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  1. [ Who? ]

    “But my people [ who? ] would not listen to me;
    Israel [ who? ]would not submit to me.
    So I gave them over to their stubborn heartto follow their own devices.

    “If my people [ who? ] would only listen to me,
    if Israel [ who? ] would only follow my ways,
    how quickly I would subdue their enemies
    and turn my hand against their foes!

    [ who? ] = All Believers who have ever lived from Adam to you. Dual meaning; the type & shadow
  2. I am lost..

    “I am a lost man, if this is not the gospel, for I have no hope beneath the canopy of heaven, neither in time nor in eternity, save only in this belief—that Jesus Christ, in my place, bore both my punishment and sin.”—Charles Spurgeon
  3. Are Christians Political Enough?

    As a Christian, I, & many others feel that we need to be more political and more influential in the world.

    Any paradigm flows from its foundation.

    Paradigms shape societies.

    Are we living in a Godly society, or a un
    Godly society?

    Have we slipped from our foundation?

    If the foundation is True, then so will the building. If it’s off, - plum and level go out the widow. Problems occur. Sometimes big problems.

  4. Liquid Blood at 42,000 years!

    Scientists attempt to clone extinct horse after LIQUID BLOOD found in 42,000 yo remains

    A team of scientists in Russia has blood on its hands: namely, the vital fluid preserved inside the remains of an ancient horse that died 42,000 years ago, which could provide the key needed to clone the species back to life.
    “Samples of liquid blood were taken from heart vessels – it was preserved in the liquid state for 42,000 years thanks to favorable burial conditions and permafrost,” said Dr. Semyon ...
  5. Jews and Gentiles, who’s who?

    I believe the terms "Jews" and “Gentiles" are irrelevant and obsolete in the New Covenant era.

    Those terms have had no relevance since 70 AD.

    The terms Jews vs Gentiles are OLD Covenant terms.

    Since He has made both groups into one through the Blood of the NEW Covenant and breaking down the barrier of the Dividing Wall (Eph. 2: 11-22, Gal. 3: 26-29), there is no need of, and in fact, no such thing as Jews and Gentiles in the NEW Covenant
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