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A coal from the fire


  • A coal from the fire

    Many years ago, a believer who had become discouraged from the weight of great sorrow and adversity in his life, gradually quit attending church, withdrew to himself and even avoided visits from concerned friends and family members. He began becoming defensive when anyone suggested he should come back into fellowship, responding that the last thing he needed was people judging him. He began to feel like Job, with suffering he felt was undeserved, and rebuffed efforts by his Pastor and members of his congregation to talk about the problems.

    One day, his Pastor paid a visit, and because he respected him, the man reluctantly let him in, though warning him he would not be very good company. During the visit, the Pastor said very little, mainly keeping him company, as they sat before the man's fireplace, letting him know he was loved, was being prayed for, and that a lot of people were there for him. The Pastor knew that he had to avoid sounding "preachy," yet desperately desired to see his friend realize how far he was slipping away from the Lord--and the inevitable consequences that could bring. Finally, the Lord spoke to the Pastor, and told him what to do.

    As the two men sat in silence before the crackling fire, the Pastor slowly reached out, and picked up the tongs next to the fireplace. He reached into the embers, and took out a single glowing coal, setting it on the stone floor. Puzzled, but remaining silent, the man sat staring at the coal. Gradually, the coal began to lose its color, finally growing dark and cold until it died. The effect was not lost on the man, and he looked up at the Pastor with tear-filled eyes, realizing he was that coal. He was back in church the very next Sunday.

    Without a single word, the Lord had communicated a deep spiritual truth that touched the man to his very soul, and brought him out of his spiritual alienation. Sometimes the Lord does some amazing things, knowing exactly what we need--exactly when we need it. Sometimes His Spirit works through words, and sometimes His Word works through our Spirit. His ways truly are often beyond understanding, and past finding out.

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      I can relate. I have searched for G-d in every moment in my life, good or bad. I believe a rightios creater can't make a faild creation. He said it was "good". My perseption is the only thing that can be rong. Yet I am in the most hopeless time in my life.

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      Re: Article: A coal from the fire

      I am 38 and I have spent 15 years of my life alone, in prayer. Does this make me wize or just lonely? I am asking, becouse I have nothing but hope in my own death. Those who hold your life will lose it, but those who lose it in my name shall never die.

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      Is it just me, or is it getting real dark!?
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