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The World around us

  1. 1-16-18

    We live in a world full of unsaved people.

    As times goes by, this is becoming more and more obvious to me.

    I'm about to do research on methods of witnessing to people- and ways to look for opportunities to do so.
  2. One World Government.

    One World Government.

    What’s been going down today . feeling refreshed after travelling far away yesterday … have you ever heard about a one World Government . when will it happen . what'll bring it in . who will be the head . should we be concerned . trusting Jesus is the best way . hearing what he has to say . the world is in turmoil knowing not which way to go . even if we knew . how do we express what we know . step by step . line by line . precept upon precept . and on we
    Encouragement , Society
  3. They slip away.

    preparing the ground …

    They slip away . they've had their way the law has changed today … a weakened generation it slips away … my hand has lost its grip as there hand slips away . they rejoice . my hand has slipped away . oh perverse and lost generation you slip away . deceived on this day … it’s hard to believe it would end this way . like in quicksand your dragged away . my people are really saddened it had to happen this way . as you slip away . if you had ...
    Tags: 22., revelation
    Encouragement , Society
  4. Martin and Malcolm moving toward the same goal

    Because of the turmoil that has been going in my community, I have thought back on the struggles these two men went through to only advance the improvement of life for their people.

    It seems that some still revere Malcolm X as a racist, however when he died he was becoming more like Martin, and Martin was understanding where Malcolm was coming from and the two of them became admirers of each other.

    Before ones can judge an individual, ones need to know that their is always ...
  5. Will you....

    Remember in time.

    Time to think of those who live and died they went to war to keep us free … They live and died so we could live in a land free from tyranny … Time to think of the one who died for you and me … He’s set us free from the biggest tyrant there could be … He set us free to live our life as it should be.

    Listening and Reading to Ruth 3. Alan
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