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  1. Should I stay or should I go now?

    Catchy tune, eh?

    We've got a winter storm a brewin' here that is a nasty one. I had no idea it was going to be this bad until I overheard at work that schools were closing and the truck drivers were making comments for us to get out of Dodge or stay put. After checking the radar and growing list of school closings it took me, oh, about 5 seconds to decide that after I finished a few things I was heading home. Rural open roads aren't a pleasure to drive in a howling Minnesota winter ...
    Daily Life
  2. I've gotta use it!

    This past weekend was a weird one for us weather wise. Saturday was beautiful - sunny, no humidity, in the 70's. Sunday it was in the 80's, humid. Waking up yesterday morning I started out in shorts, tshirt and barefoot and graduated to pants and socks and eventually a fuzzy warm sweater. The day clouded over, the wind picked up and if I didn't know that the calendar said it was the end of May I'd have thought it to be early fall. It was just plain chilly!

    My daughter was fortunate ...
  3. Which herd do you follow?

    Ironic, how I was just mentioning this to my husband 10 seconds before I saw this article on the front page of Yahoo!

    It speaks of those who rely on their own reasoning - they wind up WRONG and follow whatever the majority turns to. With very simply influence, people got elementary and obvious things wrong simply because of relying on self and allowing fear to run and dictate their actions.