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  1. Twisted

    Post flood, all men knew about God.

    The mighty 8 who survived the flood told their children and grandchildren about what happened.

    No doubt a proto Gospel was understood.

    Fast forward, the nations that grew from these people, had the Truth.

    Moving forward, some embellished it, some made it more colourful, some twisted it beyound recognition.

    It does not surprise me that so many cultures come very close at times to the Truth. ...
  2. God Over Everything

  3. philosophy research

    I'm doing research on the broad concept of philosophy.

    I came across the concept of determinism.

    If I understand it correctly, taken to the extreme, it is a complete denial of free will.

    To put it mildly, I see no possible way for this to be compatible with a Biblical worldview.

    Without free will, how could a person be justly held morally accountable for ANYTHING?

    The thing that really bothers me is, this is uncomfortably ...
  4. Satire

    Just a little tongue-in-cheek.

    New democrate campaign “Ad”
  5. Literary Structures

    Scripture is the only book in existence that has literary structures. These are the evidence both Hebrew and Greek Scriptures are His word. In ± 1500 years have ± 40 writers, wrote this Scripture and it is all literary structure nevertheless.

    What are structures? We speak at the plants of the structure of branches and leaves. These are miraculously merged and show a remarkable construction. In the investigation of the nature of the elements (these are the substances from which matter ...

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