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Somalia Facts

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Persecution Type:
Islamic Oppression

Persecution Level:


A Few Hundred, Unspecified

Main Religion:

Federal Parliamentary Republic

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

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Where Persecution Comes From

The two main sources of Somali Christian persecution are the radical Islamist militant group al-Shabaab and the country’s tribal system. The Islamic clan-based structure of the government and society is detrimental to the practice of the Christian faith, as all Somalis are expected to be Muslims. Al-shabaab also uses the clan structure to gather intelligence, recruit members and advance its ideology. Threatening expulsion or death, they force sheiks and imams to promote jihad. Thus, imams in mosques and madrasas (Islamic religious schools) stand alongside al-Shabaab’s leadership, stating that there is no room for churches, Christianity or Christians in Somalia.
How Christians are Suffering

Over the last few years, the situation for Christians in Somalia has only worsened. Islamic militants have intensified their hunt for Christians, whom al-Shabaab operatives regard as high-value targets. Upon discovery, Christians are often killed on the spot. Al-Shabaab holds to the strict Islamic doctrine of Wahhabism and advocates for Sharia law in every facet of life for Somalis. While al-Shabaab poses a severe threat to Christians in Somalia, believers are also persecuted by their families and the community at large. If a Somali is suspected of conversion, their family members and clan leaders will harass, intimidate or even kill them.

In the WWL 2018 reporting period, shops and businesses of suspected converts were destroyed. At least three converts were forced to leave the country, and at least eight others have been forced to relocate inside the country.
Sources report that at least 23 Christians were killed because they were suspected of conversion. Details cannot be published for security reasons.
Three suspected converts were victims of forced marriage.

Pray for Somalia

Please pray that the Lord will build His Kingdom in Somalia in the midst of harsh circumstances.
Pray for protection over Somali Christians who must be discipled in secret.
Thank the Lord for His promise to build His church and pray that He will remain at work to draw many Muslims to Himself. Pray that He will make Himself known to them.

Somalia Photo Gallery

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