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    Tomorrow, About This Time...

    Background for our story

    After the death of King Solomon the promised land was divided into two kingdoms..Judah in the south and Israel to the north. The capital of Israel was Samaria. The prophet Elisha lived in the city of Samaria.

    Elisha and the Enemy King

    It appears that everyone took heed to Elisha -- from the lowest of servants and maids to the kings. (See 2 Kings 5:2-3) God revealed things to Elijah and all the people knew that. For example, the King of Syria met with his cabinet members to plan war strategies. I like to imagine B I G maps were laid out before them. The king told them exactly where his men were to camp in order to ambush the men of Israel.

    These were extremely well thought out plans, but the Syrians always ended up waiting and waiting with no one to ambush. You see, one little bald-headed man of God (See 2 Kings 2:22-23) had already told the king of Israel, "BEWARE. Do NOT go over there. That is where the Syrians will be waiting to ambush you." So the Israelites steered clear of that area and thus, were safe. This did not happen only one time. The fact is, several times this same thing happened.

    Their enemy, the Syrian king, was terribly troubled. He assumed one of his own men was betraying them, but a servant told the king, "Elisha the prophet over in Israel, it is HE who tells the king. He tells secret words that you speak in the privacy of your own bedchamber!"

    "Go and spy for me," the Syrian king said. "Find out Elisha's whereabouts and I'll fetch him here." (He was saying, "I'll bring him here.") Soon the Syrian king was told where Elisha was living and the king sent a large army of men, horses and chariots to surround the city...all just to get to one little man of God! But of course they could not sneak up on Elisha. Finally that Syrian king gave up and allowed Elisha and Samaria to live without threat of attack.

    The Famine in the Land

    Benhadad became the next king. Right away, he took a large army and besieged Samaria. A terrible famine was in the land and the Israelites were having a very difficult time finding food. On top of the famine, now they were surrounded by the enemy --the Syrians! They could not leave the city to hunt for food in the surrounding areas because the enemy was waiting all around the city, to wipe them from the face of the earth.

    The people were stuck in sheer desperation and surrounded by an enemy who made certain they were literally starving to death. They were reduced to eating donkey heads and dove dung, when they could find it. And then they paid a high price for it!

    They Boiled and Ate Their Babies!

    One day the king of Israel was walking on the wall of the city when a woman cried out, "Help me, my lord, O king!" She had his attention.

    He stopped walking and asked, "If the Lord can't help you, then how can I? What is ailing you?" That woman told the king how she and another woman had agreed to boil and eat her baby one day and the other's baby the next day. But the other woman backed down and would not hand over her baby to be boiled and eaten. (See 2 Kings, chapter 6.)

    Many of us have seen bad situations in our lifetime, but I have NEVER been to a point as hopeless as those people. They had no possible way out. No hope for anything better. Literally starving to death, while surrounded by an enemy who was sitting there, waiting for them all to drop dead.

    Then, The Prophet Spoke...

    That's when Elisha told the people:

    "Hear ye the word of the Lord!
    Tomorrow about this time...
    you will have fine flour and barley to
    buy and sell at the gate of Samaria.

    Dare they believe him? How could such a dire situation change by the next day? There was no way this could get better by "tomorrow about this time!" In one twenty-four hour day? No. It was too impossible to believe.

    Four Men...

    There were four leprous men at the entering in of the gate, and they said to each other, "WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE?"

    Four men with leprosy...four men who could not reside with their families because they were contagious. They were quarantined, alone, outcasts from all society. Four men who were probably even more desperate than the rest because they had no help from family or friends or neighbors. Four poor, pitiful, sick, weak men.

    Those four men discussed their situation. They said, "If we go back into town, we'll starve like the others. If we just continue sitting here, we'll die for sure. Let's just go and fall into the hands of the enemy and get it over with. Who knows? Maybe they will take us captive, but let us live. But if they kill us, they will just kill us."

    So at daybreak the next morning they got up and started walking towards the camp of the enemy, the Syrians.
    Something tells me they didn't feel like walking. It probably hurt their flesh and their open sores. They were hungry, weak. No energy. Then, there was the dread of the unknown. What would the enemy do to them? Shoot them down with arrows? Wound them and leave them to suffer for hours, or days, then die? The Bible does not say if they talked as they walked. But surely their steps were slow. Their feet dragging.

    Finally they reached the outskirts of the enemy camp. And guess what! There was no one there! Not one Syrian! The enemy had run away! Fled! Ran for their life! Why?

    Because...the Lord had caused the Syrians to hear "a noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, and even the noise of a great army" They thought the Israelites had hired other nations to help them fight! So they took off running and never looked back.

    I honestly believe God magnified the sound of the steps of those four men and caused the sound of their feet to sound like an approaching mighty army!

    Those four men entered the camp of the enemy, and ate food, and drank juice and milk. They put on nice, new clothes and found silver and gold besides all that! Finally, those four men came to their senses and decided they should go back and tell someone in the king's house. Of course, the king found this all hard to believe, but he finally sent some men to check out their story. What they found was clothes and food and all kinds of things scattered along the roadway where the Syrians had tossed it as they ran for their lives!

    ...Sure enough, just as the prophet Elisha had said, within twenty-four hours, the people had such an abundance of flour and grains that it was sold dirt-cheap at the gate of the city.

    And their enemy was gone! They were free at last. Free from the threat of a lethal enemy.

    Things changed fast when four of the least likely people of all determined in their hearts that no longer--not one
    more minute--would they sit there, doing nothing, until they died! Those four men could have had the biggest pity party in the world. They had every right to be downhearted and depressed. They could have said,

    • What's the use of trying any more?

    • No one cares if I live or die!

    • I don't feel like going to the enemy's camp!

    • Let someone else do it; someone with good health, who is stronger!

    • The Lord can't use me. I'm not as full of faith as most people!

    • Nothing I do will make any difference anyway!

    But they didn't say those things. Those four men just did the best they could, and God did the rest!
    Who would have thought that those four weak, sickly, disgusting men would change such awful circumstances for everyone?

    Friends, if it worked for them, it works for us! WHY SIT WE HERE UNTIL WE DIE? (Taken from 2 Kings 7)

    Let us never forget...
    God doesn't call the qualified.
    He qualifies the called!

    • ilovethelordjesus
      ilovethelordjesus commented
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      i am another person who enjoys your posts. Well written. God Bless

    • Dizzytimes7
      Dizzytimes7 commented
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      That was awesome.

      May the Lord increase our faith.

    • Quickened
      Quickened commented
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      I was edified by reading this mawma! Thanks for taking the time to type this up and share this with us. It gladdened my soul
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