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  1. The NIV, what you should know

    This is basically an information post for those who care about this stuff. This is also why I have restricted posting on this subject not to cause a fuss. So to those who would be interested in knowing this about the NIV.


    The NIV had homosexuals on the translation committee. Dr. Virginia Mollenkott is an open homosexual. Which makes me wonder why she was allowed to be on the committee. You can read more about this here: [URL=""][/URL] ...
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  2. Tithes and Offerings.

    I have been giving tithes to the church for a long time. If I was not going to church I would give to an online ministry or invest in my own ministry. I now donate my time to running things in the audio video room which can range from doing many different things. While in there I saw needs in the technical area that were not being met and therefore problems would arise from time to time.

    So what I decided to do was take part of my tithes and make an offering of buying things that ...
  3. Is the theory of evolution a test of faith?

    In the last days, God will have to have a way to weed out the wheat from the chaff. Evolution has a strong draw and appeals flesh through reason, logic, and temporal (physical) evidence. But the Bible never says to believe in only what you can see. So for this to be a test of your faith, it would have to make you question what you have faith in. And that is what evolution does.

    The problem with this is that when a Christian knows the truth, and rejects it for what the Bible clearly ...
  4. Who are the goats?

    People tell me that the goats at the judgment throne of Christ are unsaved sinners. So the other day I started doing research through the Word to see if I could find some back up in scripture. I could not so I wondered where this idea came from. So after doing some more research about goats it then came to me that goats are the old testament sin atonement. And since the goats failed the judgment for the new sin atonement they were cast into the fire.

    Why were they cast into the fire? ...
  5. The actions of true love.

    I went to another church today with a friend. The preacher preached a good sermon. He told a story as part of the sermon. He said that his house is located next to a cemetery. He said that one day he started noticing this man, in his 70s, sitting next to a grave. He said that he figured out that it was his wife's grave. Everyday when he would leave for work, the man was there. Everyday he come home from work, the man was there. if it was raining, he would have an umbrella. If it was cold, he would ...
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