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  1. Thoughts.

    Can it be true the Bible is all we need to understand the new life we’ve been given … Can it be true we don’t need man to tell us what we should do with this new life Jesus has given … Can it be true man cannot understand the same as we do … Can it be true we need your Spirit Lord Jesus Christ to understand as we do …
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  2. Just as Powerful Today as it was Then...

  3. A Place of Total Surrender

  4. This is where I live.

    I woke early this morning with some of these words ...
    I would like to share them with you in the form of a video ...
    If it would please you here they are ...

    This is the link ...

    Listening to Matthew 14.
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  5. Our hard drive head.

    Endless media fill my head ... Not my heart.

    World affairs fill my head ... not my Heart.

    Choose how we fill our head... our heart

    Media marches on outside our head ... our heart.

    Listening to Matthew 13.

    My little video link to watch ...
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