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Is-the-US-Still a Nation Under God?


  • Is the U.S. still a Nation Under God?

    As same-gender marriage gains momentum in the United States, and more people begin to accept the idea of these unions as a matter of civil liberty, the issue is being discussed more frequently. As with abortion, the topic of homosexuality and same-gender marriage will continue to be an emotionally-charged, controversial, and divisive issue—even among Christians.

    From a Biblical standpoint, any type of "marriage" between people of the same gender is as wrong and contrary to the natural order of things established by God as their unnatural sexual relationship is. Yet, in the final analysis, Christians have little say regarding same-gender marriage becoming just as sanctioned by the state as traditional marriage, as resistance to it steadily wears down. It has transcended the realm of the absurd to that of the inevitable--from a matter of moral turpitude to one of civil rights. Eventually, two men and two women exchanging vows at the altar will no longer be an uncommon spectacle.

    Yet, look around. We see God and His Christ being legislated out of the public square, divorce ending half of all marriages--often followed by additional divorces, an ever-increasing number of illegitimate children being born, more couples choosing to forego marriage altogether, Girl Scout leadership promoting abortion rights at the UN, boy scouts becoming girl scouts; and laws that sanction the killing of unborn babies, while while making it a crime to harm a dog. Should we really be surprised to see that we’ve come to the point of homosexual weddings? This modern perversion of the sacred institution of marriage is nothing more than the most recent symptom of moral decay in America.

    Today, it’s becoming ever more apparent that our society has succumbed to the dark spiritual powers around us that oppose God and His Christ. This should not come as a great surprise either, since Satan is the god of this present world system--until his time runs out, he and his minions are banished to the lake of fire together with Christ-rejecters, and the true God begins to reign over His eternal kingdom.

    With regard to same-gender matters—and all others related to morality, we must remember that the world is not obligated to abide in God and His precepts nor adhere to Biblical standards of morality. Nor should we expect it to, since it is at enmity with God. Jesus came to transform and save individuals from among the nations, not to transform and save nations. Yet, while God does deal one-on-one with individuals, rather than nations, all nations will come under His judgment when they embrace and represent ungodliness. And if the US continues on the path that it is presently on, it will become such an ill-fated nation, disgraced and swept into the dustbin of history.

    We cannot alter the course that our nation is on, or its descent into ungodliness and depravity. But we can steadfastly hold to our opposition to it, live our testimony, use the ballot box to vote for elected officials who still reflect our values, and most importantly, pray for both our nation and its leadership. Remember that God heard and answered Daniel’s prayer and supplication on behalf of his wayward people. God honors prayer when we pray in accordance with His will and purpose.

    For now, we must continue to shine the Gospel light into the spiritual darkness, and accept the fact that many will simply choose the darkness over the light. And we must hold fast to the uncompromised, immutable, everlasting truth of God's Word, as revealed through His Son; knowing that we, like Daniel, can but stand in our lot, and await the fulfillment of that which is ordained by God. Until then, let us pray that our country, which we once proudly declared to be “one nation under God,” does not instead, become a nation under God’s judgment.

    The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.
    (Psalms 9:17)

    • Skidmark
      Skidmark commented
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      I don't think this nation has ever really been "under God". There have been countless attempts to be "religious"(lots and lots of cults) in one way or the other...but except for the Puritans coming here to worhip without being persecuted, America has had very little to do with Jesus Christ. The founding Fathers were loathe to mention Christ in most of their writings. True, even Ben Franklin could mutter a prayer over some serious need but as far as being dedicated to God, very few were.

      Its the same today. Notice how all the "God Bless America" stickers had disappeared just a few months after 911? Not sure that even getting nuked by Iran would change the devotion to secular/humanism in this country.

      America has definitely been blessed by God...but as you can plainly see...we have not returned the favor. The churches are the primary reason God is not known in this country. I would venture to say that fewer than 5% of so called Christians could even define what the Gospel is or tell why anyone would ever really need it. We have fooled ourselves into thinking God has to favor us as a nation. Give one reason why He should.

    • Chr15andr3w
      Chr15andr3w commented
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      I'm sorry that I only read a little bit of your post, but you (everyone) should do some research on the Illuminati agenda. Or if you don't feel comfortable looking into that too closely, just know that there are evil forces at work. Against God. Many people don't know (Don't be deceived).

      The media persuades and influences people to think a certain way. 50 years ago people would never accept what we see on TV today. They slowly push ideas into our mind until we accept them (i.e. the homosexuality), or until we hear about them so often we become jaded by the subject and we just think if as one more topic or headline.

      Open your eyes. All of you. I can't quote the bible, but I believe it. There are satanists and demons trying to turn the word of God upside down. They want us to take pleasure in evil things like materialism and vanity and money and forget about God and His good word.

      To answer your question bluntly, no. "America: Satan's Country"... A documentary worth watching if you want to know the truth about the world. Read the introductory warning carefully, and put your preconceived ideas aside for an hour.

      Best of luck down the rabbit hole. I'm only trying to save. God bless.

    • JChesney
      JChesney commented
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      I doubt that the USA was (or is) "one nation under God". After all, the peoples of other countries are also under God. Somehow, the article highlighted the problem of homosexuality, as if the problems with heterosexual promiscuity is not. But what about the mass consumption of different narcotics. The main population of the country lives in large cities and megacities. People in large cities generally forgot how man live in the woods in the midst of nature, everyone is chasing somewhere for money and a career, it's like in Madonna's song "American life". And are you sure that God likes this way of human life?
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