want to be Healed? (eg if my mother had been Healed of paralysis her life would have changed in some ways she would have enjoyed and some she would not) I can only honour God by honouring Jesus Christ who is/will be my Judge. I only have Eternal Life in Christ. I must obey the One who Healed me spiritually and 'get up and walk' in that New Life (or I will never experience the freedom He has given me.

What did I praise God for? - That Christ paid the penalty for my Sin.

What did I pray for? - That He will Heal those in my wider family whose ill-health causes great distress to those who love them.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus Healed a paralytic, told that he will be mankind's Judge and Eternal Life is only for those who come to Him - believing the Bible is true is no substitute.

Quote:- (Plutarch) "It were better to have no opinion of God at all than such a one as is unworthy of Him; for the one is only unbelief the other contempt."
(Ray Comfort )” Jesus was either God in human form or crackpot there is no middle ground.”
(Todd P McCullum)” evangelism is the cure to the disease of Church boredom.”

Apr 28th 2013, 05:12 PM
John 6

What did I learn of God? - Multitudes follow Him because He performs miracles, particularly those that satisfy physical hunger. He prefers to be with, and teach, His disciples and sometimes asks them questions to encourage them to add His Power in the answer. When His disciples give His abundance away He increases it to fulfill their need. He is not limited by time or gravity. He gives everlasting Life. His Work through mankind is to encourage trust in Christ - the Bread of Life. All who believe in/trust Christ will rise to everlasting Life. Only those God draws will come to Christ. He is essential for spiritual Life. Only those nourished by Christ's Life and Sacrifice will live forever with Him. Those He chooses to be His disciples may turn against Him (He knows who they will be, Judas is an example.

What did I learn of myself? - God's questions encourage me to consider His Power as part of the answer. It's not what I have that counts but what God can do with it when given to Him. I must lose none of His teaching. Jesus will always come to me in the storms of life. It is more profitable to acquire more knowledge of God than to acquire worldly wealth. To please God I must believe in/trust Christ and allow Him to nourish me with all I need for eternal Life. Only God's Spirit can give me His Life. Just because I am Christ's disciple today does not mean I will not betray Him in future.

What did I praise God for? - His Mercy to me.

What did I pray for? -That I will always be faithful to Christ and comprehend His Truth.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus fed 5,000, walked across the sea, talked of being the Bread from Heaven necessary for spiritual nourishment, and that disciples with Him 'today' may leave Him 'tomorrow'.

Quotes:-(John Bunyan)” read and read again . . . Neither trouble your head because you have neither comments errors nor exposition. Pray and read and pray; for a little from God is better than a great deal from man . . . The reason why men meant day are at such a loss is that they are content with what comes from man’s mouths . . . Things we received from God’s hands, though old in themselves, come to us as truths if they come with the smell of heaven”.

Apr 29th 2013, 04:59 PM
]John 7

What did I learn of God? - He doesn't allow those who don't believe in Him to divert Him from what He intends to do. He accuses the world of Sin and Evil. He chooses the right time to make Himself known. He sent Jesus to the world. Jesus offers Living Water (Holy Spirit) to all who believe in Him. Holy Spirit was not given until Jesus Christ was Glorified (reclaimed His Divinity).

What did I learn of myself? - I must expect to be disregarded when I proclaim God's Word, so must be guided by Him as to when I speak and when keep silent. As I seek to do God's Will (and not earn 'brownie points for myself) I will recognise His Authority, or lack of it, in a teacher's doctrine. I must not judge things as they appear to me, but by God's Righteousness. Have I the courage of the Temple guards? Christ has filled me with his Holy Spirit to enable 'rivers of Living Water' to flow out of my heart (which does not mean I'm infallible) but that I learn the Truth of God's Word only through obedience to Him.

What did I praise God for? - Giving me the ability to recognise doctrinal Truth from error.

What did I pray for? - teachers who, perhaps because wrongly taught themselves, teach a mixture of Truth and error.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus' brothers didn't believe in Him, He taught in the Temple, promised His Holy Spirit, amazed officers sent to arrest Him and was rejected by the authorities.

