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  1. Are Christians Political Enough?

    As a Christian, I, & many others feel that we need to be more political and more influential in the world.

    Any paradigm flows from its foundation.

    Paradigms shape societies.

    Are we living in a Godly society, or a un
    Godly society?

    Have we slipped from our foundation?

    If the foundation is True, then so will the building. If it’s off, - plum and level go out the widow. Problems occur. Sometimes big problems.

  2. yard drainage update

    The majority of the liriope that was around most of the back patio has been removed.

    Now, water should be able to run off the back patio and not come in under the back door.

    Improving drainage of water from under the shed still needs to be worked on.
  3. learning Spanish

    Learning Spanish is driving me insane, yet I force myself to keep going.

    I've learned that Spanish has a different grammar structure than English. You can't just translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish word per word.

    I don't understand the concept of Spanglish very well.
  4. yard drainage

    It's become obvious that I need to dig some yard drainage trenches.

    The problem is, I've learned from experience that eventually they fill back up with dirt and grass grows in them, and not necessarily in that order.

    I've started watching YouTube videos to help me come up with a solution.
  5. Liquid Blood at 42,000 years!

    Scientists attempt to clone extinct horse after LIQUID BLOOD found in 42,000 yo remains

    A team of scientists in Russia has blood on its hands: namely, the vital fluid preserved inside the remains of an ancient horse that died 42,000 years ago, which could provide the key needed to clone the species back to life.
    “Samples of liquid blood were taken from heart vessels – it was preserved in the liquid state for 42,000 years thanks to favorable burial conditions and permafrost,” said Dr. Semyon ...