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Bobby's Story


  • Bobby's Story

    Bobby was a 17 year old handsome young man who loved the Lord and served him willingly and faithfully. He was always eager to attend church, youth events and always ready to share the reason for the hope that others saw in him, even at the High School where he attended. He carried his Bible along with his text books and would read it in Study Hall. It was not unusual to see Bobby talking to his peers, smiling, inviting them to church and talking to them about the lives they were living while heading down a slippery slope of drugs, alcohol, despair, and hopelessness.

    He, like most everyone else at that school, knew who the druggies were.

    Bobby was instrumental in starting a Christian Club at that High School. He first talked to teachers and found a few who were willing to attend the meetings which would be held once a week, thirty minutes before classes started. The teachers figured out a schedule so that at least one of them would be at each meeting. Then, they went with Bobby to talk to the school Principle, who also happened to be a Christian man. He gave his permission to allow the club, which they called Youth for Christ, provided a room for them to meet in and told them what day of the week to schedule their meetings. Bobby would learn years later that Youth for Christ club continued long after he had graduated.

    Other Christians that Bobby knew, like his Pastor and Youth leader and other people came as Special Speakers, or came to play music or to sing specials and all went well with that Christian Club of small beginnings. Each week, he said, there were more and more in attendance and weekly there were teens coming to Christ as their Saviour. All was well at that school.

    Except for Bobby. Neither the teachers, nor the Principle, nor any of the special guests knew what Bobby was going through behind the scenes. He always wore that smile of his, and to all who knew him, it seemed he had every reason to be on a mountain top.

    But you see, they did not know about the times when he would see an empty seat at a lunch room table and would carry his lunch tray over, and ask, "Is this seat taken?"

    "No, its all yours," was often the reply. These were no strangers Bobby was sitting down with. They were his classmates.

    Bobby would sit down, and as was always his custom, he would bow his head and, without uttering a word out loud, would thank God for his food. But time and time again, as he would open his eyes and lift his head, he would see his class mates, one by one, leaving the table. Because they knew he had just prayed. And they were ashamed to sit at the same table with him. Sometimes that rejection made it hard for Bobby to eat. He couldn't hardly swallow his food for the lump of hurt that would rise up in his chest.

    Another time as he witnessed to several teens he knew were doing drugs or getting drunk, and was telling them there was a better way and a better life through Christ Jesus, they responded by calling him horrible names. And then they spit in his face as they stomped away.

    That was the evening Bobby finally confided in his Mom. He told her through tears that overflowed his eyes, how much it hurt. He was a little late getting to class that morning, he told her, because he had to go wipe the spit from his clothes and wash his face before going to class. He said, "Sometimes, Mom, its mighty lonesome to stand alone. And I have to admit, to be shoved aside and left out, well, it just hurts." He took a deep breath, then after a pause, told her, "Not that I am totally alone. A sizable number of people HAVE been saved since we got our club going. But Mom, they are in all different classes and grades. It's not like I am always surrounded by other Christians. Sometimes I just feel so lonely. Mom, I even had to wash off spit from my Bible this morning."

    All Bobby's Mom knew to do was put her arm around his shoulders and try to encourage him to keep on keeping on. And let her heart break with his, without letting him know. She was telling herself, I can't start bawling right now. I just CAN'T!

    She barely made it to another room before she broke down and cried too, but she had managed to hold her shoulder shaking sobs till he had walked away to go to his room. She cried for a long time that evening while thinking, If it hurts me this bad for the pain and rejection my son is enduring, how on earth did the Mother of Jesus endure what HE went through?

    I do know Bobby's story is true. You see, I am Bobby's Mom. I was proud, so proud of him. But at the same time, I was agonizing with him. There's something in us Moms that makes us want to defend our children. We don't want to see our children hurt. It wasn't like I could go and smack the faces of those kids, and say, "Leave him alone!"

    Bobby went on to graduate third in that graduating class, and later met a good Christian girl whom he married. Twelve years and two sons later, when Bobby was a butcher in a grocery store something happened that is the ending of his story.

    One day at work, he said, a young couple with a little boy in their buggy walked by that meat department as Bobby was putting out fresh meat, then they turned and came back to where he was standing. The young woman asked, "Would your name happen to be Bobby?" He told her it was. She asked, "Where did you go to High School?" And he told her.

    And she said to him, "I knew by your smile that you had to be Bobby! My name is Marriane. (Not her real name.) You may not remember me, Bobby, but I remember you. One day, at that high school, I was one of those who spit in your face and called you names, because you witnessed to us. But Bobby, that has tormented me for twelve long years! I want to tell you, because of you Bobby, I started going to church and got saved, changed the friends I ran with, and because of you, today I have a good Christian husband. Our home and our baby is dedicated to the Lord." She got out a tissue and wiped her eyes before continuing. "I have prayed all these years that somehow, some way, I could meet you and thank you for witnessing to me. And tell you I am so sorry I ever spit in your face at school. Can you ever forgive me, Bobby?"

    Bobby called me from work that day and told me about that girl and about the things she said to him. And let me tell you, that time I didn't care that he knew I started crying!

    Just a true story to remind people of this:
    Galatins 6:9
    And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

    • Hunter121
      Hunter121 commented
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      Re: Article: Bobby's Story

      Truly a man of God.

      So inspiring...

      Blessed is your son, to be so strong!

    • Rafyel
      Rafyel commented
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      Very moving. spiritually inspiring and God can help through it. And it's wonderful to see you and your son relating and encouraging one another in Christ. This story blesses the rest of us as well. May God bless you and your family richly.

    • Dani
      Dani commented
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      Re: Article: Bobby's Story

      Oh, Judy

      I am pretty much speechless.

      And, of course, it is hard to see with tears in your eyes!

      I wish you would put your picture as your avatar. The bird is beautiful, but not as nearly as you! You have the kindest eyes and a most beautiful smile.
      Your family is truly blessed to have you and I know you are blessed as well.

      Thank you for sharing.

      I will eventually get to all the links you posted.

      I'm not at the computer very much lately, but will be after I get a few issues under control.

      God Bless
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