• The Lunar Eclipse is Biblical

    Well, Philadelphia is officially howling at the moon with all these lunar events. Within the last 30 days we’ve had a blue moon, lunar eclipse, and the winter solstice. The blue moon, which occurred November 21st, was just the beginning of strange nights leading up to the lunar eclipse on December 21st, which ushered in the 1st day of winter.

    Are you thinking why this is significant to Christian Living? Just hold on and enjoy the ride. Let’s get the facts in order. First, the blue moon, not referring to the Elvis Presley song, was the third out of four full moons this fall. Although the fourth full moon in one season is special, adding an eclipse on the winter solstice tops the cake.

    Earlier this week, in the wee hours of the morning, the moon took on a reddish brown color, suspended amid the navy sky. And as our very own planet Earth passed between the sun and moon, biblical relevance crept into thought. God says in Ecclesiastes 1:9 “There’s nothing new under the sun.” Knowing that, is there a reference of a lunar eclipse in the bible?
    Turning through the pages of the good book, the most famous eclipse is probably the period of darkness at Jesus’ crucifixion. However, there are examples of lunar eclipses that are more closely related to Tuesday morning. In Acts 2:20, the book of Joel 2:31 is quoted as God turned “the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the Lord.” Later in Revelation 6:12, this day is further explained because “the moon becomes as blood” when the 6th seal is opened.

    So let’s tie a nice pretty bow around this idea, and bring it all together. The reddish brown moon the world witnessed last night has been seen in biblical times, and will be seen in the fulfillment of future prophecy. Did you know a lunar eclipse is often called a blood moon, as described in Acts and Joel, because of its hue? And in future events, John the revelator clearly illustrates the moon by this distinctive color characteristic.

    More important than the color, let’s acknowledge the purpose of the lunar eclipse. The Lord shows us this kind of lunar eclipse three times in the bible as a sign of His great power over all things. Investigate this great, terrible, and notable day of the Lord for yourself by searching the scriptures.The Encarta dictionary defines it as “impressively large”,” very severe”, and “significant enough to deserve attention or to be recorded.”

    In plain language, the lunar eclipse is a good reason to repent of your sins and ask God to come into your heart. Save yourself from that terrible day, signified by a blood moon, by becoming saved through Jesus Christ.
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    1. HisLeast's Avatar
      HisLeast -
      There was no reddish brown moon in Chicago last night. Bright white over here.
    1. RevLogos's Avatar
      RevLogos -
      A "blue moon" is simply the second full moon in a single month. Since the Lunar orbit is less than 30 days, this happens occasionally, but is fairly rare. Hence the phrase "once in a blue moon." This is a more modern term and cannot really be related to the Bible.

      Christ was crucified during the day and the day was darkened. A Lunar eclipse of course, happens at night, so it wasn't an eclipse that did it. It would not be possible for the darkening of the day to have been a solar eclipse either. The Hebrew calendar is Lunar with each month beginning with a new moon. Since Passover is the middle of the month, the moon is always full. Passovers can have full lunar eclipses but never a solar eclipse.

      A blood red moon does indeed appear in apocalyptic literature, and these certainly could be eclipses. Passovers in 2014 and 2015 will have blood red moons, as they last did in 1967 and 68. Meaningful? Perhaps. But the message of the cross will not be found in Lunar orbit. It is right here in our hearts.
    1. moonglow's Avatar
      moonglow -
      I have to say I am rather disappointed with this article and surprised that it was posted on the homepage as its so full of inaccuracies... not too mention in no way does any of this strike fear into the hearts of anyone...except moon worshipers maybe.

      Its always good to preach repenting...but this lacks the need too since alot of its not correct to start with.

      RevLogos is right..Christ died during the day..the sun went dark...hence a solar eclipse...that of course is in the bible too but its not a lunar eclipse.

      I hate to be so critical of your article...that makes me feel bad...maybe you could edit it and fix it?

      God bless
    1. genealogist's Avatar
      genealogist -
      I'll say this and say it right now. I am not mainline Christian, but I know of better interpretations than what this article presented (and yes, some of the 'facts' were messed up). Unfortunately, because I don't bah like the rest of the sheep, I could be interpreted as a heretic and easily dismissed. And as long as things like that happen, you will get articles like this in lieu of good ones. Read my blog for an example --- I'll probably upload more stellar messages later.
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