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    My coming is like Noah's day.

    Thread Starter: jeffweeder

    What do you think Jesus meant by saying his coming would be like Noah's day ? My thoughts lean toward an inescapable judgment for all those outside his salvation. Be it an ark or his Gospel. 1Thess 5 Now as to the times and the epochs,...

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    Is 17 & 19 - Damascus and Egypt updates:

    Thread Starter: Aijalon

    Are we literally living in the end times or not? Please help me keep this thread up to date on related news. Would like this thread to serve as a sounding board for the possible fulfillment of Isaiah 17 as related to present-day Damascus. The...

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    Has the Blindness of Israel been removed or not?

    Thread Starter: Trivalee

    God spoke through Isaiah: chapter 6:9 And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not.10 Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they...

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    marty fox

    Why is only satan bound for 1000 years?

    Thread Starter: marty fox

    Revelation 20:1-3 & 7 And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. 2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3...

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    What does Hebrews 11:4 Mean?

    Thread Starter: He'sus

    Hebrews 11:4By faith Abel offered God a better sacrifice than Cain did. By faith he was commended as righteous when God gave approval to his gifts. And by faith he still speaks, even though he is dead. When I think about it, this verse doesnt...

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    May 22nd 2019 12:34 AM

    yard drainage update

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    What did Jesus mean by this statement? "standing in the Holy Place" (Votes: 13)

    1. the Antichrist will take his seat in God's temple, a rebuilt Jewish temple (Votes: 6)

    2. the Antichrist will in effect declare himself to be God, though not in a physical temple (Votes: 5)

    3. the Roman Army will stand in the gates of Jerusalem, besieging the city (Votes: 1)

    4. the Roman Army actually stood inside Jerusalem, destroying the temple (Votes: 2)

    5. the Romans abused the temple tax (Votes: 0)

    6. the Jewish People abused the temple (Votes: 0)

    Experiencing God's supernatural power (Votes: 17)

    1. Have not experienced any manifestation of God's supernatural power (Votes: 1)

    2. I have experienced - Word of Wisdom (Votes: 10)

    3. I have experienced - Word of Knowledge (Votes: 11)

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    10. I have experienced - Gift of Interpretation of Tongues (Votes: 5)

    11. I have experienced - Casting out of a demon (Votes: 5)

    12. I have experienced - Divine protection from poison (Votes: 4)

  • Two spirits, one space

    When I moved to this area of Oregon from Southern California, I was keenly aware of the different "spirits" that were here. People are friendly but also people are into a lot of weird occult, lifestyle, and earth energy practices. The tree huggers shop at the same organic grocery stores that the Buddists shop at and the Amazonian mystism followers ride their bicycles on the same path as cannabis growers. In the yearly city celebration parade a more eclectic group of folks you will not see, from full dress drum core kilt wearing pipers, to black hooded witchcraft coven members. Everybody is very open and accepting of everybody else..... but the spirits in some of these people are very NOT accepting of christs spirit.

    So one day.... after not being here too long, I felt like doing a little hiking and exploring...... so I hopped in the car and drove to an area just south of town....near the river and one of the larger hills where I hadn't explored much yet. I really enjoy getting out into nature and appreciating how wonderful God is in everything He has made and how perfectly it all fits together. So I came to a little dirt parking lot off the road and parked. No other cars were there which I kinda liked..... I got out and started walking..... just following the trail and looking at the wonderful forest growth. It's very special to me to be outside and all alone.... not even hearing the sounds of cars or people.....( course I had grown up in an L.A. beach town... so being somewhere where there are no people is magical !! )

    Well, after about a half and hour I see this guy on the path coming towards me. He's in his late 40's or early 50's maybe..... and he comes right up to me and says.....
    "Hey, do you know where there's a NUDE beach around here somewhere ?"
    Now, from the moment he spoke to me, I could feel something.....I don't know what it was....but something about the guy, was kinda weird or something. I could sense this.... like invisible spirit....or something just rising up out of him......like over his back and shoulders..... and felt like it was kind of reaching out at me. It was really oppressive and controlling ..... and dark.... and EVIL.
    So I say.... "No..... and then he asks me.....
    "What cha doin out here?" ..... and the feeling of this dark force is looming over me. He's like 5 or 6 feet away, but I'm repulsed ..... so I say.....
    "I'm just exploring. I like to get out in the wild cuz THE LORD always shows me something"

    And WOW !! ..... When I said..... THE LORD .... the guy just flew backwards almost 10 feet !! It was like somebody smacked him hard or somethin !
    I was stunned.... like..... what just happened? The guy was stunned too, and I distinctly remember a look of total confusion that came over his expression. He was kinda dazed after that, and just said...."Oh....and walked off down the trail. Meanwhile, I'm thinkin and talking to myself....(really to God) .... as I'm going back to find my car..... "What was that God? What just happened?
    And the Holy Spirit says to me......
    "You released the Name of God.... which is light and Holiness. Light and darkness cannot both occupy the same space"

    I was thinking about that one for days and days. I learned a lot about spirits that day.

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    1. MLewis's Avatar
      MLewis -
      In 1980 I tried to explain that Bible concept to a "Christian" deliverance ministry in San Diego and was immediately banned from ever returning. Just a week before I was called a prophetess. I was still a babe in Christ and should not have been there in the first place. "Friends" introduced me to the so called deliverance ministry. I have had a Bible ministry now for 36 years.
      (John 1:1-5-Word of YHVH Bible) 1—In the beginning was the word, and the word was with YHVH Elohim, and the word was YHVH. 2—His word was in the beginning within YHVH. 3—All things were made by reason of YHVH and without YHVH was not anything made that was made. 4—In YHVH is his Spirit; and his Spirit is the light of men. 5—And the light of his Spirit shines in darkness; but the darkness does not understand.
    1. Miven's Avatar
      Miven -
      That's a good story.

      I imagine you had that effect because you spoke with conviction. I can imagine his surprise, out there looking for nudists (!?) and debauchery and instead finds someone communing with the glory of nature. It's kinda funny too. Good descriptions, thanks.
    1. neilmceachin's Avatar
      neilmceachin -
      Interesting experience, thanks for being willing to share it with us here. There really is power in the name of Jesus!
    1. Uriah Reborn's Avatar
      Uriah Reborn -
      Good story. I hope it's a true one. It probably is; it just is one of those miracles I don't hear much about nowadays.
    1. maybethien's Avatar
      maybethien -
      Dark and nude. What a combination! Haha.
    1. andreadaylight's Avatar
      andreadaylight -
      I completely understand the spiritual darkness you sensed. Its like a dark dreary cloud over certain people and places. Its just so strong and hard to ignore. I am so glad you shared this experience. I gotta wonder about what ever happened to the other guy? He had to of had a spark that day, unless he was just being used as some tool. Someone may have been praying for him and you were his sign..who knows? Well, God does. You may meet him again in Heaven someday.. I pray that is the case! Thanks for sharing!! There is truly power in His name!
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