Quote:-(Derek Prince)” I am simpleminded enough to believe that it happened the way the Bible described it. I have been a Prof at Britain’s largest university [Cambridge] for nine years. I hold various degrees had academic distinctions, and I feel in many ways I am quite sophisticated intellectually, but I don’t feel in any way intellectually inferior when I say that I believe the Bible record of creation. Prior to believing the Bible I have studied many other attempts to explain man’s origins and found them all unsatisfactory and in many cases self-contradictory. I turned to study the Bible as a professional philosopher - not as a believer - as I commented to myself, ‘at least it can’t be any sillier than some of the other things I’ve heard,’ and to my astonishment, I discovered it had the answer.”
( Napoleon Bonaparte)” I know men and I tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man. Between Him and every other person in the world there is no possible term of comparison. Alexander, Caesar, Charlemagne, and I have found it Empires. But on what did we rest the creations of our genius? Upon force. Jesus Christ founded his empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him.”[/SIZE]

Apr 30th 2013, 04:46 PM
John 8

What did I learn of God? - He knows the motive for each individual’s actions. Christ is the Light of the world (He demonstrated God's standards) those who follow Him have the 'Light of Life'. His Judgment is true. Christ was with the Father while He was on earth. The world is not Christ's home. His Power is absolute. His Word is Truth and will set mankind Free. Only those who desire to know and obey God heed his Word. Apart from trust in, and relationship with, Jesus no one has the slightest chance of knowing reality. If anyone keeps His Word they will Live. Jesus Christ is God.

What did I learn of myself? - I have no right to 'throw stones' at anyone. Christ does not condemn me if I demonstrate a rejection of my sinful life style. My judgment is from my flesh - not from God. I will die in my Sin if I do not go one believing in / trusting Christ to be my Saviour. I am Christ's disciple if I go on abiding in / living by His Word, as then His Word will go on making me free from spiritual Death. My eternal destiny is dependant on my response to Christ's claim to be the I AM (God).

What did I praise God for? - His Word.

What did I pray for? - That His Word 'drops from the head to the heart' of those whose worldly 'intelligence' and 'knowledge' prevent them knowing Christ as Saviour and Lord.

What does this say in one sentence? - Scribes and Pharisees tried to trap Jesus, He defends His 'self-witness', predicts His crucifixion, says the Truth gives Freedom, He is God, and hatred of him epitomizes those in Satan's family.

Quote :- (Alfred Noth Whitehead.) "Apart from blunt Truth our lives sink decadently amid the perfume of hints and suggestions"

(Ray Comfort)” Jesus said anyone who obeys Him would not die. This is not advocating works as a means of Salvation, but obedience as a sign of our Salvation we keep His Word because we love Him. Jesus was affirming that He was God manifest in the flesh. He is the great ‘I Am’ the Eternal One who revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush”.

May 1st 2013, 04:51 PM
John 9

What did I learn of God? - He allows some people to suffer for a while to enable His Glory to be revealed through them. He may give apparently unreasonable treatment and instructions which, if carried out, result in a miracle. He enables the blind to see (spiritually and physically). Christ is the Son of Man (Messiah) and the Son of God. He came into the world to Judge.

What did I learn of myself? - I was spiritually blind before I met Jesus Christ, but I fulfilled His conditions for Salvation so now I can see. Am I more concerned about the opinion of spiritual leaders than acknowledging God's Power? Do I fear those who could put me out of ' the fellowship'? I believe in/trust the Son of God, He talks with me.

What did I praise God for? - Each person who was spiritually blind but can now see, and experience, His Salvation.

What did I pray for? – Thanksgiving for spiritual sight and the good outcome of my cataract operations transforming near-blindness to good sight.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus gives a man born blind his sight; the Pharisees excommunicate him, and Jesus talks of spiritual vision and blindness.

Quote:- (Billy Graham) “the evangelists harvest is always urgent . . . Every generation is strategic . . . God will hold us responsible as to how well we fulfill our responsibilities to this age and take advantage of our opportunities.”

May 2nd 2013, 03:13 PM
John 10

What did I learn of God? - Christ is the Door to Life, the only Way to be Saved and enter into the safety of God's Kingdom. Christ gave His life to pay the penalty for Sin. He knows those who belong to Him, they know Him and follow Him, He protects them and gives them eternal Life, yet does not hold them against their will. His 'flock' will comprise both Jews and Gentiles. He chose to come to earth to die, and Rise from death, to enable folk to Live with Him. No one can imprison Him against His Will. The Father is in Christ and He is in the Father.

What did I learn of myself? - I must ensure I do not interpret God's Word to mean other than His intention (eg. to include myself among those who may enter His Kingdom but exclude others). Have I entered God's Kingdom through faith in what Christ achieved on the Cross or am I trying to get in by some other means? Do I always follow Christ or do I sometimes leave His Protection by doing my own will instead of His? Do I ensure the teaching of the church I attend gives 100% Truth with no deviations, or am I allowing myself to be led astray?(eg. that the Church has replaced the Jews in God's affections, or that Elizabeth chose John’s name because Zachariah couldn’t speak). Do I know Christ's Voice from similar sounding voices?

