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  1. Through the cracks .

    We have a wooden deck on our property and there are cracks between the planks . Morning Glory vines are coming up between the planks , seeking the sun shine , and I keep pulling them out , but they come back . Is this the way we should be ? Should we be looking for the Son shining through the cracks in this world of ours and try our best to break through to the other side and bask in his full radiance ? Even if it requires the persistence of the morning glory ?
  2. update on the last update

    Friday, I went to my first session of physical therapy for my lower back.

    I'm supposed to do therapy two days a week at the rehab place I went to Friday and one day a week at home.

    Plus, I'll be doing some "unofficial" therapy at the gym my mother and I are members of (exercise classes). Yes, I asked the rehab people about this, first.

    I've concluded that I need to stop doing the treadmills at the gym for a while. I didn't like coming to this ...
  3. My Thoughts About My Experiences On The Board.

    This will be a running post so to speak. I will use the comment section, which is close to others to comment.
  4. My Early Days of Looking For God

    [SIZE=3][FONT=arial]While cruising the board tonight and reading of a young woman's desire to be a Christian and knowing absolutely nothing about Christianity I was brought back in my mind when I was searching for God in carnal ways.

    I searched for him in nature walking in the woods to find the meaning for my existence. I scanned the heaven of stars and planets to find God.

    To no avail, my searches came up with nothing, even though the universe does show the existence of ...

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  5. 89. Who I am created to be

    I wrote this three years ago as an answer to a homework assignment while attending college at the time...

    Who am I/who was I created to be:

    Who am I? What a great question and while I can blunder through a ton of words to describe who I am, I will say this… without God, I am nothing. I don’t even want to be known for who I am because when you boil me down, who I am would be quite embarrassing to show to the world. However, since surrendering to Jesus Christ ...
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