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Be an encourager

  1. Through the cracks .

    We have a wooden deck on our property and there are cracks between the planks . Morning Glory vines are coming up between the planks , seeking the sun shine , and I keep pulling them out , but they come back . Is this the way we should be ? Should we be looking for the Son shining through the cracks in this world of ours and try our best to break through to the other side and bask in his full radiance ? Even if it requires the persistence of the morning glory ?
  2. Did they not realise ...

    Did they not realise when it went dark for three hours ... Did they not realise when the temple Vail rent in two ... Did they not realise they had crucified there true Messiah king ... Did they not realise when they did such an evil thing ...

    Listening to Mark 15.
    Tags: mark 15
  3. Call.

    What part of Jesus message don't we understand ...
    For some nothing at all, we spiritually understand ...
    Jesus is waiting he will hear and understand ...
    If we call upon his name we understand ...

    Listening to Mark 14.
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  4. Oh man...

    Oh man.

    We don't see the evil in our man till we truly have the new man ... Born of an incorruptible nature not made of man ... Born Of Jesus whom became a fleshly man Father God's plan for man ... We don't truly see the evil in our plan till we receive the new nature planned for man ...

    Listening to Mark 13.
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  5. We will teach the Nations.

    We will teach the Nations.

    No wonder they killed the Prophets ... Some couldn't stand what they had to say ... It's a bit drastic to kill someone for what they say ... Their evil feelings overruled the law of the land and the Prophets ... This is what Jesus had to say ...

    Matthew 23.


    Don't seek the praise of man ...
    For the work, we do for Jesus ...

    Updated Jun 28th 2018 at 02:18 AM by Amencorner

    Tags: power
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