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I Long for the day when….


  • I Long for the day when….

    Oh I long for the day when TV shows positioned the father as a hero and knowing what is best and not being the goat, and when dysfunctional families where like single parent Andy and his boy Opie, who offered thanks to God for the food on the table and went to church on Sundays and sang in the church choir -- and gay meant happy and cheerful countenance.

    Oh I long for the day when flying on a plane, I didn’t have to strip down into my skivvies and take off my shoes to walk a few hundred more feet to board a plane.

    Oh I long for the day when political ads where about what the candidates ideas were and not about the dirt of his challenger.

    Oh I long for the day when people could leave their front door open without fear and that the house alarm was the family dog.

    Oh I long for the day that I could openly discuss the Lord’s work within the workplace and it was common talk instead of asking for permission to discuss because it might offend.

    Oh I long for the day when drugs were used as medicine and not as a question in the hospital emergency room if I used recreationally.

    Oh I long for the day when Made in America was a badge of honor instead of a marker of rarity.

    Oh I long for the day when those who wrote the US constitution understood it to preserve religious freedom instead of containing it.

    Oh I long for the day when folks offered respect instead of anger; a turning of a cheek instead of a road rage chase scene; a thank you instead of a 'give me that'; grace given to one another instead of entitlements taken.

    Oh I long for the day when unborn babes were allowed to be… enough said.

    Oh I long for the day when church was the major focus for the family to gather around, that God was God and man humbled.

    Oh I long for the day when prayer was not only allowed, but was encouraged, in schools, in the work place, in the halls of government.

    Oh I long for the day that the 10 commandments within the halls of US government be deemed allowed based on the values they convey and not as historic artwork that we now declare that they are.

    And I long for the day when my Lord and Savior returns for His bride and reigns as King… come Lord Jesus. Come.

    • beachbum53
      beachbum53 commented
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      Boomer here, enjoyed very much! Wow what if...Thankful I'm not living in this world without hope..

    • be sure
      be sure commented
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      well written. Your words blessed today. Keep writting.

    • UncleJoshi
      UncleJoshi commented
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      Take comfort in the fact you had the privilege to experience those times!
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