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By Avalanche and Bullhorn

Some times I don't hear what God's will is in my life. So I asked that He HIT me with it and speak very LOUD, hahahaha!

  1. 95. The Shopping Cart and God

    The Shopping Cart and God:

    The other day I had to execute a mission at the local Walmart. Come-on, I have to make this sound interesting, correct? Seriously, on the way home I stopped off at Walmart to purchase some necessities and a candy bar.

    I grabbed the first shopping cart I saw and proceeded into the store. The cart was limping, have you ever had one of those carts that limped? The steady, thump, thump, thump on the floor as you push it along. At least ...
  2. 94. What type of fear do you have?

    Something I posted on Facebook and came up today as a memory:

    -God woke me up the other day and this was being ministered in answer to a question I was asking the night prior... this was in relation to praying for a situation that a person I was discussing with, that was raised earlier in the day concerning the "power" of God manifest today.

    ~Does the fear of the Lord enable you to easily stand at Time Square NYC and put a bullhorn to your lips and preach about ...
  3. 93. Ministering Word on 23 Jun 17

    Ministering Word on 23 Jun 17 – while at the altar in prayer from 1900-1930hrs.

    Just as the “ads” advertisement distracted from the worship, a worshiper’s heart should not be negatively affected by distractions of the world. John 4 explains that the Body will worship in the Spirit and in Truth. The “Spirit” is never distracted from His work. He is “suppressed” from doing His work in people as they allow the distractions to cause them to “be suppressive” of the work of the Holy ...
  4. 92. Reminder in how God is SO Good!!

    Ya know... God is Good. Doing some praying off and on yesterday. Some heart searching like King David used to do with God. Then last night after getting in bed, I realized I forgot to do a task. So I got on the computer to do something I needed to do. Then, I began to check something else once that task was completed. I really can't say I was "checking" something out... I was led to look at something written and saved from back in 2009 when God had ministered an edifying word to me way back ...
  5. 91. FB Memory Post - Suppression of, Faith in God

    This just popped up as a FB Memory, that I posted last year in December:

    Here is something I posed as a question in a college discussion:

    I wonder if the founding fathers of this country knew that a "religion" allowed to be practiced in America was to attempt to take over Christianity, would they allow such freedom?

    It is a travesty that such freedoms to practice other religions is now part of the spearhead in prevention of freedoms in the ...
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