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'My Time Of Sadness Became A Time Of Miracles'


  • "My Time Of Sadness Became A Time Of Miracles"

    It was mid-November. Charles had been sick for a week or 2 and the people that come to our house to regulate his blood thinners couldn't get his blood thickness on the right level. It went from thick to thin in a day or 2, so they insisted that the family doctor would do something. Finally she came and got his blood tested for inflammation amongst other things. The next day we got a call from her that those (inflammation) numbers, which were allowed to be around 8, in his case were 172. She had talked to the surgeon. He told her that we had to come to the ER as soon as possible. We were there around 12:30 AM and after many tests, they told us that they couldn't find anything wrong with him. However, because he had an artificial mitral valve in his heart, there could be a bacteria on it. They decided to admit him to see if that was the case.
    This was the first time we saw the Power of God or Daddy as we prefer to call Him. With a test the following day they indeed discovered a bacteria on his mitral valve and they started antibiotics immediately. After one day they found the right antibiotics (after many blood tests) and the healing process could get started. Daddy had literally saved Charles from the claws of death. We were relieved they were on time, and that was miracle number 1.

    The second Power of Daddy was for me this time. For 6 1/2 weeks Charles had to stay in the hospital. Then I got mega powers to visit him every day, except for one day when I had a high fever. I almost got a kidney infection for which antibiotics were prescribed. The next day I was with Charles again. That was a big deal with my electric wheelchair for I was sitting 7-11 hours a day in my chair at Charles' side. This, while before I was almost completely bedridden and could not sit in my wheelchair longer than an hour or 2. That was miracle number 2.

    The third Power of Daddy was the homefront. I was used to Charles taking complete care of me and the house. For me there was help enough from Assisted Living, but they don't change the litterbox, they don't do your shopping and they don't do laundry either.They also don't bring trash downstairs, especially since it had already built up so much. I received the miraculous power from Daddy to do those things! I did the laundry, I cleaned the litterbox and fed the cats. I made sure there was enough food in the house for me and the cats. I also brought a sandwich every day for both of us. Charles could choose what he wanted. Like me, he stopped with all diets. The exception being not eating pork or fish except salmon and tuna. I don't like fish so I didn't bring fish sandwiches, but brought turkeybreast sandwiches with cheese, tomatoes and lots of sauce instead. I also brought donuts, milky ways, muffins, cookies and whatever he desired (he was only 145 lbs. and the doctor wanted him to gain at least 22 lbs). I brought a bag of surprises everyday plus my own sandwiches for when he ate his supper. I ate tv-dinners at home when I got back from the hospital, while talking on the phone for 3 hours with him. We also did Bible study over the phone! He gained a little less than 11 lbs., so we're still working on it (only now with ice cream and more of those delicious things that are good and make you gain weight. In the meantime, I also did the laundry. The things I couldn't do, like folding laundry or bringing the trash down, I did together with my maid. She also worked on the kitchen cleanup and the vacuum cleaning. She was a trooper in those days and I am still grateful for that. But that was miracle number 3.

    Then came the trouble: a power outage. All the food in my freezer and fridge went bad. Then we heard that mama had cancer. She bravely did chemo therapy, but she was already weak and her weight was low. In spite of the fact that the chemo did work, she couldn't get over the side effects. I got a phonecall that if I wanted to see her alive, I needed to come the next day. Unfortunately Charles couldn't come as he was still on an IV of antibiotics. I tried to arrange a taxi but because it was the Monday before Christmas and I needed to go the next day they refused to take me. But there was Daddy working again on miracle number 4! Out of pure desperation I called our friends Tina and Willem. It was no problem for them to get me there (my parents live about 80 miles away from us). I was able to go there, and at some point I was alone with mama for about 15 minutes. I told her how much I loved her and what a good mom she had been to me and Charles (they consider Charles their son even though he is only 10 years younger) and that it was alright to go home now (she was saying that she wanted to go home). I kissed her and she said that she was happy that I had come to see her and that was the last time I saw my mom alive (I refused to see her dead). She died on the second Christmas Day. She had waited for me and that was again a demonstration of the Power of Daddy.

    Her goodbye was on the second of January. Miracle number 5 was that Charles was off the antibiotics and was allowed to come with us to the ceremony. That was good too because I desperately needed him there. I didn't want to see certain things (like when the coffin went out of the house, or when it was closed ceremonially and you could see her one last time). I cried and cried and Charles was constantly there to dry my tears and hold me close. It was a beautiful goodbye like she would have wanted. I remember everything exactly, but the most beautiful moment was when the coffin disappeared behind a curtain and above the coffin was a ceiling of black velvet with starlights. I still remember thinking: "Yes mama that's where you are now, in Heaven where the stars are brightly shining, where there is no pain or cancer and where there is only joy. That's where you belong and one day I'll see you there." After the goodbye my uncle and aunt dropped us off at the hospital. Charles was dismissed and I was very relieved about that because of course I was very sad.

