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    The False Prophet

    Thread Starter: boangry

    So I don't derail other threads, Ive noticed a lot of views concerning who the False prophet is and to what his role entails. Ive noticed everyone including myself applies how they see the beasts, and their eschatology into their viewpoint,...

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    The 3-year Ministry of Jesus

    Thread Starter: Cyberseeker

    Early Christian historian, Eusebius, said that Jesusí ministry lasted three years. I agree, and so do a lot of commentaries and people who attempt to harmonize the gospels. However, problems start when we try to make St. Johns account fit with the...

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    This is only a taste of the horror and the terror

    Thread Starter: znpaaneah

    "This is only a taste of the horror and the terror" -- Jerry Brown concerning fires in California 10/28/2019 Godís Judgement There has been a continual sowing and that will result in a reaping. Perhaps many of those who built up the...

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    is sin just a "Salvation" problem?

    Thread Starter: randyk

    We know that sin hurt the 1st Man and Woman. It caused them to suffer in their relationship with God. And it caused them to have to die. Furthermore, it caused them to suffer in labor and in childbirth. We know that redemption exists with God,...

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    called to Postrib?

    Thread Starter: randyk

    I don't think it's entirely fair for someone to argue a position simply claiming he is called to do so. And yet there is one here who claims to be called into the field of eschatology, and thus owns all rights to interpret biblical eschatology as...

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    Which of these characters are found in the Olivet Discourse? (Votes: 5)

    1. THE Antichrist (Votes: 3)

    2. THE beast (Votes: 3)

    3. THE false prophet (Votes: 3)

    4. THE man of sin (Votes: 3)

    5. None of the above (Votes: 1)

    Did the Jewish believers continue offering animal sacrifices? (Votes: 9)

    1. Jewish believers stopped sacrificing immediately following Christís final sacrifice. (Votes: 0)

    2. They stopped after Pentecost and/or when the Spirit was poured on the Gentiles. (Votes: 1)

    3. Believers gradually realized the New Covenant no longer required animal sacrifice. (Votes: 7)

    4. Sacrifice was accepted by God till AD 70 when the Old Covt. was finally abolished. (Votes: 0)

    5. Old Covenant has not been abolished, and temple sacrifice will resume in the future. (Votes: 1)

    6. Other reason for sacrifices between the Cross and destruction of the temple. (Votes: 0)

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