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Do you ever think....

Do you ever think to turn away and say "enough already!!!"? Do you ever come to the point when you feel that others (spouse, parent, child, neighbor, friend) are just too high maintenance and all you want to do turn your back and walk away?
When they come home stoned, drunk, or broke having spent the week's grocery money and ask you to get dinner 'cos they don't feel like it do you want to say "no! you aren't sick, unwell, or ill, you're just stoned so get it yourself!!!"

No. You don't think these things, but if you do, it is only fleeting because you remember the time when you were stoned, and Jesus accepted you. So you prepare a meal fit for a king.

You remember the time when you came home drunk after a night of sin and when you asked, Jesus cleaned up after you and made you a sweet smelling offering to His Father. So you prepare a meal made with love and care.

And you also remember the times you wasted precious resources that could have been used for the kingdom. Used for the furtherance of the gospel. You remember the time when your whole life was fit only for bringing disrepute upon the name of God.

So you forgive as you have been forgiven. You accept as you have been accepted. You love as would wish to be loved, and how you know you have been loved. And you prepare the best meal you can with whatever resources you have at your disposal.
Because the same love that you have received from your Saviour is the same love that resides in your heart for others.
And that , my friends, is how the world knows that we are of the Father, and that His love abides in us.

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