View Full Version : Released N.Koran captives. Pray for Leah, Boko Haram captive.

May 10th 2018, 11:43 PM
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3 Americans Released
From North Korea Custody (https://opendoorsusa.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4095fe8e93e66f79fa4625ef7&id=ec34657a20&e=60f3e414c4)

You may have heard last week that President Trump had hinted about the “imminent release” of three American citizens imprisoned in North Korea. Today in the early hours of the morning, the three men, including two Christians, landed on U.S. soil. Reportedly, they are in good health. Please pray for these men and their families—and continue to pray for thousands around the world who are in prison for following Jesus.

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Mother of Boko Haram Captive Begs: ‘Please don’t tire of praying for my Leah.’ (https://opendoorsusa.us13.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4095fe8e93e66f79fa4625ef7&id=1780a17937&e=60f3e414c4)

Our field team in Nigeria recently shared this update from a conversation with Rebecca Sharibu, mother of Leah Sharibu, who remains in captivity with Boko Haram militants because she would not deny Christ. Here, we learn more about her daughter and the maturity of young Leah's faith.

As we look toward Mother’s Day this weekend, remember to pray for all persecuted mothers and children like Rebecca and Leah who are physically separated from each other. Pray that they’ll be united once again and that while they’re apart, they sense a special heart connection.

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