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Aug 16th 2007, 05:48 PM
Storms at sea! Wild terror lashing,
Billows seething, roaring might
Spinning waterspouts and flashing
Toward unshaken starry height!
Is it Hell despoiling, boiling
Neath the Sea's tumultuous sweep,
Like death-flames in caverns coiling,
Flinging upside down the deep?

Long sea tides in fury, scaling
Higher as they, frenzied, roar,
Howling in the vast and wailing,
Tumble upon the granite shore,
But, serene in pride of power,
Changeless midst the storms of rages,
Stand in thy triumphant hour!
Stand in greatness, Rock of Ages!

Frenzied in their battles, raging
In their fateful wild sea-flight,
Fiercely their offensive waging,
Waves overwhelm the Rock of might.
Broken, tossed apart, depleted
From their steady, long attack,
Billows churn, retreat, defeated,
In the stream of foam far back.

Stand, O Rock, unmoved by raging
Waters and the thunder-peal!
Wait: the seas will cease their waging
War upon thy granite heel.
Torn by struggles, agitation,
Soon the storms and wailing seas,
Lulled at last, in abdication,
Neath thy heel will rest in peace.

from "Poems of Night and Day" by F. Tyutchev

Aug 29th 2007, 06:50 AM
That poem is Very nice.:D