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  1. Breaking News!

  2. Notice to everyone

    Several hours ago, I got word that one of my cousins has died of a fatal heart attack.

    I'm waiting for more information right now.

    I'm in shock right now, but honestly not especially surprised.
  3. My maternal grandmother is 95.

    We're cooking catfish and we're about to have a birthday celebration here.
  4. Evidence for God BEING

    Evidence #1: Reality Itself

    This may sound at first as silly, but I donít think it is. Itís a foundational to this investigation.

    We are here. Floating on a chuck of rock, water & dirt in space, surrounded by seemingly endless space, stars & planets.

    We are living on a incredibly balanced, symbiotic, inter-connected life-support system ...
  5. The Asteroid

    Imagine for a few minutes, if you can, this senerio.

    NASA makes a startling confession.

    There is two asteroids heading directly for us and will wipe out most of the earth.
    Everything dies. You, me, all of us.

    The first asteroid hits in 24 years, 2 months, 14 days and at about noon, New York time. Then 15 years later, the second, a bigger one hits.

    We know the end.

    The world would go crazy. Bucket lists would explode.