What did I praise God for? - That Jesus Christ is my Shepherd.

What did I pray for? - His Wisdom to challenge un-Godly teaching.

What does this say in one sentence? - 'Jesus Christ is the Good Shepherd who knows His sheep and they know Him' which causes murderous anger among those who don't trust Him (it is our response to Jesus that identifies us as either 'His sheep' or of 'another flock')

quote:-(Ray Comfort) “true believers are likened to sheep, which: know the Voice of the Shepherd O Shepherd; are led by Him; flock together; need a Shepherd; are productive; are a sign of God’s blessing; will be divided from the ‘goats’ at the Judgement; were offered in sacrifice.”

May 3rd 2013, 03:52 PM
John 11

What did I learn of God? - He has a purpose for allowing those who love Him to suffer - that Christ may be Glorified. He will delay Healing until His Purpose is fulfilled. He wakes those who love Him from death, a decomposed body is no barrier to His Power. Jesus Christ is the source of Resurrection and Life, those who believe in Him have everlasting Life. He grieves for those who won't trust Him and Live, and for those who grieve. He Calls the spiritually dead to Life in Him and tells Christ’s disciples to release others from what 'binds' them and prevents full Life in Him. He may choose not to Work openly where folk seek to destroy Him. He wept for others' pain but not for His own.

What did I learn of myself? - When He delays answering my prayers I must remember He may have something better in mind (Romans 8:28). He is not indifferent to my suffering or my pain on behalf of others. If I walk with Him I will not stumble. Am I willing to die in His service like Thomas? When I sleep in death Christ will waken me to everlasting life. Do I always do everything I can to enable new Christians to grow to their full potential? I must never limit Jesus by my lack of faith but expect Him to act.

What did I praise God for? - His Power over death.

What did I pray for? - That I will see His Light more clearly and that other folk will see it clearly shining through me.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus, the resurrection and the Life, raised Lazarus from death to life; and the chief Priests and Pharisees plot to kill Jesus.

Quote:- (Lawrence O. Richards) "He can take our dead hopes, and revive them. He can take our dominant relationships and revitalize them. He can transform the spiritually indifferent, redirect the life of the sinner, and bring a vibrant newness to every dead area within our lives."

Quote:-(CS Lewis) “a man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said wouldn’t be a great moral teacher. He’d either be a lunatic - on a level with the man who says he’s poached egg - or else he’d be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God: or else a madman or something worse. You can shut Him up for a full, you can spit at Him and kill Him has the Demon; or you can walk at His feet and call Him Lord and God. But don’t let us come with any patronising nonsense about His being a great human teacher. He hasn’t left that open to us. He didn’t intend to.”

May 4th 2013, 03:24 PM
John 12

What did I learn of God? - He values each gift given with love for Him. He calms the natural Fears even of animals (a colt would normally need 'breaking in' before being ridden and have been scared stiff by all the hullabaloo). Christ was born into the world specifically to die on the Cross and, like a grain of wheat that has been sown, produce a harvest of righteousness. God, the Father, was Glorified through Christ, Who said His crucifixion would draw people to Himself this was not generally believed but some Pharisees believed secretly (because they loved the praise of men more than the Praise of God). Christ shines as a Light in the Darkness of this sinful world - each Word He spoke was God's Word.

What did I learn of myself? - Do I 'waste' what I value most on Jesus? Is my love for Christ only demonstrated when I'm among other believers? or do I worship Him at other times too? Do I hide the fact that Christ is my Lord for fear of ostracism? Am I willing to let my dreams and ambitions die to enable me to Live for Christ? or do I try to add Him into my own agenda? Do I truly serve Christ? - or myself? If I don't live in the Light off Christ the Darkness of sin will overtake me. Do I let God's Word change me now, or will it be my Judge in the future?

What did I praise God for? - His Word.

What did I pray for? - To become the person He wants me to be, always doing and saying what pleases Him.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus was anointed by Mary, acclaimed king by the crowd, predicted His death and what it would accomplish, and the dangers of preferring the praise of men to the Praise of God.

Quote:-(TS Eliot) “the greatest proof of Christianity for others is not how far a man can logically analyse his reasons for believing, but how far in practice he will stake his life on his belief.”

