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    Everyone has noticed by now that we have a new logo for Bible Forums. This logo was created and chosen by members who responded to the call for help to create the much needed outdated one we had used for so long. I want to thank the many creative people who responded to the call in designing a new logo. I never expected such an enthusiastic response and so many entries. I wish we could have used all of them but as everyone knew from the start, there would be only one ... very sad actually because there were many excellent ideas. Your response was amazing to say the least. THANK YOU!

    I want to explain here why we never had a site-specific logo before and how the new one came about. The truth is, the old logo was for a different site. This place has emerged over the years of its beginning, and I figure after using the wrong logo for 10 years, it was about time to change. My mandate was it needed to be not just another cute logo but something with symbolism. We also needed a slogan with just a few words, but definitive enough to tie to the imagery that was selected for the new logo.

    On Oct. 2, 2010 a private thread was opened to all who were interested in submitting their ideas: ALL MEMBERS: The Great Bible Forum Logo Contest!

    Questions about sizing, specifications, colors and all that was discussed while folks began offering their talent and creativity. Here is a sampling of questions and discussions that went on behind the scenes:

    Many questions were asked and answered including things like -
    • What title is it we are working with? "Bible Forums" or "Bible Database"?
    • What kind of logo do you want?
    • What are the colors we're to work with?

    There were also many behind the scenes discussions. Finally, and after many, many submissions, this thread was started... New Bible Forum Logo... CAST YOUR VOTE! ... just the images with no names attached to who did the work, so those voting did not know who made the images.

    The wining logo was the one the majority of our members voted for, along with wording for the slogan. The globe, the Bible and the keyboard (ocean for some) with light radiating from the center of the globe outwards is a powerful message in itself. The image is lightest at the point of origin of the light and darkens radially outwards .. highly symbolic. The word's "Lets Talk Bible" tie it all together.

    'Lets Talk Bible' was suggested to a member, astrongerthanhe, by his wife Kelly and since it ties so well to the chosen image, it became a winner also.

    The winner for our NEW LOGO DESIGN was submitted by Jennifer!

    Click image for larger version

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    This young lady became a member here in July 2005 and recently became a Moderator once again for the Dreams, Visions and Prophecies forum. Jennifer is an amazing little lady. And with sincere humility as the icing on the cake! Its a joy to talk to her. When asked did she believe her logo would be the one selected for this board, she quickly replied, "NO! I didn't really know what I was doing."

    Asked if it took her a long time to come up with this design, she replied, "I downloaded a free program and it took time to figure out how to use it. And it took a lot of patience! I had to learn how to use the program while coming up with what to use for the design. But mainly, I did a lot of praying. I prayed, 'God, you know I'm not creative, so I'm asking you to guide me every step. God -- help me!' I knew if He wasn't in it, it wouldn't work anyway, and I really wanted to do this for Him. So I kept praying while I was fooling around with different designs, and after praying one night, it began to come together in my mind. I thought, The old logo had a Bible and a computer. And this board is meant to be a light that shines in the darkness. Jesus is THE light, so the logo had to show light. And the Bible, because it is called Bible Forums."

    "You know, this board is a light in a world of darkness," she added. "Jesus told us not to hide our light under a bushel, and to let our light shine, and I kept remembering different scriptures that spoke of light. I was reading one night over in Psalms and the question was asked, 'Where can I go that You will not find me?' And I was thinking, Sin wants darkness to hide in. Sin wants to be covered up. But its the light that exposes the darkness of sin."

    "And I knew that light and the world had to be in the design I was making. Some people were here watching me one evening and they were adding their thoughts too, and we all kept trying to figure out how to portray the 'light in the world."

    When she finished, was she satisfied that it was portraying what she wanted? "You know, there is one strange thing about this logo," she said. "A picture says words, and to me the words were in the picture...the Bible is there, the Light is there, the world is there, but some see the keyboard while others say they see the ocean in the logo. So yes, it not only says what I wanted it to say, but it speaks to people differently. That has to be God!"

    “The logo that I selected, that suited the ministry of this board, turned out to be the same one selected by the majority of members and also the same one chosen by the board Administrators. This was no easy decision since there were so many great logos submitted. To have a lasting logo, I knew we needed one that tells a story, is symbolic, looks professional, has meaningful graphics, is professionally made and has clarity and sharpness. “

    Jennifer said she knew the old logo had three crosses in it, and she had tried putting a cross in the image, but felt it was just too much. After praying about it, she left off the cross, "because after all," she said, "the Bible points to the cross and what Jesus did for us there."

    This young lady, as everyone can see, is VERY artistic, but you need to know about her musical ability also. She made a point of saying, "Encourage everyone to download my music and songs. It's FREE! Jesus blessed me with a voice and I use it for Him. When God gives you ability, it needs to go for his glory. So invite everyone to visit my site and get the free music!" I want to add that Jennifer also writes her own songs!

    Jennifer's home is with Project Peter and his wife, Kathy.

    Ken (ProjectPeter) said, "When she first came to us in Atlanta, she didn't like us much, but that didn't take too long to fade away. It didn't take long for us to learn she had a beautiful voice. When she was sixteen, Aaron Wilburn had a label that wanted to sign her. She opened for him in Atlanta when he did a concert. Also the Gaither's were interested in helping her as well.

    "But Aaron spent a couple of hours with us after the concert and just talked to her about what a contract meant. Basically, even in Christian music then, the label owned you. You wore what they said to wear... dyed your hair what color they thought best... sang only when they allowed it. I think she was okay with the clothes and hair stuff but she asked him, 'What do you mean, sing only when they allow it?'

    "He told her... 'When you are under contract and you are home at your own church... you can't even sing there unless it is approved by the label.'

    "With the saddest eyes... she really wanted to do this... she said, 'I can't do that. God gave me this gift to sing and I just can't do that.'

    "Aaron was proud... I was proud... she was sad. She thinks back to that time once in a while and wonders 'what if?' But she knows it was good. Just wants to get her music out there. YouTube was a wonderful thing for that... is still."

    I encourage you to visit Jennifer's play list at youtube. You can hear her sing and that is a treat within itself. To see a little more of Jennifer’s personality and how she really is you can watch this short video. The many that know her personally on this message board can testify that she is dedicated and very serious but her personality is what makes that a joy.

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      Re: Article: Our new logo

      Hey don't go away so fast!!!! Come chat with us in Chat to moderators okay?

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      Re: Article: Our new logo

      Oh Dennis! How WONDERFUL TO HEAR FROM YOU! you didn't take time to update us about your wife. How are y'all doing? I sure do miss you around here. I REALLY do!

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      Re: Article: Our new logo

      Originally posted by Pastor Dennis
      There are so many names here that evoke sooooo many memories!

      I haven't 'walked' around the site for ever so long but had an urging (!) to do so this afternoon. How wonderfully it has matured and grown. What a blessing for me just to stroll down memory lane and feel the warmth of God's love spread in this web forum....
      Hey guy... way too long! Jennifer asked about you and Shirley just the other day.
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