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    Has the New Covenant started or is it still in the future?

    Thread Starter: Trivalee

    This was an ongoing discussion but was unfortunately deleted during the recent glitch, hence my quest to reignite the discourse. Jeremiah 31:31-35 had prophesied that a new covenant will replace the old and this was fulfilled by Jesus death on the...

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    Thread Starter: mikem777

    I'm Mike. I'm new to forums. I'm hoping I can use this to have online discussions with some fellows I do a weekly Bible study with. I guess I have to see how this works.

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    Hello to everyone

    Thread Starter: Marquis

    Glad to come to a forum to learn and see how people interpret scriptures.

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    Thread Starter: Bigchris

    I’m Chris. The struggles of my life with my wife and children have led me here; broken, confused, full of anger, despair and doubt. I apologize for coming out of the gate like this, if it’s deemed an inappropriate “greeting”.

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    Thread Starter: safswan

    Good day.I hope to discuss Bible topics and especially end-time subjects in a cordial manner during which I hope to learn and also impart that which could be of benefit to others.

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    What Has Christ Have to do with Athens?

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