May 5th 2013, 04:00 PM
John 13

What did I learn of God? - He Loves enough to Serve His disciples. He Cleanses His disciples to enable them to be subjects of His Kingdom. Christ demonstrated the behavior He expects from His disciples. He has foreknowledge of each one's heart, mind and actions. He loves, and is deeply grieved by, those who betray Him. He was Glorified through Christ's Suffering. He Commands His disciples to Love one another. He knows we will let Him down and is not taken aback by it. He knows the difference between those who will deliberately exchange eternal Life for eternal Damnation (eg. Judas) and who wants to serve Him but fails (eg. Peter).

What did I learn of myself? - Although I was thoroughly Cleansed when I became Christ's disciple I must go to Him regularly to have the dirt(Sin) of the road(moment) removed (by my repentance). He expects me, with true humility, to assist others to become 'clean' - without a vestige of pride on my part. Some true disciples may resist my help, and some who are apparently Gifted disciples, who I have respected and loved, may then decide (Satan enters them) to betray Christ. Any failure to abide in Him is my choice. Although my desire and intentions are to be true to Christ I may still let Him down - so must not look-down on others who let Him down too. I must be willing to 'lay down my life' (allow hopes and ambitions to die) for His sake.

What did I praise God for? - His Love, Forgiveness and willingness to keep me spiritually 'clean'.

What did I pray for? - True humility of heart, mind and actions - only possible if I know who I am 'in Christ' (and therefore in God)

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus washed His disciples feet, identifies Judas as the one who will betray Him, commands His disciples to Love one-another and predicts Peter's denial.

Quote (Lawrence O. Richards):-"The Christian who realises the significance of his 'son-ship' and of being deeply Loved by God, will have none of the insecurity that generates co mpetition . . . the humblest role will not diminish them."

May 6th 2013, 04:06 PM
John 14

What did I learn of God? - In His House are many (places of) dwellings. He prepares eternal homes for His disciples.. Christ will come to earth again. He is the (only) Way, Truth and Life. Following Him (trusting His Words and actions to be true) is the way to get to that place and enjoy Life in Him. Those who know Christ also know Almighty God. The Father does the miracles through Christ, who asked the Father to send His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, to Live in those who love His Word and keep His Commandments. He Promised that because He Lives His disciples will also Live. He will reveal Himself to those who love Him enough to keep His Commandments and He and His Father will reside with them. His Holy Spirit will remind of, and teach, all things Christ said. He gives His Peace to His disciples and Commands them not to be afraid of the future. Satan has no hold on Christ and therefore not on those 100% His.

What did I learn of myself? - If I totally trust God my heart will not be troubled. Christ has an eternal home for me, and will return to take me there. I know Father God because He is One with Christ. Whatever I ask in Christ's Name (according to His Will) He will do to Glorify God(not to glorify me). Keeping Christ's commandments proves my love for Him. I've accepted His Holy Spirit and He reminds me of Christ's Words. Because Christ Lives I also Live in Him (and will continue to after death). I know if what I do, or propose to do, displeases Him - because I lose His Peace.

What did I praise God for? - His Holy Spirit (on Whom the vitality of my Christian life depends) and His Peace.

What did I pray for? - To do more of God's work in his Name with Him.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus is the way the Truth and the Life, He reveals the Father, answers prayer, Promised to send his Holy Spirit to those who keep His Word and so are indwelt by Father and Son and receive the Gift of his Peace.

Quote:-(Ray Comfort) “Jesus promises that He and the father will reveal themselves to all who love and obey Him. This is the ultimate challenge to any sceptic.”

May 8th 2013, 05:36 PM
John 15

What did I learn of God?[/I] - Father God arranges favourable conditions for those in Christ to produce Fruit for His Kingdom and He will give what they request. Christ is Loved by his Father, only those who do whatever He Commands are His friends ( His friends can choose whether to obey or not, slaves have no choice). He chooses and appoints (because of His foreknowledge) His disciples - to bear Fruit that will remain. He Commands us to Love one-another. 'The World' hates Christ and therefore God, without cause. Christ sent the Helper / Comforter / Spirit of Truth / Holy Spirit from the Father to testify of Him.

