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    I must admit, until about 2 months ago, I didn't believe that much in miracles. For everyone else, yeah sure, but for me? Nah! I knew that Daddy answered prayers, as He has done so many times for me, taking away pain and anguish or fear, but a miracle of healing? Not for me! I was dreaming about it sometimes, how it would change my life, and what it would mean to Charles, my husband, if I would heal again. Maybe I'd have to find a job, while I enjoy so much being together with him 24 hours a day.... I was not sure I was ready for that or if I'd ever be ready for it. So maybe in a way, I stopped my own miracle before it even started! So many people were praying for me for so many years, Daddy must have waited eagerly until I was ready for His miracle.

    John 5:5-9
    And a certain man was there, which had an infirmity thirty and eight years. [6] When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, Wilt thou be made whole? [7] The impotent man answered him, Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to put me into the pool: but while I am coming, another steppeth down before me. [8] Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk. [9] And immediately the man was made whole, and took up his bed, and walked: and on the same day was the sabbath.

    Then I read something in my mailbox. I get Christian news, mostly local, but also international, every day in my mailbox. And in this edition there was an article about a man, Jan Zijlstra, who was giving a massive healing service about half an hour away from my house. I was seriously contemplating to go there. After talking with Charles about it, and since I only heard positive things regarding him, I was eager to go there and see if there was a miracle waiting for me there too!

    This was a big change for me, I had always been proclaiming that for a miracle Daddy would not need a healer, that He could heal me straight on my bed. But this might be a chance He was giving me to become healthier. The more I thought about it, the more I got the feeling that Daddy did not want me to go there. When those feelings became stronger, I forgot about the idea. (Which was a good thing, as I talked with someone whose husband and son went there, and outside of the camera's this healer was not so nice to people, proclaiming they did not have faith enough if they didn't get healed). I now believe Daddy spared me from disappointment.

    ..And then, one day about 8 weeks ago, I was praying from my prayer-list, and there appeared a name from someone who would like to hear from God. I prayed for her before, so it was nothing new to me. While praying for her, I heard myself say the words: "Please Daddy, give her the sign she longs so much for" and suddenly I heard myself saying: "And can you send me a sign too?"

    I was a bit shaken from these words that left my mouth without fear for what He might do. The result of that prayer was my miracle. One bold sentence and I had no more pain in my legs. It was the perfect miracle. By leaving pain in my arms and bladder, I could still spend all my time with Charles. No job for me, as my bladder gives me too much trouble to be functioning completely.

    After much persistence and exercise in these two months, I am walking again! After about 10 years on my bed, I am sitting in a chair again most of the day! I do laundry again! Not to mention all the time I spend in the kitchen, which my husband finds very joyful, telling me over and over again how much he loves having his woman in the kitchen! My condition is still far from good, but we're getting an exercise bike soon, so I can build it back up. I may not be able to do everything with my arms, but what a joy it is to be standing up again! This miracle was exactly what I needed, and exactly enough and not too much. Such a perfect miracle can only come from the one true God, and I can never thank Him enough for what He did for me when He gave me this miracle.
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    1. lovex's Avatar
      lovex -
      Wow!!!!! Amazing how our Lord waits until the perfect timing to bring glory to Him through us! I am so so so so so happy for you. I've read so much of what you've written on this board, and you are inspiring. Nottbo mention absolutely beautiful! It seems like the Lord has placed a wonderful caring and devoted man in your life. This is one awesome story! Praise be to Jesus!
    1. Slug1's Avatar
      Slug1 -
      AMEN Mieke... praising God with you
    1. Cloudwalker's Avatar
      Cloudwalker -
      Words cannot express my joy at this news.
    1. jayne's Avatar
      jayne -
      I don't think you will ever know that this means to people. Not only to hear what God has miraculously done for you - to the joy of people who have been praying for you - but to be able to apply what you have said to their own lives. We get in our own way sometimes ..... You really spoke to me with this. I am so grateful to God for you miracle.
    1. Twin2's Avatar
      Twin2 -
      What wonderful news! Sometimes God is waiting for us to act on our faith. I saw the picture with you standing, but I have not been following along on this board as much as I would like - my last course was very time consuming. Praise God for his goodness!
    1. moonglow's Avatar
      moonglow -
      Awesome article dear. Thanks for sharing it with the world.

      God bless
    1. Ta-An's Avatar
      Ta-An -
      We are loved by an Awesome God Mieke!!
    1. doug3's Avatar
      doug3 -
      Awesome is all I am able to say
    1. TRL1957's Avatar
      TRL1957 -
      I am so grateful to Jesus for healing you!!!!!
      It increases my faith to hear of all He is doing in your life, my friend.
      You are a blessing to me.
    1. -SEEKING-'s Avatar
      -SEEKING- -
      WOW! This is just absolutely incredible. Thank you so much for sharing.
    1. Saved7's Avatar
      Saved7 -
      Wooohooo!!!! Praise God!!! I'm glad God revealed to you that part of the problem was your own unwillingness to be healed! hahah!!, God is sooo Gooood! Thank you Lord for healing Mieke!
    1. Diggindeeper's Avatar
      Diggindeeper -
      Its so amazing how God suddenly thrust a miracle into our life! And our life and our testimony is forever changed from that moment forward!

      Now, I'm praying for the day you and Charles can come here!!! I love you dearly, Darlin'!
    1. FaithfulSheep's Avatar
      FaithfulSheep -
      Oh Mieke! I am overjoyed to hear this wonderful news! How wonderful that our Father listened to your request and honored it with such a miracle!
    1. peacewithin's Avatar
      peacewithin -
      Mieke, this was the perfect ending to a perfect day! Hearing your testimony just made my day complete! Praising God for your healing!
    1. Dizzytimes7's Avatar
      Dizzytimes7 -
      I really am so very happy for you.
    1. Scruffy Kid's Avatar
      Scruffy Kid -
      This is a very wonderful thing, Mieke!
      I praise God!

      There is a second miracle, too, though.
      The way that God has used you on this board through your troubles!
    1. SIG's Avatar
      SIG -
      Susje---So sorry I have not kept up with you or the Board...I did notice a photo of you standing, a few days back....now I know why...SWEET!!!...And the best is yet to come!
    1. Bloodrose's Avatar
      Bloodrose -
      Thats amazing!! miracles only can happen through christ =D
    1. eaglerme's Avatar
      eaglerme -
      GOD is good all the time, and all the time GOD is good. GOD healed me of level 4, lymphoma without radiation or chemotherapy, 3 years ago. GOD will heal you, as much as you need. Pastor Hagee out of Texas has a healing cd that is really great. It is called the healing scriptures.
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