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Oct 2nd 2013, 09:50 PM
Hi alll,
I don't yet know what topic to post certain questions under, so I will just do it here and hopefully won't have overstepped the bounds.

I remember, back in the 70's, reading a beautiful story about the caterpillar and the butterfly- how they parallel the life of a Christian - the caterpillar, the life of the unsaved; the butterfly as the saved, and how the caterpillar was 'bound' to crawl on the earth, and the butterfly was free to soar in the wind. Not the exact wording, but the same meaning.

I have attempted to google this, but don't have enough of the original wording to bring up what I am looking for.
There were several things that were similiar, but not the original.

Perhaps some of the older members may remember this? I have not seen it since way back then.

Thank you!
May God continue to Bless :)

Oct 3rd 2013, 11:31 AM
Did the story go something like this?

Each stage of development of a butterfly, has a specific purpose and is necessary. For instance, the caterpillar feeds non-stop. It can never seem to get enough food. As it grows it sheds it’s old skin, exposing new fresh skin and the cycle repeats itself. The intake of nutrients help strengthen and prepare it to enter the next phase. Without that nourishment, the caterpillar would shrivel up and die. As Christians, it is imperative for us to feed on God’s Word. By doing this, our knowledge of our Savior grows and we begin to shed our old ways of thinking and living. As the caterpillar needs nutrients from the plant, we need God’s truth and living word to strengthen us for the unforeseen difficulties that may come our way.

It has been proven that if you try to cut away the cocoon during the final stage of metamorphosis, to assist the struggling butterfly to break free before it is time, it will die. The butterfly must go through the struggle in order to strengthen its wings, disperse fluids and prepare for flight. Much like our suffering here on earth, our pain and struggle is often necessary to give us endurance to run the race.

The life-cycle of caterpillar-to-butterfly is a symbol of a resurrected life, just as Jesus’ life is. Both were resurrected after death and the old “former life” was shed and replaced with a new glorious and risen life.

Oct 4th 2013, 04:18 AM
Yes, this is it, in a nut shell. The one I was talking about was more like something you would find in a tract, in fact, that may be where I originally found it, however, this says the same thing, and is good.

Thank you so very much for posting. :)