What did I learn of myself?- It is only my intimate relationship with Christ that ensures the Spiritual vitality that will enable me to produce Fruit for Him and fulfillment and Joy for me. If Father God didn't prune me hard I would only produce very little Fruit of inferior quality, or none at all. I can only Glorify God by bearing much Fruit. If I obey Christ, I will stay in His Love and remain His friend; any failure to abide in Him would be my choice and result in an empty, useless, life. He Commands me to love His other disciples. I was chosen by Christ because of His Foreknowledge of my reaction to Him. I am responsible for my reaction to all other Christians. I must expect to be hated by 'the world' because they hate Christ my Lord. I must be a witness to Christ in all I do.

What did I praise God for? -- That I am 'attached to Christ. That those who haven't heard of Him do not Sin by not trusting Him.

What did I pray for? - Greater realization that pruning is essential if I am to produce Fruit for Him.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus referred to Himself as the Vine and His disciples as the branches, spoke of His Father's Love, His Joy the world's hatred, and the Helper He would send.

Quote:-(Ray Comfort) “some preachers promised a life of peace and happiness, but the Bible promises something else; ‘all who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution’s. (2 Tim. 3:12)”

May 9th 2013, 04:10 PM
John 16

What did I learn of God? - Trusting His Word enables Christ's disciples to be prepared for being despised and rejected by those who don't know God. Christ spoke of His death, resurrection and ascension which would enable His Holy Spirit to come to Glorify Him, convict the world of Sin (because they don't believe in Him) Righteousness and Judgment (of Satan) and guide Christ's disciples into all Truth. The Father will give Christ's disciples whatever they ask according to His Will (Christ will not take over their responsibility to pray) Christ has won the Victory over all evil in the world.

What did I learn of myself? - I must expect those who don't know God to despise and reject me thinking they serve God by killing my reputation. The Holy Spirit guides me into all Truth to Glorify Christ. I must pray to the Father in Christ's Name but He will not take over my responsibility to pray. Because I believe Christ is God, Father God loves me. Knowledge that Christ has overcome the world gives His Peace in tribulation.

What did I praise God for? - He has already conquered Sin, and His Peace.

What did I pray for? - That I will not be taken aback when despised and rejected because I am true to God.

What does this say in one sentence? -- Although Christ has overcome 'the world' He warned of the world's hostility, Promised His Holy Spirit to guide those faithful to Him, His resurrection, their joy, answered prayers and His Peace.

Quote:-(Billy Graham) “the Holy Spirit convicts us, He shows us the 10 Commandments; the Law is the schoolmaster that leads us to Christ.”

(Paris Redhead) “when Ernest scholars decreed that the Law has no relationship to the preaching of the Gospel, they deprived the Holy Spirit, in the area where their influence prevails, of the only instrument with which He has ever armed Himself to prepare Sinners for Grace.”

May 10th 2013, 04:03 PM
John 17

What did I learn of God? - Christ has Authority over all people and the ability to give Eternal Life (knowing God and Jesus Christ) to all who belong to Him. Christ Glorified God while He was on earth and finished the Work He came to do. He revealed the Deity of Father and Son to His disciples and prayed for the (spiritual) protection of all believers. Christ asked God to set His disciples apart by His Word of Truth.

What did I learn of myself? - Christ has given me eternal Life (the ability to know Him and His Father God) and the ability to be filled with Himself. Jesus prayed for me to be with Him (and everyone else who believes in Him) I am sanctified by allowing God's Word to change me (it won't if I don't read, believe, and study it regularly)

What did I praise God for? - Allowing/enabling me to know Him.

What did I pray for? - To always recognize God's Work and bear Fruit for Christ - and so Glorify God. That all my friends and family will know Him too.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus prayed first for Himself then for the Apostles (God's Gift to Him) then for all to be one with Him who will believe in Him because of the Apostle's message.

Quote:-(Elton Trueblood)” evangelism is not the responsibility of a few trained men, but is the unrelenting responsibility of every person who belongs to the company of Jesus.”

(A W Tozer) “hundreds pianos all too to the same fork are automatically tuned to each other, (because) they are all tuned to another standard, to which they must bow. So 100 worshippers, each one looking to Christ, are in heart nearer to each other than they could possibly be, where they to become ‘unity ’conscious and turned their eyes away from God to strive for closer Fellowship.”

