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  1. 4-18-17

    The other day my 93 year old maternal grandmother was talking to my maternal grandfather.

    My maternal grandfather has been dead for 35 years.
  2. checking in... whatever the date is...

    My grandmother has mentally gone downhill to the point that my mother and I are obviously going to have to move out very soon.

    I'm awake right now because my grandmother is ranting in the other room.
  3. another situation has come up

    I'm about to send a PM to a moderator about this, but have decided not to publically post about it with a blog.

    Again, I plan to check in occasionally, but it may be years until I can post regularly again.
  4. Monotheistic Dances part 8

    So far, we have seen how change and historical setting have affected the Dance. We have charted the moves across history as regards the three main ones, and particularly of late with that of Christianity. During the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century people began to make changes to content, teaching, and even added their own 'revelations', much like Muhammad did. We also charted how a disillusioned and mislaid Lutheran church in Germany was robbed of its' witness by Adolf Hitler. Hitler ...

    I'm just briefly checking in, and then I'll probably be gone again for a while.

    My grandmother just turned 92.

    My parents and I are taking care of her.

    I had high blood pressure. I started taking blood pressure medicine, and that's gotten it down. There is no doubt it my mind that my current situation contributed to the high blood pressure, though I'm sure there were/are other factors, too.

    We all need prayer from everybody on here. ...
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