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Gaps and Flaws - Ministering on 15 Aug 12


  • Gaps and Flaws - Ministering on 15 Aug 12

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    Gaps and Flaws - Ministering on 15 Aug 12

    For the past few months I have been looking at a spot in the hedge of lilacs that runs along the side of my yard. A few honeysuckle bushes are mixed in with the lilacs and during a freeze this past March 2012, a branch from one of those honeysuckle bushes broke off. This has left a huge gap in the hedge. To make this worse, that honeysuckle bush died over the summer and mixed in with the lilacs now, are the brown leaves and dead branches.

    I look at this every day and when I am outside praying, I do glance over at that one “spot” in the hedge. The hedge is all green and basically evenly trimmed except for this gap that is missing and is dead all around the area. It ruins the hedge and I know that I’ll be ripping out that entire dead bush. I figure in a year or two, the lilacs will fill in the gap.

    Last night I was looking at that spot as I prayed and I asked God, “is there anything You want for me to learn from what I’ve been looking at for months?”

    God began to minister something that surprised me… we look at “gaps” or “flaws” in our lives for YEARS and we fail to ask God about such gaps/flaws. Took me about half a year to ask about the gap in the bushes but then, why would I think it’s important to ask God about such a thing? God ministered that anything in our lives is important but the problem is this, we put priority to and/or focus on what is not that important and we ignore or take for granted, what is important.

    As I stood there looking at that gap created by the branch breaking off, I realized that there have been MANY times I felt a need to ask God about the gap. I’ve watched this honeysuckle bush wither over the past few months and now… is dead. First the branch that broke off withered and then the entire bush. As I mentioned, I plan to pull it out of the ground before this upcoming winter. If I don’t take it to the dump, I’ll just cut it up and burn it up. But concerning this “need” to ask God, I mean… it’s just a dumb limb that broke off, how important can that be?

    About as important as it is concerning those who are or will be cut OFF the vine!

    God was showing me a few things actually as this night of ministering continued. I thought about John 15, since these verses deal directly with understanding about the “vine.” How branches are either pruned so that greater fruit production can manifest or branches are removed due to producing nothing. Such branches are cut off the vine, they wither and are tossed in the fire.

    I felt heartbroken because I know that to be ON the vine, a person must first be in Christ, who “is” the vine.

    That gap always draws my attention because it just doesn’t look any good. It is a flaw in the overall functioning of the hedge. I have imagined what it will look like next year when the lilacs bloom and there in the middle is that “gap” that will ruin it all.

    Ya know… God showed me that the “gap” doesn’t take away from the beauty of the lilacs AT ALL. Then He began to point out that the way I am looking at that gap, is the way that people look at themselves. How we find a flaw and put all our attention on it, we then fail to put focus on all the good and what God is trying to DO, through us. You see, that hedge of lilacs WILL function properly and produce. The hedge of lilacs WILL be beautiful even WITH that gap or flaw. Yet we don’t think of ourselves as productive or beautiful because of a flaw. We lament over our gaps or flaws which means we fail to lament over what may “really” be wrong in us or around us.

    God will produce THROUGH us even while we have such a gap or flaw. God don’t look at the gap or flaw that we have when He’s doing HIS work through us. That gap and flaw does not hinder God from His work at all. As long as we remain faithful and obedient!!!

    Yet we tend to look at ourselves in the mirror and ONLY SEE… a gap or a flaw. We fail to see what’s all around the gap or flaw. God knows about the gap and He knows about each and every flaw we have, yet He’s still looking at us as beautiful and as a person who He will use.

    Ya want to know why?

    Because He doesn’t look at any gap or flaw that is within us, He only looks at the potential that is within us.

    Some of those gaps and flaws He’ll even remove or show us that they are not gaps or flaws at all. They are simply what God has placed in us to make us… WHO we are! This is because that gap or flaw isn’t a gap or flaw at all. However, the “enemy” lies to us and causes us to believe the gap or a flaw is… “wrong”.

    Also, He pointed out how we look at “others”. It’s very easy to see a gap or flaw in another person. We even “perceive” gaps and flaws. Some tend to value a person on their gap or flaw and fail to give potential a chance. That’s because we can’t see “under” the surface and view into the heart of a person who is perfectly able to be used by God to produce and that they are beautiful.

    God will show us the truth, we just have to ask Him. I waited about six months to ask about this gap in my lilacs bush and I’m looking at myself and seeking what is within me that I “perceive” is a gap or a flaw that is “wrong”.

    God points out this: When I look in the mirror at myself, I must discern what hinders me. If I feel it’s the way I look, or that my voice cracks when I talk (sometimes), maybe that balding head of mine… am I discerning properly? Am I hindering myself by looking at myself this way?

    So… what does all this mean?

    Do any of those gaps/flaws stop me from being WHO I am… in Christ?

    About as much as that dead honeysuckle bush will stop those lilacs from blooming next spring!

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      Your testimony of your job puts this into perspective as I understood this ministering.

      God has us designed and hardwired in the way He does and while all this is fine tuned as we grow closer to Him, what is perceived as a design flaw... is not a flaw at all. Where the flaw is at, is in our perceptions of ourself. This is where the fine tuning fixes us (we are changed) and allows us to see what was once perceived as a flaw as exactly WHAT God intended... and is not a flaw at all.

      Once we see ourselves as God made us... then we can be effective as servants because we aren't dragging ourselves down anymore.

      Make sense???

    • Saved7
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      Makes total sense. I'm glad I have a testimony that helps put it into perspective too .

    • liannawestgate
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      This is true God moves in mysterious ways let him set you free

      posted by lianna westgate

      This is true God moves in mysterious ways let him set you free to be

      posted by lianna westgate
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