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  1. 95. The Shopping Cart and God

    The Shopping Cart and God:

    The other day I had to execute a mission at the local Walmart. Come-on, I have to make this sound interesting, correct? Seriously, on the way home I stopped off at Walmart to purchase some necessities and a candy bar.

    I grabbed the first shopping cart I saw and proceeded into the store. The cart was limping, have you ever had one of those carts that limped? The steady, thump, thump, thump on the floor as you push it along. At least ...
  2. I am lost..

    “I am a lost man, if this is not the gospel, for I have no hope beneath the canopy of heaven, neither in time nor in eternity, save only in this belief—that Jesus Christ, in my place, bore both my punishment and sin.”—Charles Spurgeon
  3. yard drainage, etc. updates, etc.

    When my mother, one of my aunts, and myself were removing the liriope around the back patio, we disturbed the bricks that were lining the back patio. I need to put the bricks back in place, but it's just been so hot outside.

    I plan to fill in the low spots in the yard, where water collects, with dirt. The problem is, where do I get the dirt?

    Updated May 27th 2019 at 03:40 AM by gringo300 (fixed typo)

  4. Are Christians Political Enough?

    As a Christian, I, & many others feel that we need to be more political and more influential in the world.

    Any paradigm flows from its foundation.

    Paradigms shape societies.

    Are we living in a Godly society, or a un
    Godly society?

    Have we slipped from our foundation?

    If the foundation is True, then so will the building. If it’s off, - plum and level go out the widow. Problems occur. Sometimes big problems.

  5. yard drainage update

    The majority of the liriope that was around most of the back patio has been removed.

    Now, water should be able to run off the back patio and not come in under the back door.

    Improving drainage of water from under the shed still needs to be worked on.