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  1. Design , Planning , The Flood and Noah . Part 1

    Here is a story to illustrate a point .

    There was a major earthquake in city that had a few tall buildings in the middle of downtown .
    After the earthquake the citizens were taking in the destruction their city had suffered but a curious sight had them puzzeled . One building was still standing straight and true almost unscathed a few windows were broken and a closer building had fell against it . The citizens said "it's a miracle this building stands and all the others are

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  2. Through the cracks .

    We have a wooden deck on our property and there are cracks between the planks . Morning Glory vines are coming up between the planks , seeking the sun shine , and I keep pulling them out , but they come back . Is this the way we should be ? Should we be looking for the Son shining through the cracks in this world of ours and try our best to break through to the other side and bask in his full radiance ? Even if it requires the persistence of the morning glory ?
  3. Sometimes you need to pet the dog .

    I like to walk alone on my road at sundown to the top of a hill , nice view from there . It was getting dusky dark as I was taking in an beautiful spring day sunset . As I was standing there I felt a nudge on my elbow!?!? I was startled to find a 60 pound rottweiler next to me ! It was my cousin's dog , my cousin lives at the top of the hill , but this was the first time the dog had ever done this in the many years I have walked the road ! All the dog wanted was about 5 minutes of petting and ...