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    Jesus will have a son

    Thread Starter: nobleseed

    there is evidence in the bible that Jesus may have a son in the future. Isiah concerning the christ testifies that the will have offspring and revelation 12 prophesies a child who will rule and is taken up to God as an infant to escape satan. and...

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    Thread Starter: az331

    I've read Daniel maybe 14 times ...I think I am on my 13-14th time on the full Bible. I have always been intrigued by the prophesies but for some strange reason Daniel didnt really jog my deep interest like some other Revelation stuff. I just...

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    Bryan Pergola

    Ezekiel's Temple Vision

    Thread Starter: Bryan Pergola

    Ezekiel's temple vision has come up in another post and I thought I'd start it on its own, no being sure if it has been covered in long past posts. I have no firm notion in the interpretation of his vision, but do have my leanings. I did have a...

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    The Preterist Gap

    Thread Starter: Cyberseeker

    I’ve been somewhat surprised to learn that some Preterists finish Daniels 70th week in AD 70. They postulate a 40 year gap between the “cutting off of Messiah in the midst of the week” and the destruction of the temple in AD 70. We might expect...

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    Melchizedek, the angel of the Lord

    Thread Starter: nobleseed

    it is obvious to me that the man who Abraham paid homage to, would had been the same man who visited his tent and prophesied about Isaac and condemn sodom. whom Abraham at that time called Lord. Melchizedek was both priest and king of God and it...

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    The gym my mother and I had been members of recently closed, and we joined another gym. The Karate class also moved to the other gym. In a related note, I'm making progress learning Japanese,...

    Yesterday 06:25 AM
  • Another dream combined with more miracles

    This is the sequence to my previous article "Miracles and a dream".

    I had another dream a few nights ago. It was about Charles and I taking a day's trip on the train. We went all the way down south to see as much of the country as possible. Train cards are available at local stores that are less expensive in the summer and fall. Two people can then travel across the whole country cheaper than the price of a single fair from the train station in winter or spring.

    I also dreamed that we were going on a belated honeymoon. We went to the island where I once vowed I'd come back one day with my beloved husband. I have vacationed on that island since my youth and I miss it tremendously. Now I can walk somewhat better and will possibly be able to increase the distance in the future. The possibilities are endless.

    I know that I need to work hard on my walking, but Daddy has granted me more miracles this last week. One major thing that has changed, is that I can stand for very short periods, if I have some support. This gives me more freedom and it is also easier on Charles. I am now able to make my own tea or coffee and carry it while walking. Cooking and laundry are not possible. However, Charles would rather do those himself anyway. In my wheelchair, I am often able to help him preparing food in the kitchen. I can't stand for long periods of time yet. I have always had trouble with that, so I am already happy with what Daddy has given me so far.
    I still need help with showering, washing and dressing. That's why we live in an apartment that includes assisted living.

    I am not ready to walk outside yet. Not even with my walker because the uneven terrain makes me feel insecure. However I can see no reason why that wouldn't be possible in the future. Daddy is showering me with "little" miracles and I can never thank Him enough for that. I do know that since He's been giving me these dreams, our relationship has improved considerably. Not that our relationship was bad before, but now I am able to talk to Him more frequently and effectively. Consequently, now I wait patiently for His answers. Of course with my condition, things can take suddenly take a turn for the worse. However we stay optimistic and enjoy our life the way as it is now.

    The changes are endless; from something as simple to be able to fixing my own crackers,to something as difficult as being able to sit in at the table in a regular chair to eat. I am looking forward to more miracles and a better life for both of us! In the mean time we are doing a chronological study through the Bible in a year. It is more exciting for me this way, than to read from Genesis to Revelation. Been there, done that already. We are also going to read a Psalm at the table after supper. This will remind me of my youth. My parents as well as my grandparents would allow us kids to read from the big Bible. Afterwards they would read a devotional. I am very eager to reinstate that tradition with Charles.

    I am planning on taking a bath every Sunday (instead of my daily shower) which will strengthen my muscles. My next challenge will be to sit on the floor with cooked chicken breast to try to tame our wild cats a little more and change them into lap cats. They came to us with a lot of emotional baggage from the past. Since then, we have made some progress but we'd like to take it further. It would be nice to be able to pet them. I couldn't do that in the past, because there was no way I could get up from the floor afterwards. Now I can, so I will train them a little bit more.

    I'll keep you all posted about the changes this all brings into our simple life. It certainly took a turn for the better after the problems we had with Charles' heart bacteria. We both feel better and are ready to start over with a bright new future! Thanks Daddy! We love You!
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    1. PhoToArTisTPhiL's Avatar
      PhoToArTisTPhiL -
      Your entire post is riveting, but this excerpt in particular has left me thunderstruck:

      Daddy is showering me with 'little' miracles and I can never thank Him enough for that.
      I do know that since He's been giving me these dreams, our relationship has improved considerably.
      Not that our relationship was bad before, but now I am able to talk to Him more frequently and effectively.
      Consequently, now I wait patiently for His answers.

      What a power-packed quartet of sentences!
      And here's what I find fascinating:
      The sovereign God didn't leave you to discover 'on your own' the imperative of waiting on His timing.
      He facilitated this crucial spiritual development by giving you these special dreams, which led to a deepening intimacy between the two of you.
      I immediately recalled to mind Eugene Peterson's commentary on the opening verses in Paul's letter to the Galatians:

      In the story of freedom, God is always the subject; humans, always the object. If we're to live free, it will be because of God's actions, not because of our own will or disposition or politics or intelligence. Three paradigmatic instances in Paul's opening lines show God to be the subject and humans to be the object: (1) Paul is made an apostle BY God; (2) Jesus is raised from the dead BY God; and (3) we are rescued from the present evil age BY God. Something is done to us or for us before we do anything. We are acted on before we act. Life isn't naturally produced by us; it's supernaturally provided for us.

      In spite of the gravity of your situation - or dare I say as a consequence of it? - your beguiling story strikes me as a Divine dance in which the Master is leading, and you are following.....
      And might I add, dear friend:
      Following most gracefully, considering your set of circumstances.
      <respectful bow>
      PhiL >^•_•^<
    1. Scott88's Avatar
      Scott88 -
      I'm new here and willing to meet friends
    1. Hannah’s Song's Avatar
      Hannah’s Song -
      Hi miepie.
      I can sense a lot of gratitude and a deep deep love of Him in your post. I’m newly saved and happy to say I look forward to this onward sanctification process and end up with your kind of spirit
      Thankyou x
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