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  1. Cloth ears.

    Cloth ears.

    You can not say more plainly ...
    Oh me of cloth ears ... plainly ...
    By your Spirit I will hear ...
    Of whom do you talk ... Jesus of course ...

    Matthew 11:15.
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  2. 4-7-18

    My grandmother is continuing to get weaker and less coordinated.

    I've got a gut feeling that something is about to happen, but I don't know what.


    I haven't been able to get outside much, because it's been raining and cold for the last few days here.


    I'm trying to do an Old Testament study. I'm looking for some notes I made a while back.

    I especially want to do research on Jerusalem. That includes in the ...
  3. Psalms 139.

    You established me many years ago deep within my mother's womb ...

    Psalms 139.
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  4. Which Cat Are You?

    My wife and I have two cats, ‘Wampa’ & ‘Chewy’. ( both Star Wars cats , the kids were fans )

    Chewy is very affectionate most times, she just Loves us for just being us. Wampa, not so much...

    However, Wampa is very affectionate oddly enough ( more than Chewy ever is ) but only when she wants food, otherwise, she could care less for our existence.

    If fact, she goes out of the way to avoid us most times.

    My wife and ...
  5. 3-29-18

    I'm back to reading the New King James Version of the Bible.


    I'm in such a confused state of mind right now that it's hard for me to do this blog. It's getting worse and worse.

    Until this can be resolved, I won't be able to do much on this board. I barely was able to write a post in a thread a few minutes ago.

    Updated Mar 30th 2018 at 03:02 AM by gringo300 (typo - happening a lot lately)