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Little Lopsy


  • Little Lopsy

    Little Lopsy literally fluttered into their home and hearts one Saturday morning. The husband had to run an errand, and when he opened the front door something dark and small (at first the wife thought it was a bat) came into the living room. It was clear that whatever it was, was hurt.

    After the initial surprise of finding such an unexpected visitor in their living room, they were at a bit of a loss as to what to do next. Fortunately it calmed down and tried to hide itself in a corner. It was just a bundle of skin and gray fluff, and they realized it was a sparrow chick. There were a few house sparrow nests under the awning of their apartment building, and this little fellow must have fallen out and hurt itself. It was also still very young, and obviously far from ready to leave the safety of the nest.

    The wife ran to the shed and found a box. Having read somewhere that one shouldn't touch a baby bird with one's hands (because by doing so one could cause the parents to reject it), she carefully picked the chick up with a hand towel and put it in the box. Then she placed the box outside the front door in the hope that the parents would try to feed it. They never came near it and she had to bring it back inside. The chick was obviously exhausted and slept for about twenty hours. They later learned that it is quite normal for an injured bird to sleep for a long time after undergoing such a traumatic experience.

    When it eventually woke up it was carefully examined for wounds or blood, but fortunately there weren't any. It was totally lopsided and had hurt its right wing and leg, which meant it must have landed on its right side when it fell out of the nest. They named it Lopsy.

    After doing a bit of research on the internet they felt there was a chance that it might survive, but they weren't sure that it would ever be able to fly. An injured bird doesn't stand much of a chance of survival and could easily fall pray to cats, other predators or the elements. Was it fair to allow it to live if it meant keeping it in a cage its whole life? It was a tough decision, but they decided to give it a go. It goes without saying that Lopsy was a much prayed-over little bird.

    They started off by dripping drops of water into its beak with a small spoon. It was very thirsty and drank quite a bit. Next they spoon-fed it with bread soaked in water. That seemed to go down well, and from that moment on their household routine soon revolved around Lopsy who needed to be fed about every three hours during the day. At least it slept right through the night as birds tend to do. Fortunately they lived close to the husband's place of work and he was able to go home during breaks to feed the new addition to the family.

    After a couple of days they got quite concerned because its 'birdy-doo' wasn't looking as it should. The husband suggested they try a mixture of small amounts of raw liver, bread and water, and this seemed to do the trick. Soon Lopsy was growing nicely. The bigger it got, the more vocal it became. There was no doubt as to who was ruling the roost.

    They remained concerned because its leg did not heal, and its wing seemed quite useless. The wife took it outside for a bit of exercise every day; she also hoped it would get used to the sights and sounds of nature. In the beginning all it was interested in was staying as close to her as possible.

    It grew stronger and started hopping (mostly sideways) on the grass. Then, one day, Lopsy found a hedge it liked. It got to the point where it could be left outside under its hedge for about two hours at a time while they kept an eye on developments from their kitchen window. Soon Lopsy figured out how to get from one branch to another.

    It also got to the point where it could flutter down from their hands to the ground, and they let it do this over and over again to exercise its wings. Then came the day that it actually flew into the hedge. They were overjoyed when this happened.

    A week later they could leave it in its hedge all day and night, but they still had to go outside to feed it. Lopsy remained vocal and would hop over for its food as soon as they came into view. They left some bread crumbs on the wall next to the hedge, but it would have none of it. The little rascal was totally spoilt and wanted to be spoon fed, but could be seen pecking quite happily as soon as they left his line of vision. Some of the bigger species of birds were a bit aggressive towards Lopsy and its human parents continued to keep a close watch on it.

    Not long after this Lopsy could fly around without a problem. It still hopped to the side, but that didn't seem to hinder it in any way, praise God!

    Some of the other neighborhood house sparrows seemed quite curious about Lopsy. At first it chased them away if they came too close to 'its' hedge, but Lopsy soon seemed to realize that they were of its own kind and stopped doing so. Then, one day, their fledgling 'left the nest'. They never saw it again, but they knew Little Lopsy was able to lead the life God meant it to live.

    This experience has taught them two important lessons, namely that things are never as desperate as they seem, and not to give up hope as long as there's still life.

    • bc3n1
      bc3n1 commented
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      Love it! Reminds me of my mourning dove baby bird that was saved and released back into its real world.

    • TRL1957
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      This story touched my heart. God will bless you all for extending mercy to His beloved creature.
      God bless, T

    • TRL1957
      TRL1957 commented
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      This story touched my heart. God will bless you all for extending mercy to His beloved creature.
      God bless, T
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