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Just Jayne

Like everybody else, I just need a place to talk to myself.

  1. The Good Fight

    One thing Christians not always taught nor modeled thoroughly enough it this - fighting!

    Are you tired of the torments of sin? Sin is indeed a terrible thing. And the thing about the devil is - he plays hardball. Once you are down and defeated - he doesn't stop tormenting you with sin.

    His sickening plan of action is to get you and me and everyone else in bondage to a particular sin - and that will make us nervous, guilty, worried, spiritually anxious, ...
  2. My Life in 3-D

    A few weeks ago, my pastor interjected a thought mid-stream in his sermon that seemed to be random. I didn't get the connection of this thought with the rest of the message. C'est la vie.

    His seemingly unrelated train of thought was this:

    "You know, sometimes we get distracted. And when we get distracted,
    that leads to disinterest which leads to defeat."

    I haven't been able to get that off of my mind. He's right. He's more than right ...