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  • The Lunar Eclipse is Biblical

    The Lunar Eclipse is Biblical

    Well, Philadelphia is officially howling at the moon with all these lunar events. Within the last 30 days we’ve had a blue moon, lunar eclipse, and the winter solstice. The blue moon, which occurred November 21st, was just the beginning of strange nights leading up to the lunar eclipse on December 21st, which ushered in the 1st day of winter.

    Are you thinking why this is significant to Christian Living? Just hold on and enjoy the ride. Let’s get the facts in order. First, the blue...
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  • Christmas A Time of Joy?

    Christmas A Time of Joy?

    Christmas is almost here. People are bustling around trying to find that perfect gift. Choirs are working hard to prepare and preform their special music. Children work on memorizing lines for their special programs that will be watched eagerly by family and friends, even though they have heard it all hundreds of times before. Radios play joyous Christmas music and congregations sing songs such as “Silent Night” and “Joy to the World.”

    But if you look beneath the surface you will...
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  • 2: A Question - Journaled On

    2: A Question - Journaled On

    27 Nov 10 – Seems that there have been so many highs and lows these past three weeks. I feel that I miss God because despite the work I do as led, I don’t make time to be with Him. It just seems I have no time to have any personal time with God. I have been struggling as a result of this distance that I have put between myself and God. I allow so many distractions to happen, I give right into them. I mean, how EASY is it for me to turn off my laptop and walk away from it to spend an hour with God?...
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  • Our new logo

    Our new logo

    Everyone has noticed by now that we have a new logo for Bible Forums. This logo was created and chosen by members who responded to the call for help to create the much needed outdated one we had used for so long. I want to thank the many creative people who responded to the call in designing a new logo. I never expected such an enthusiastic response and so many entries. I wish we could have used all of them but as everyone knew from the start, there would be only one ... very sad actually...
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  • 1: Journaled On

    1: Journaled On

    6 Dec 10- Yesterday I woke sick, actually I went to bed sick, so waking up sick wasn’t a surprise. Anyway, I’m sure that I could have gone to church but I will be honest, I didn’t feel like it. Not that this head cold has me bedridden but I just didn’t want to have to get ready, drive 28 miles to church and deal with that only to drive 28 more miles to come home and crash back into the bed. The rest did me good yesterday, and today, I took a sick-day from work to continue resting. Yesterday...
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    Tomorrow, About This Time...

    Background for our story

    After the death of King Solomon the promised land was divided into two kingdoms..Judah in the south and Israel to the north. The capital of Israel was Samaria. The prophet Elisha lived in the city of Samaria.

    Elisha and the Enemy King

    It appears that everyone took heed to Elisha -- from the lowest of servants and maids to the kings. (See 2 Kings 5:2-3) God revealed things to Elijah and
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  • Why I am still here

    Why I am still here

    When I was a child I grew up in a family where there was much abuse. It was so bad, that at the age of 12 I was ready to commit suicide. Then one day I was walking through a park when a tree nearly fell on top of me. It was so close that I felt it brush the back of my shirt. It was no small tree, and standing with my toes against the bark, I looked up into heaven to give God a message. I shouted “You missed.” Now I knew that if God wanted me, he wouldn’t have missed. So I had to live out my life...
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    My daughter, who lives next door, was visiting with me the other day when I was off from work. Out of the blue, she asked, "Do you ever wonder about Sissie?" "Oh, yes! I do. I think about little Sissie every once in a while. She'd be all grown up now, you know." "Yes, she would be," my daughter said, "and I probably wouldn't know her if I saw her! I still see her as that little girl that lived across the street." Sissie. My daughter had me thinking back to that little girl and she's been ...
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  • Today


    Today. This day. Right now. Do you know what today is? Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. Today is last week’s next week. Today is last month’s this month. Today is last year’s this year. Last year, maybe you said “Next year will be better; next year I will seek God like I always wanted to.” Last month, maybe you said “Next month will be better; next month I will read my Bible and start praying every day like I’ve been meaning to.” Last week, maybe you said “Next week will be better; I won’t...
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  • IRS Form 1040: Giving Your Soul To Caesar

    IRS Form 1040: Giving Your Soul To Caesar

    “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.” Jn 1:1a When it comes to Form 1040, most of us are pretty good about “giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Caesar should be truly thankful. But what about Jesus' next sentence and Form 1040 “…but give to God what is God’s”? Form 1040 asks for much more than money, Form 1040 asks for our words. White-Out the words on Form 1040 and leave just the numbers and the form means nothing. In fact, Caesar will arrest or fine you for filing a “frivolou...
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  • It's Time - 22 April 2017
    by CFJ
    "It's Time", 22 April. Dit was 'n mooi en 'n groot dag, maar watter perspektief moet mens koester?

    Ek is oortuig dat so groot Christelike byeenkoms vir baie mense 'n ommekeer in
    Apr 27th 2017, 03:23 PM
  • Another dream combined with more miracles
    by miepie
    This is the sequence to my previous article "Miracles and a dream". I had another dream a few nights ago. It was about Charles and I taking a day's trip on the train. We went all the way down south to see as much of the country as possible. Train cards are available at local stores that are less expensive in the summer and fall. Two people can then travel across the whole country cheaper than the price of a single fair from the train station in winter or spring. I also dreamed that we we...
    Aug 31st 2014, 03:56 PM
  • Miracles and a dream
    by miepie
    Daddy gave me a dream. It was about the Pharisee and the man who smote his breast (Luke 18). He put me on the top of the Temple, and let me see them clearly. I asked questions and He answered me. It was so beautiful that I just enjoyed being up there. Daddy explained a lot to me and then I indulged those answers with hunger for more. I didn't understand why God gave me that opportunity until a few days later. While I was having a little argument with my husband, (happens in the best marriages too),...
    Aug 10th 2014, 03:57 PM
  • How the Judges of Israel Overlapped
    by Cyberseeker
    The history of the Judges bridges the time from the Exodus to the Kingdom of Israel, however, when we sum up the rule of the Judges, a problem arises. Add them all up, plus the times of oppression such as the Midianite period of seven years, then tack on the forty years in the desert plus the reigns of Saul and David, and what do we get? 640! On face value, that's about 160 years longer than the Exodus to Solomon as stated in the official record of the Kings. (1 Kings 6:1) There is a reason. T...
    May 4th 2014, 10:29 AM
  • Two spirits, one space
    by Senormac
    When I moved to this area of Oregon from Southern California, I was keenly aware of the different "spirits" that were here. People are friendly but also people are into a lot of weird occult, lifestyle, and earth energy practices. The tree huggers shop at the same organic grocery stores that the Buddists shop at and the Amazonian mystism followers ride their bicycles on the same path as cannabis growers. In the yearly city celebration parade a more eclectic group of folks you will not see, from...
    Mar 22nd 2014, 04:55 PM
  • A time to pray
    by Graham Hickey
    Is it a time to pray?

    Very often as I journey through the day I hear of groups that are setting up against the Christian faith, or I see other faiths doing things really well. This screams out at me. As a Christian church these things can be missing in our worship and life, and perhaps through highlighting other faiths. Is God is trying to compel us to act? Jesus prayed before he started his earthly ministry (before he was baptised), and before he was arrested to be crucified. ...
    Mar 22nd 2014, 04:44 PM