May 11th 2013, 03:06 PM
John 18

What did I learn of God? - Nothing sways God from His Purpose (to offer mankind a Life-line. He knows all things (past present and future). God gave Christ the original 12 disciples, knowing one would betray Him.(He didn't 'lose' any of them but allowed Judas to leave Him of his own fee-will). Christ did/does nothing in secret. He allowed men to imprison and ill-treat Him to free us. He was bold and polite. His Kingdom is not of this world. His servants fight for Him if told to. He bore witness to Truth. Everyone seeking Truth hears His Voice. (the High Priest and Pilate, who judged Jesus, in reality Judged themselves)

What did I learn of myself? - Will I always be true to Christ? or will I, like Judas, turn from Him to gain money? - or like Peter, deny I know Him when afraid? Will I 'wash my hands' of Him, like Pilate, knowing the Truth yet allowing others to mistreat Him and His Name? I must be as open and honest as Jesus when questioned.

What did I praise God for? - Christ Jesus' Love.

What did I pray for? - Never to disown Him in any way.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus was betrayed and arrested in Gethsemene, questioned by the High Priest and Pilate, also Peter denied that He knew Him.

May 12th 2013, 03:36 PM
John 19

What did I learn of God? - Jesus Christ allowed Pilate to have Him scourged and the soldiers to mock Him, He told Pilate he would have no power against Him unless God had given it, and the one who delivered Him to Pilate had the greater Sin (did He mean Judas or the High Priest?) Jesus was crucified - it has been said the pneumonic of the sign put over His head was YWEH (God). Jesus asked John to care for His earthly mother. Jesus gave a shout of triumph "it is finished" denoting His Victory over Satan and all the powers of darkness.

What did I learn of myself? - Real victories are not won by violence but by accepting the Cross, dying to selfishness . . . and by Resurrection to New Life in Christ. As I am Christ's disciple He is in me so no-one has power against me unless I give it or it is given by God.

What did I praise God for? - Jesus' willingness to die in my place paying the penalty for my Sin.

What did I pray for? - To finish the task God gave me.

What does this say in one sentence? - Pilate scourged Jesus, the soldiers mocked Him, He was crucified and died, His side was pierced, His body was buried in Joseph of Arimathea's tomb.

May 13th 2013, 04:38 PM
John 20

What did I learn of God? - death cannot hold Him - He Rose back to Life in a similar way to a cork immediately rising to the surface of a bowl of water. His Peace counteracts human fear. Christ sent His disciples to tell others of Him. He breathed on them to impart His Holy Spirit(replacing the Breath of God Adam lost through disobedience? Gen.2:7). Gave His disciples the ability to forgive or retain other people's sins. After Christ Rose His resurrection body still had the nail and spear holes from the crucifixion. He offers a special Blessing to those who have not seen Him yet go on believing in Him so go on Living.

What did I learn of myself? - If I seek Christ I will find Him. He offers me His Peace to replace all fear. He 'sent' me to proclaim His Word. He breathed on me too. If I don't forgive those who sin against me I will retain the pain which will cause me to suffer. I am very Blessed to know the Risen Christ. If I go on believing that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God I will go on having eternal Life.

What did I praise God for? - As Jesus Christ rose from the dead to Life I will too if I am in Him.

What did I pray for? - That I will continue believing/trusting in Him, and so continue to have eternal Life.

What does this say in one sentence? - Mary Magdalene met the Risen Jesus at the empty tomb, He met and commissioned His Disciples and said those who go on believing in Him will go on having eternal Life.

Christ is Risen indeed!

(Note) the first evangelist was woman who told the men hiding behind locked doors the Good News of the resurrection.

May 14th 2013, 05:34 PM
John 21

What did I learn of God? - He makes His disciples aware of His Presence in ways personally meaningful to them and He provides what they need at the time they need it, making use of what they've done under His direction. He restores and re-commissions those who repent of turning away from Him. As Peter denied knowing Jesus three times He required three affirmations of Peter's love for Him.

What did I learn of myself? - When distressed I seek comfort by doing familiar things too, but only Jesus' Presence gives the comfort I seek. When I let Jesus down I, too, must fully repent before being restored to full friendship with Him. Christ always provides what I need at the time I need it, and Graciously uses what I have been able to accomplish with His help too. I can't depend on my own skills and abilities but I can rely on Jesus to meet my needs. Do I love Jesus more than anyone or anything else? Is my love for Him demonstrated through my actions? I am responsible for caring for those Jesus loves. I must not concern myself with what others do, or don't do, for Christ but only ensure my own obedience.

What did I praise God for? - His knowledge of my desire to serve Him and His willingness to Forgive me when I fail Him.

What did I pray for? - To hear Him more clearly, love Him more dearly, and follow Him more nearly, day by day.

What does this say in one sentence? - Jesus went where His disciples were and cooked breakfast for them, restored Peter and rebuked him for wanting to know how He would use John in the future.