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  1. jayne's Avatar
    Thanks for adding that. I agree. Today, Jesus Christ is our Sabbath rest, but the principle of literally stopping to refocus is still very important.
  2. little watchman's Avatar
    One of the reasons for the Sabbath was to interrupt the mundane but necessary details to allow us to refocus on God. The Lord would provide twice the manna on Friday for the unproductive Sabbath hours, and this would remind the people that they weren't relying on their efforts alone, that God was with them. I don't think keeping the Sabbath is required of Christians today, but the principle stands that we should intentionally take time out from "work" responsibilities to focus on God and allow Him to work while we rest. I've heard testimonies (wish they were mine!) of pastors & missionaries who hesitantly committed to prayer, and afterward were refreshed and blessed with many converts.