    Once at home I crashed and all the things I could do before, now seemed like mountains of impossibility to me. Charles felt very well so he put me back to bed and that is miracle number 6. Daddy gave him the power again to look after me, to cook (something I just can't do), to do the laundry and all the housework. We do have more help now from our maid. She comes once a week so that helps too. Charles is getting a scootmobile, so we can go places again. He still has to have a colonoscopy under anaesthesia.

    Mama has been dead since Christmas and I miss her so badly that it was difficult to smile or even to face people sometimes. Here comes miracle number 7. The last few weeks I have grown closer to Daddy and He is so close to me that I feel Him as a warm blanket. His Power is definitely running through my veins, for I smile a bit and sometimes I sing again (a certain hymn) but today Charles said that he was agitated about the music that I was playing through my built-in laptop speakers. He offered to play our music, and that I should make a playlist. Then he could play it on his laptop as he has seperate speakers that sound so much better. I have been busy for a few hours going through my music to find the most beautiful songs; uplifting, sad and glorifying Daddy-songs for my playlist. We have been to the hospital today. After that we took a nap and Charles cooked a delicious meal. I made my playlist consisting of 71 songs, and we transferred it to Charles' computer. But because he wanted to watch some tv, I started to play the list on my headphones (that is a good sound) and I felt such a relief coming over me. It was like Daddy wanted to tell me that it was ok to grieve, but that it was also ok to laugh and enjoy music again, and glorify Him through music. There is a beautiful song from Chris de Burgh called "Carry me like a fire in your heart" that made me cry (it's about losing someone to death) and the me in this song for me is Me (meaning God) and I carry Him like that. He lifted my grief with His power. I still miss my mama badly but I can rejoice for her too. I have peace with it all and so does my dad who of course also misses her a lot (they would have been married 50 years this year) but he's convinced that she's in Heaven too. That gives him peace as well. He has enough friends to keep him company and only finds the evenings and nights alone very difficult so we call him regularly and he calls us. But tonight when I was listening to that music and clapping and smiling I could see the relief on Charles' face. He has been so afraid that I would fall into a depression. Although there are difficult moments, I know Daddy will get us through them together. He will be with us always no matter what happens. We didn't do Bible study tonight but I glorified Daddy through music. Lots of songs are gospel songs and as a celebration I ordered two new cd's, one for Charles, old blues music and one for me/us the new CD from Casting Crowns (more glorifying music). I owe that to the band as their music got me through all this time and was the only music I could listen to for a long time. Thanks to the Power of Daddy I can now be happy with music from different groups again and I am very grateful for that.

    Maybe you don't call them all miracles, but to me they were. They all came at exactly the right time when I needed them. I will forever be grateful for each of them and to hear my Charles snore next to me is a real Gift from God (it is in the middle of the night, almost 6 AM and I started to write this around 4-ish). Daddy is with us and I will never let go of that closeness that we have now again. I love Him way too much for that. I now know that this is what He wants also. Before I was too busy with other things to feel Him like this and that will never happen again if I can help it. Leaves me with one last sentence:
    Thank You Daddy, I love You more than words can express!

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      Re: Article: "My Time Of Sadness Became A Time Of Miracles"

      You know, since some of us know that you have been a 'bed patient' for so long, we know it was not by your own strength or will power that you were suddenly able to do so much. It certainly cannot be explained, except like you said, 'It WAS a miracle from God!'

      This must have been a terrible time for you and for your husband and caregiver. But, you have seen past the trying, and heartbreaking, times, and have shown us the power of God that sustained you and gave you strength and ability you did not have. These are truly modern day miracles!
      Thank you for sharing.

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      I should add another miracle Mawma....... today Charles got his scooter and that brought my spirit back and when my bladder isn't hurting too much, we love touring around! Me in my electric chair and Charles on his scootmobile! Lovin' it! Tomorrow we're going hunting for plants, it's a bit away from our house so it has to be good weather and my bladder has to cooperate, but we look forward to a roadtrip! I have a better pillow in my wheelchair now so that helps too........ of course I am hurting after the roadtrip but it's so worth it! Been missing going out way too long..... Charles does everything if I buy him lunch and next week we want to try to go to the healthfoodstore and to the market for a fried fish! He loves that too! So I am spoiling him and we'll be just fine and happy with Miracle nr. 8! Love you Daddy!!!!

      Love you too Mawma,

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      This article is from awhile ago. Well, after reading I'd sure say those are miracles indeed! We need to keep our eyes open for what Daddy is doing daily. Bless you!
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