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  1. 11-2-19

    A few days ago, a tree fell on my father's house.

    I then assisted in cutting limbs off the trunk, cleaning up... sigh...

    My advice is, if you have any trees within reach of your house, cut them down or have them cut down at the first possible opportunity.
  2. 96. Boing

    I've imagined... when a person is speaking to me in effort to upset me, what would happen if my response was to make the sound effect, "BOING" each time they spoke?

    I would assume this would frustrate them and eventually they'd ask, "Why do you keep saying, BOING?"

    I'd answer: That's the sound when your words bounce off the Shield of Faith, that I have protecting me!!
  3. 10-13-19

    The gym my mother and I had been members of recently closed, and we joined another gym.

    The Karate class also moved to the other gym.

    In a related note, I'm making progress learning Japanese, though very slowly.
  4. 10-2-19

    My whole view of Karate has changed.

    It has a lot more to do with muscle than I realized.

    Somehow, I have to strengthen every muscle in my body.

    Muscle deficiency is causing me to tire during lessons a lot faster than I otherwise would.
  5. The Heavens Declare It.

    Quote Originally Posted by IMINXTC View Post
    I have understood from the first moment of faith that God is existence, and more to the point: He is life.

    Having only my trusty Android, I'll attempt to expand on this essential topic incrementally while inviting all the input available.

    The astonishing fact that we can even have this discussion flies in the face of the popular consensus that we are the products of* a purely accidental, mechanistic series of events that somehow resulted in this sentient,