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  1. Sometimes you need to pet the dog .

    I like to walk alone on my road at sundown to the top of a hill , nice view from there . It was getting dusky dark as I was taking in an beautiful spring day sunset . As I was standing there I felt a nudge on my elbow!?!? I was startled to find a 60 pound rottweiler next to me ! It was my cousin's dog , my cousin lives at the top of the hill , but this was the first time the dog had ever done this in the many years I have walked the road ! All the dog wanted was about 5 minutes of petting and ...
  2. sort of an update on that last one

    It's becoming more and more obvious that I need to do a daily Old Testament study.

    Again, I've READ it from start to finish. This is different.


    Almost everything I thought I knew about the Samaritans several years ago was apparently wrong.

    Now, there's a lot of question marks for me in that area.
  3. Real Love

  4. The World revels ...

    The World revels in its ways of life ... The world attracts affects our chance of true life ... Living in a bubble of trouble and strife ... We don't realize till Jesus points it out and bursts our bubble of trouble and strife ...

    listening to Matthew 22.

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  5. 5-4-18

    It's hard for me to write posts that aren't very short.

    I have to find some way to release frustration at my current situation.

    It's like what I'm experiencing could be called frustration attacks as much as panic attacks.