• The Electric Nature of the Universe

    Conventional teaching is that the sun and stars obtain their energy by nuclear reaction, that is: atoms splitting to become a less complex elements, thereby releasing energy. However there are several things about that theory that cannot be explained, such as: how can this continuing reaction be controlled, so as not to totally explode? Why isn’t the sun just a dead ball of helium by now, or at least showing signs of degeneration? Why do the stars have coronas – something not associated with nuclear explosions?

    The fact is that the stars consist of plasma, at least on their surface, which is a kind of fourth state of matter. On earth we are familiar with solid, liquid and gaseous forms of matter. Ice, water and steam are examples, but we witness lightning and can produce plasma effects in the laboratory, both are high energy states where electrons are so excited that they leave their atoms. Our sun is a huge ball of plasma, lacking electrons - it is actually an incredibly powerful positive charge, but free electrons are present in the solar system. This system is just like a capacitor and if anything bridges the gap between the sun and the planets, an electrical discharge can take place. Just the normal, cyclical sunspot activity does this and over 2012, we have seen many coronal mass ejections, that fortunately have not been large or directed toward earth. A comet can trigger this effect, as demonstrated by comet Hale-Bopp, that caused the sun to be active for quite a while. The next forecast close approach by a comet will be ISON, a ‘sungrazer’ that will go around the sun in November. CMEs occur when the suns magnetic field is interrupted – called a ‘Zenor breakdown’. This results in a tremendous release of energy and matter [superheated hydrogen plasma] is explosively thrown away to whatever direction the sun is facing at the time.

    Our sun is at the centre of a heliosphere that reaches out way beyond Pluto and earth is an integral part of the system, with its own magnetic field. Our magnetic field, the Van Allen belt, protects us from most CMEs; just producing auroras and some radio interference. However, we have had the bad news that lately, there has been substantial reduction to; and even holes forming, in our magnetic shield.

    The ancient prophet Isaiah 30:26-28; states that on the Day that the Lord takes action in His creation, to ‘sieve the nations for destruction…the sun will shine with seven times its normal brightness’. [brightness: is better translated as ‘strength’] This perfectly clear and understandable prophecy, tells us that a CME of unprecedented magnitude, directed straight at earth, will fulfill all the graphic, detailed prophecies of how the Lord resets our civilization – as He did once before, in the days of Noah.

    References: Matthew Young, www.electric-cosmos.org/sun.htm
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    1. Diggindeeper's Avatar
      Diggindeeper -
      Sorry. I don't understand any of this at all.........
    1. TomH's Avatar
      TomH -
      Do your scientific homework. The sun IS deteriorating.
      Your off base with how the sun creates energy.

      That's from a couple of sentences into it. I imagine it becoming more convoluted as it goes on.
    1. decrumpit's Avatar
      decrumpit -
      How was the flood caused by a coronal mass ejection?
    1. RabbiKnife's Avatar
      RabbiKnife -
      The first sentence is wrong.

      Stars are fueled by nuclear FUSION, not fission.

      I think I'll stop there.
    1. Vhayes's Avatar
      Vhayes -
      Oh, the desire to be smarter than everyone else and the way it rapidly exposes them. :-)
    1. teddyv's Avatar
      teddyv -
      Electric Universe has been rearing it's head for years. I recall endless threads on Bad Astronomy's old forum.
    1. psyche643's Avatar
      psyche643 -
      This article is posted other places on the internet too; not sure if this is the same author, but even if so, it wasn't written for this forum. Search google for the first phrase (in quotation marks) and you'll find it.

      Don't articles have to be approved by mods before being posted?
    1. Kaboose's Avatar
      Kaboose -
      Quote Originally Posted by RabbiKnife View Post
      The first sentence is wrong.

      Stars are fueled by nuclear FUSION, not fission.

      I think I'll stop there.
      I believe that is not a fact it is an assumption, like so much of what your text books teach you are assumptions presented as facts. Evolution for example is another assumption based on assumptions, not science, a belief system.
    1. Kaboose's Avatar
      Kaboose -
      Yes it is an interesting theory, but from my understanding the sun is shrinking in mass steadily. If this is true it also shows that that the sun and our solar system can not be billions or even millions of years old as they try to claim because the sun would have been so large in the past determined by its current rate of shrinkage it would have engulfed the earth and made life impossible to fulfill their Evolution myth.
    1. AidenGrayson's Avatar
      AidenGrayson -
      All the human bodies has some static electric current and when they get same body the current passes through them.
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