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  1. 95 1/2

    My maternal grandmother is halfway through 95.

    The question now is, will she make it to 96?
  2. Update on that last one

    Due to a need for greater muscle flexibility for training in Karate, I am undergoing at home physical therapy for increased muscle flexibility.

    I just hope my mother doesn't charge me for it.
  3. 8-20-19

    I've learned more about Karate in the last several weeks than I had in my entire life before several weeks ago.

    I now know that Karate is harder to learn and practice than I ever imagined it was.

    I barely make it through each class.
  4. 8-6-19

    I attended my first Karate class.

    Afterward, it felt like every muscle in my body was hurting.
  5. Design , Planning , The Flood and Noah . Part 1

    Here is a story to illustrate a point .

    There was a major earthquake in city that had a few tall buildings in the middle of downtown .
    After the earthquake the citizens were taking in the destruction their city had suffered but a curious sight had them puzzeled . One building was still standing straight and true almost unscathed a few windows were broken and a closer building had fell against it . The citizens said "it's a miracle this building stands and all the others are

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