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GEN 23:1-25:18................1 KINGS 1:1-31.............1 COR 15:50-57

The scriptures open with the "years of life" of Sarah, the wife of Abraham, the Father of our faith. It is not mentioned often the years of life of women, but here is an exception

We don't know when Abraham and Sarah got married, probably when they were in their 20s, people got married very young back then. Well, I got married when I was 20. If indeed, Abraham and Sarah got married around then, we can see that they spent more than 100 years together. Now imagine being married to the same person for "100" years

putting up with each other's "shenanigans" and "Meshugganahs" issues on this and that

"differences of opinion" No doubt, they must have had their uniqueness's, similarities and differences, BUT, they stayed together, which is more than we can say for todays marriages, that for little things, or misunderstandings, making mole hills into mountains, they run to the divorce lawyers.

Abraham Loved Sarah, He did not have multiple wives, only Hagar, but on the insistence of Sarah (unwisely) . BUT, like every person on this earth, YHVH called upon the soul of Sarah, to return unto HIM, YHVH is like a jeweler, who "lends" jewelry to men and women, the jewelry is on "loan" only, we can wear it, care for it, use it, but eventually, we must surrender the "precious jewel" to the jeweler when HE calls for it (him/her)

The title of the Parasha is "Sarah Lives!" yet it speaks of her "death" it states that she died at age 127. We can look at the numbers 1 2 7 in different ways and relate them to Sarah and her life with Abraham. First, in Hebrew Gematria, the number 127 is, in Hebrew letters "Qof' (Q)100 "Kaf" (K) 20, and "Zayin" (Z) 7 , "Qof" can symbolize holiness, like the word "Kadosh" and Sarah, as well as Abraham, was holy unto God, separated, dedicated to worship and serve HIM. "Kaf" is symbolized by and "open hand or palm" and symbolizes anointing, she was, in a way, anointed to give birth to the nation of Israel, the number 20 is the number of redemption, she was redeemed from her sterile state to a fruitful state, to bare a child, Yitzchak, "Zayin" is "7" and symbolizes a sword or plow, it symbolizes bringing "life" through "death. It breaks up the ground for the seed to come forth, and the seed was "Yitzchak" and later, came YESHUA, Sarah "died" but still brought for "life"

when we look at the numbers 1 2 7, we see "1" in "Echad" Sarah was ONE in unity with Abraham, and with YHVH, the "three" were "One" together, as ALL marriages should be

"2" is "covenant, a pact made between 2 people or 2 parties, the covenant was that "through the seed of Abraham, all the nations would be blessed" and it was so, through Yeshua HaMashiach, "7" is the perfect number, the number of completion, Sarah was made complete when Yitzchak was born, she fulfilled her purpose.

Sarah was a good wife to Abraham, although she had her faults, she did not wait upon the LORD and suggested to Abraham to have a child through Hagar, and thus, the Arab nations were born, yet God still told Abraham, "listen to the voice of Sarah" (sending Hagar and Ishmael away. Yet when Adam listened to the voice of Eve, and partook of the forbidden fruit, (I do not see where people get the idea it was an apple, it could have been any kind of fruit, or, an unknown fruit) God blamed Adam, "because you listened to the voice of your wife......" and the curse of sin came to this world and to us.

It doesn't matter if it is the voice of the wife or the husband, what matters is that the "voice" reflects the "voice of God", and this is done through wisdom. So, A wise woman and a wise man, complement each other in a marriage, if not, if God is left out of the marriage, then all that is left is "Esh" (fire) which soon "burns" out and becomes ashes.

How? "man, husband = Eeysh" and "woman/wife = Eeshah" both contain the letters Y A H which is one of the names of YHVH, take out those letters, you are left with "esh" (fire)

(you can see it better using the Hebrew letters)

Sarah's memory continues in "Riv'kah" the wife of Yitzhak, Rebecca (Riv'kah) shows compassion, love, concern, and gives service to Eleazar, who was sent to look for a wife for Isaac, by Abraham. No need for dating, only trust, Eleazar saw in Rebecca, the wife that Isaac needed, She was just asked "Will you go with this man?" she said "yes" she didn't ask, "Well, how much money does Isaac have?" or "Is he handsome, or ugly?" "fat or skinny?" "does he have fast camels?" or "does he like to party?" NO, she just trusted God, and became Isaac's wife. We can see our response as believers, YHVH sent Yeshua to get HIS bride, which is HIS body of believers, we are not forced, nor coerced, we come because we choose to become part of HIS family, when we are "born again" we become part of HIS bride, and now, we are "on the way" to the wedding ceremony.
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1 KINGS 1:1-31

Another person is dying, it's David, and like Sarah, he loved YHVH but had his faults, like all of us, He had a successor, Solomon, Sarah brought forth Isaac, and David brought forth Solomon, Isaac and Solomon, both followed Adonai, in HIS ways, yet they too had their faults, We are all following in the Torah of Adonai, will we falter? Yes, but HE will pick us up and up us on our feet again, He is "just to forgive and will forgive us of our unrighteousness" His blood covered us and forgave our sins, past, present, and future

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1 COR 15:50-57

flesh and blood can not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, WHY? because we were born into sin, and only "sinlessness" can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. We are awaiting that day when we will ALL be transformed, get new bodies, new minds, live "without sin" for ever

One can not fathom "for ever" not really, "finiteness" is different from "infiniteness" they both exist on other planes or dimensions of reality, however, the dimensions do cross for all of us, at the point of physical death. So important, to be ECHAD (one) with Messiah Yeshua, and accept His free gift of eternal life, remember, eternity is a very

looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnn nnng time.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi (Yakov) Ben Avraham

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